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Off-duty: Why this cop and that cop are husband and wife

I know I should be concentrating on writing about crime and all the fun that surrounds it, but I wanted to send this one in because today is my anniversary with Detective Sandy.

I’m out of town at a PIO conference. In lieu of being there, I thought I would repeat our vows so that (in case she reads it) she’ll know I remembered.

You romantics should go ahead and get your tissues now.

I vow the following to my beautiful wife and best buddy:

  1. I will always be there for you—except today, of course, as I am at this conference and you’re at work. Sorry about that — but other than that, I’m there!
  2. I will clean your gun — not just after qualifying (except if you shoot better than me) — but always, as we should.
  3. I will not sulk if you do shoot better. Not that you will, but you have and so I guess that can happen again. I hope not but, well, you are younger than me and, well, I’ll be graceful.
  4. I promise to check for the noises that go bump in the night — although it …

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Robbery-prevention tips for business owners

I was watching the news on the “Doom and Gloom” channel last night. A 70-year-old woman went to the bank, got some funds and returned to the auto body shop she owned. She was jumped in front of the business and the money was grabbed by a young woman who then fled to a car that may have had two male occupants. (Here’s the story that ran on

The victim suffered a couple of cracked ribs. The crime was right in front of the business and in front of an employee or two.

It was an interesting report and highlights a couple of things to me:

  1. Most robberies have some sort of planning to them. Those plans are not always well thought out, but the robbers do have a plan.
  2. Not all robbers are men.

When you think of a robbery suspect, almost all of us think of some ugly dude, maybe wearing a mask and holding a gun or knife. Furthermore, a fair percentage of us stereotype them with bad oral hygiene and perhaps body odor— but that part isn’t important. The video from the …

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Two traffic laws I’d love to see on the books

With each year come new laws and amendments to older laws that are signed into law by the governor.

Bills are introduced to the Legislature, lobbied for and, if things go right for the advocates of that bill, they are signed into law. That’s the short version.

I’m sure that with some deep thought, and perhaps a few adult beverages, almost all of you would have a long list of laws that need changing. For instance, there’s the old law that says you need to keep a gun on you when you’re traveling to church in your covered wagon and need to keep your family safe from Indians. Or maybe the law was to keep the Indians safe from your ex-wife. I don’t know.

Every January and July, these laws go into effect. Some have dramatic effects and some are more subtle. On the local level, for example, back in 2006 Sandy Springs adopted a change in the ordinance that required drinking establishments to close at 2 a.m. instead of 4 a.m. There was such furor and rage that people took …

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Practice being skeptical with next door-to-door salesperson

There’s a fine line between lots of things:

  1. Genius and insanity.
  2. Saturday night and Sunday morning.
  3. Love and hate (lyrics by Iron Maiden)

You get the point.

Here’s another that you might benefit from. There should be a thin line between what you believe and what you don’t when it comes to someone selling you anything, from an idea to a car.

For instance, should you pay the dealer prep? Now, don’t get upset if you’re a car salesperson. I’m just not convinced I should pay it. It’s not a scam — just good old-fashioned negotiating, right? Come on, it’s not like we don’t get stereotyped!

The more overt scams are really easy to pick apart — for most of us — but they’re alive and well because of us dumb humans and our sense of gullibility.

The Nigerian princess doesn’t have $36.5 million, of which she is willing to part with 25 percent for your help moving the money into your account. Most of us know that. Amazing enough, not all of us know that.

What …

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