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Trooper slaying suspect should have been in jail

Friday is the funeral for Georgia State Trooper First Class Chadwick LeCroy. He was killed Dec. 27 when Gregory Favors allegedly shot three times, hitting Trooper LeCroy once. He died on the way to Grady Hospital.

You all have seen this scenario played out before. Favors is a career criminal, in and out of jail for years. He was arrested Dec. 11 and charged with breaking into a car, drugs and several counts of obstructing a law enforcement officer.

And he was allowed to sign his own bond? Seriously?

I have no idea what this guy will put up as a defense. Did he not get a hug when he was younger? Or maybe someone bullied him in the fourth grade? Poor kid, life is so rough. I’m sure he has a lot of “poor me” crap he’ll present during his trial.

He had his chance and found it easier to victimize other people than to live his life with the simple dignity of contributing to society. Now, if convicted, he’ll finally graduate as a murderer. Unfortunately, Trooper LeCroy …

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Merry Fruitcake, you nuts

Folks, it’s time for my annual fruitcake blog, which has become a holiday tradition.

As the Christmas holidays close in on us, we carry on the age-old traditions of our relatives. Among those traditions are scaring the hell out of the small kids with second-rate Santa outfits that make Uncle Gene look more like Nunda the Ax Murderer than St. Nick.

The money we spend on this holiday is obscene. Every year I vow to stop the madness, set an example, and refuse to accept anything materialistic—until I see the cool stuff I want.

I like to listen to Christmas music during the holiday season. Where else can you get Burl Ives, Kenny G., Michael Bolton, and Bing Crosby in the same set? Weird? Maybe— but its Christmas! Nothing has to make sense until the credit-card bill arrives in January.

No Christmas holiday season is complete without the annual “A Christmas Story” marathon and fruitcake. Nothing says Christmas like watching Santa push Ralphie down the slide and eating …

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Off-duty: To men, shopping is torture, especially at Christmas

Hey, it’s Christmastime. Let’s forget our differences and take to heart the spirit this time of year is meant for us to feel. And while you’re at it — get the heck outta my parking spot, you &$(%#!!!!

That’s right, kids, we’re in holiday mode and it’s everyone for themselves. And don’t let those little old ladies fool you! They’re animals.

Get in your car now because traffic won’t get any better. To make it worse, it’s getting darker earlier, meaning rush hour is illuminated by all those thousand headlights making it seem there are millions of taillights between you and the dreaded mall.

I hate the mall. Maybe twice a year I’ll visit the mall around lunchtime just to break up the excitement of doing all the other lunchtime stuff that gets boring. Of course, after 30 minutes I realize I still hate the mall and I leave — smelling noticeably fabulous.

Quit spraying that stuff on us when we pass down the cologne aisle!

Shopping is not a compatible …

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