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Off-duty: A cop reviews the ‘Nancy Grace’ show

I watched the “Nancy Grace” show for the first time the other night.

The only reason I had not watched her show before is that I don’t frequent court, police, crime, investigative shows as a rule, with the exception of “Reno 911!” — but not the old episodes.

I decided I’d watch since I had my laptop in my lap and didn’t want to get up just yet. Interesting enough, I was drawn into the show — not so much the content as you would think, but the way the show took off.

There it is, that killer stare. Look out for the toaster!

There it is, that killer stare. Look out for the toaster!

Although Nancy Grace was not hosting this particular show, her photo was obviously shown frequently. Nancy, if you’re reading, when I sign up for team staring contests, I want you on my side. When she looks at the camera, it’s the same face your mother gives you when she’s about to kill you. That look is followed by a toaster to the head.

As I said, the show was interesting. If you’ve never seen it, I’ll give you a hypothetical …

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What to do when you get stopped by the cops

Yahoo had an article on what to do when you get stopped by the cops. Now this isn’t exactly the first time the subject has come up, but it’s always a good one.

The article covers what’s been said before but, what the heck, let’s stir the pot again. I’ll insert my candid personal opinions. I’m sure you’ll do the same.

Rule No. 1: Don’t argue. True. If you take issue with it at the stop, you’re going to get the ticket. You may have been getting one anyway, but argue it right there and you’ll seal the deal.

Most of the arguments I got from drivers happened when there were others in the car, perhaps a date or another couple. Most of the time I wanted the driver out of the car when there were other occupants. That way we could talk and he could save face if that was his concern.

This was especially true with kids in the car. I always spoke to the driver out of the car. No sense traumatizing the kids. They already think we’re going to lock them up if they …

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Some things to know about burglaries and what you can do

Burglaries are a significant part of our crime stats. Burglaries and thefts make up most of the FBI Part 1 crimes. Thefts are by far the most in numbers, but burglary is the most significant challenge.

By challenge, I mean a pain in the butt. Burglars are snakes. They break into your home and steal your stuff when you’re gone. Sometimes they think you’re gone, but they can make mistakes. And if you’re home when they break in, it can be a serious confrontation.

Most of these guys want your possessions and that’s all, but the “by-chance” meeting can be very dangerous. Chances are this will never happen to you. But it can happen, so don’t make the fatal mistake of assuming anything.

What to do when you hear a strange noise

Let’s say you are home watching “Dr. Oz.” You hear a noise that is definitely not something that sounds normal. A noise downstairs, upstairs, whatever — it’s a noise that shouldn’t be there.

First of all, it is most proper to hit the 9-1-1 …

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