Police blotter: Thefts, arrests and a cop’s funeral

Among the reports filed recently with Sandy Springs police:

Two people at an apartment on Brentwood Way had a house guest over. The next morning he and two computers were gone.

6900 Roswell Road: Around 4:30 p.m., two women in a car saw a man carrying two bags of groceries. (It was snowing.) They felt sorry for him. They gave him a ride to the back of the apartment complex. He got out and told them to call him sometime. They left and later found that a wallet belonging to one of the women was gone. Later, a credit card had been used. So much for Good Samaritan.

Target Store employees said they noticed a man on video removing a 26” TV and move it to a back storage room area. When they went to that area, the man had already left. They got word that the man had done the same thing in Roswell. He was nice enough to leave his cell phone behind and a good photo of him on it. The photo matched the video. You know this guy is hating life when he realized he left the phone.

8000 block of Roswell Road: A woman reported someone stole her digital camera at Tony’s Sports Bar around 2 a.m.

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy.: A man reported he was working out at LA Fitness and, while doing so, laid his canvas wallet on the floor. Later, he found out it was missing. Personal info and credit cards are missing.

7700 block of Spalding Drive: The victim said someone stole his 2003 BMW from the Publix parking lot. He said he may have left his keys in the car.

1117 Perimeter Center Way: A woman reported she left her wallet in her desk and went to lunch. When she returned, the wallet was gone.

Summit Springs Drive: A woman reported she was in a friend’s car and accidentally left her purse in it. She has not been able to get in touch with him since.

1100 Hammond Drive: Three laptops were reported missing from an office.

7000 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road: Someone stole a laptop and camera. The victim said she believes it was a male who was in the area of the items earlier.


Officers answered an argument call on Treelodge Pkwy. They spoke to a man and woman. He took a call from another woman. She got mad. He grabbed her by the neck and arm. She hit him in the face. Both were arrested. Nothing happened to the woman on the phone — the one who started the whole thing.

Long Beach Circle: A man climbed over a fence and then tried to pry a sliding glass door to a nearby townhome. Unfortunately for him, the resident was home. The man made a lamo-excuse about looking for his dog. He was arrested.

7000 Roswell Road: Officers received a fight call at Celebration Apartments. The lookout was on a white Nissan leaving the complex. One officer spotted, and then stopped, the car. The three occupants appeared to have been fighting as they had blood on their clothes and looked bad. The victims later identified them and they were arrested. Apparently, they crashed a party and it didn’t go over well.


North River Drive: A woman reported that, just after 6 a.m., she was on North River at Sandalwood Drive when a male forced her out of the car and then drove away. The car was found minutes later, partially wrecked on a utility box. The male was gone.


20 block of Cedar Run: While the victim was away from the apartment, someone forced entry and took a computer and TV.

Huntcliff Village Lane: A resident said she left the apartment and when she returned about 10 p.m. several items were missing, including her two TV’s, laptop, a DVD player and several other items. The door had been left unlocked.

5675 Roswell Road: Missing is a 42” television, a computer and a couple of hundred dollars in change.

Lt. Mike Vogt

Lt. Mike Vogt


Chattahoochee Hills Lt. Mike Vogt will be laid to rest  Saturday.

His funeral will be held at 12:00 noon at First Baptist Church of Atlanta, 4400 North Peachtree Road, Atlanta.

He will be buried at Arlington Cemetery after the service.

There will be a large police contingency leaving the funeral and going to Arlington on Mt. Vernon Hwy.

We expect to use I-285 to Riverside, proceeding to Heards Ferry, to Mt. Vernon and then to the cemetery. Expect short traffic delays in these areas.

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February 19th, 2010
8:17 pm

God Bless Him and may he rest in peace.


February 19th, 2010
9:42 pm

My prayers are with the family of Lt. Vogt.


February 20th, 2010
11:32 am

Why would I-285 be closed down at First Baptist Church? Does having thousands of people sit in their car on the interstate and the feeder roads contribute to showing this officer respect? Seems like quite a waste, for absolutely no valid reason.

work with the po po

February 20th, 2010
10:34 pm

I went to the funeral and it was beautiful. Very classy and honorable. 12345, you forget that under that uniform is a human being with a family and who are YOU to celebrate him being murdered in cold blood?!
ds, if you had seen the procession you would understand WHY 285 had to be shut down. You people floor me, if it was YOUR loved one would it still be a waste?! Should they have led 100+ cars thru multiple side streets??
Unfortunately when 12345 and ds needs the cops, they call 911 and the cops respond and help no matter what whether you deserve it or not….but then when you are the victim I highly DOUBT you are quite so anti-cop.
Usually people that are as ignorant as you two are, are that ignorant and “anti-cop” because they have been idiotic and stupid enough to get locked up and instead of saying yea I screwed up they scream I’m the victim and the mean old cops are picking on me.
Too bad its not illegal to be a moron. Just remember, for every hateful, negative comment you make about him deserving to be murdered or you getting tied up in traffic for a few precious minutes…..KARMA is a b*tch!


February 23rd, 2010
12:09 am

i don’t believe any of the people that have posted on this blog ever worked with or listened to lt. mike vogt of chattahoochee hills police. i never met him, nor did i work with him, but i heard him nearly every day on the radio because chattahoochee hills police use the fulton county radio system. in fact, every police agency in fulton county except for atlanta police and a few of the college police agencies in atlanta use the fulton county radio towers and trunking system. he always sounded professional and well spoken on the radio. i knew him only to the extent that i heard him on the radio when we were working. i do not venture that far south in south fulton county during my 12 hour tour of duty. for someone to speak in a mean-spirited fashion about a police officer that was in fact murdered in the line of duty is not a very nice thing to do. i think steve rose and the ajc would like to see a little more gentlemanly courtesy and professionalism from all persons posting on this site. we can constructively criticize and disagree with one another without slinging arrows at each other. it’s ok if you bad mouth the police, but remember we are usually the first to arrive on car wrecks, fires, shootings, armed robberies, and just about any other call that comes into the 911 center. it is protocol for fire and ems to stage on shootings because police have to arrive onscene first to ensure scene safety, and crime scene preservation. police are almost always the first to render first aid to a victim, no matter what the situation.

mike vogt was a grandfather raising his grandchild like it was his own because his daughter died giving birth. from the people that i know who knew him, they say he was a very good, gracious, and humble man, and he loved his family. suspect cook will have his day in court because he chose to give up after several SWAT teams from metro atlanta showed up to arrest him once the judge signed the warrant for his arrest. he did not choose deadly force as a response to the police arriving to arrest him when he showed up. i know this because i was there on u.s. 29 between fairburn and palmetto when we arrested him. this SWAT call out was not much different than other SWAT call outs – when we arrive the suspect almost always gives up without a single bullet being fired, or a single cannister of cs gas or pepper spray being deployed, and without entry being made into the structure to extract the suspect.

i have been policing for almost 20 years, and i have always been nice until it is no longer time to be nice, and then after the handcuffs go on – the fight is over and you can go back to being nice. thankfully this does not happen very often because no one likes to fight. it is my job to ensure the safety of myself as well as the person i am arresting, and my goal in every arrest is that no one gets hurt.

policing in these united states can be summed up with an analogy = evil is a violent wolf stalking the sheep waiting to pounce, the sheep are very docile and friendly and don’t bother anyone, and the police officer is the sheep dog. the sheep dog is just like the sheep, but the sheep dog is also capable of extreme violence when provoked, and he will protect his sheep from the wolf and he will fight till death if needed. mike vogt was a sheep dog watching over his flock in the south fulton area of chattahoochee hills, and GODSPEED to you sir on your trip to HEAVEN. watch over us mike, and help protect us from evil.

Lt. Mike Vogt's daughter

February 23rd, 2010
1:52 am

This is my father that you people are talking about. How dare you! If he had not been a cop would it then be wrong that Robert Cook killed in him in cold blood? Or do you just not care if anyone is murder? Because my father WAS MURDER!!!! Just because he was a cop doesn’t mean he deserved to be murdered. He was not just a cop, he was my mother’s husband, my and my other sibling’s father, a son to parents, 3 men’s brother, 5 grandkids grandfather, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, a friend and a beloved member of the community. If someone killed one of your family members or friends in cold blood would it be okay? I highly doubt it. How would you feel if someone was saying that they were glad it happened? I am sure you would be just as angry as I am.

My father was not shaking Robert Cook down. He was coming down a dirt road saw Cook peeing outside of his vehicle. He pulled up beside him and rolled down his window. Cook then proceeded to take his high powered rifle from his vehicle and started shooting at my father, several times, killing him in cold blood. My father was completely defenseless at the time. He wasn’t out of his vehicle and didn’t have his gun drawn. There was no threat from my dad. Cook just didn’t want to risk going to jail.

My father was a great man, not some low life cop, dirty cop trying to make a quota. He was the kind of guy that let you off with a warning. He was just a family man trying to provide for his family.

I hope that one day when you need the police that they will be there for you because it is their job. I hope that what happened to me and my family never ever happens to you.


February 23rd, 2010
9:17 am

Lt. Vogt’s daughter, I am so sorry for you and your families loss.I am very proud of the service your father gave to the community to keep the people safe.There will always be people who are thoughtless and harsh.I said a prayer for you and your family and continue to hope that all of your memories are all of what a wonderful man he was.

Atlanta Gal

February 23rd, 2010
1:01 pm

Condolences to Lt. Mike Vogt’s family.


February 23rd, 2010
2:25 pm

to whomever uses the name “the truth about cops”: when we “hide in the dark” it is because we are looking for a wanted felon, or maybe we are staking out a gas station that has been robbed, or a motel parking lot that has frequent robberies, entering autos, theft of vehicles, and illegal narcotic sales of cocaine and heroin,, or in an area that has experienced a lot of burglaries. very few of the arrests we make generate revenue, but they do reveal evidence like heroin, cocaine, stolen firearms, large amounts of cash whose earnings cannot be explained because the people that are in possession of this cash have no job, wanted violent felons, and property being stored in another location that was stolen from victims of burglary and armed robbery. we then get the irs and ga dept of revenue involved to find out when these people last filed a tax teturn – which is frequently never.

sir, you have a flawed view of police officers, but maybe you’ve never been the victim of a crime and needed one to find the perpetrators of that crime. nearly all of my cases begin in the fulton county grand jury or in superior court room 8c and 4c – these are only for felony cases, not traffic enforcement cases. however, we do make traffic stops in the area in which we work which will frequently lead to arrest because of no insurance, suspended licenses or no licenses at all, wanted persons inside of the car, illegal narcotics, and the list may go on, and sometimes these are misdemeanors, but for most cases our traffic stops lead to felonies. trust me, you do not want to be in a car wreck with someone that does not have insurance, especially if you or someone in your car is seriously injured or killed – which almost always involves alcohol as well. you need to keep an open mind about the job that we do, and i would encourage you to find a department that covers a high crime area, and go on a ride with an officer. you may come away with a different point of view about police work. you will find out that safety is of the utmost priorty, not just something that is lectured.
by the way – what do you do for a living. i would be interested to see if i know anything about your line of work, and if i didn’t i surely wouldn’t pre-judge you for what you’ve chosen to do.
anyway – good day to you sir.

to lt. mike vogt’s daughter – it was my pleasure to assist in the apprehension of the person charged with the murder of your father. SWAT is not just a specialty – it is an adventure from time to time.