Police blotter: Relationships gone astray

A patrol officer stopped a car on a traffic offense. The tag information showed suspended registration on the car. The car pulled into an apartment complex and the driver then got out and ran. The passenger, who was the owner of the car, remained in the car. She told the officers the driver was her boyfriend of one month and they were going to move in together. She said she didn’t know his birth date, but she thought his license was suspended and he may have had some warrants on him. She was later charged with allowing an unlicensed person to drive her car.

TIP: If you’re riding in a car with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the police pull your car over, and that boyfriend or girlfriend exit and run, and essentially abandon you when the cops pull you over, question your relationship. There may be a lack of commitment. At that point, if you don’t know your significant other’s birth date, question it further.

Officers went to an apartment on Roswell Road and spoke with a woman who told the officers the following: She and her boyfriend share an apartment and one car. He used the car and went out until 4 a.m. She said she didn’t have a problem with that. However, she was supposed to have used the car that night, so she threw all his stuff out of the apartment. Later, she found a rock thrown through a window of her car.

A woman called the cops and reported she accompanied her boyfriend when he went to pick up his son from his ex-girlfriend‟s apartment. Apparently the ex told the boyfriend not to bring her when he came from their son. The complainant said that when she got out of her boyfriend’s car, the baby’s mama threw a drink on her and then spit on her. The boyfriend got between the two, which is reportedly how the drink was “spilled.” The complainant got her hands on a bat, but the argument was diffused before anything escalated further.

8000 block of Roswell Road: A woman reported her apartment was burglarized. She suspects her boyfriend did it following a domestic argument. The argument was over text messages she received from another man.

More issues with humans

A woman called the police to report the following: She looked out her window and observed an employee of her neighbor’s, a lawn maintenance guy, “flip her a bird” with his hand. The man then placed a leaf-blower between his legs and began thrusting his pelvis. The man also reportedly got into the victim’s face and cursed at her. The man told the cops he did shoot her a bird because of a prior incident when the victim called the police because the man was defecating in view of her, in her neighbor‟s back yard.

Officers got a call of a burglary. They arrived at the home and talked with a man who said that he rents the downstairs of the home. He told the officers that the roommate’s ex-wife was on the scene. The officers said they smelled marijuana in the home and so they asked for the complainant’s I.D. Turns out he was wanted in Gwinnett County on a warran. He also had some pot in his pocket. He was arrested.

TIP: If you are the guy who calls the cops, wouldn’t you think twice knowing that you had a warrant on you and even then, if you decided to call, you would remove the marijuana from your pockets?

Concourse Parkway: Hotel staff called the police after a woman, who ran up a $20 food and $50 alcohol tab, couldn’t pay the bill. They tried to work with her, even offering for her to pay it within 24 hours but she said she couldn’t pay it. The woman then began asking other hotels guests to help with the tab. Eventually, the police were called and she was arrested.

TIP: Check your balance on that debit card before hitting the bar and restaurant. Better yet, buy a hamburger and grab a six-pack and stay home if the funds are short.

1100 Johnson Ferry Road: Police were called by hospital staff who said their security officers were following a man who was believed to be an office-creeper. The man was found in one of the business offices, crouched down behind a desk. The man left and got into his car and drove off. Security staff followed him while calling the police. The officer arrived, got the description from the security officer and the stopped the car. The suspect said he fell asleep in the office. The suspect was charged with prowling and loitering.

A GOOD THING: This is an example of how alert employees and security staff are very beneficial to us. This guy was probably looking to steal purses with credit cards and whatever else.

Target store employees called the police after they witnessed a man remove a pair of scissors from a package and then remove a bottle of Hugo Cologne valued at $45 from its package and conceal it. The man told the staff he brought the scissors from home. (That in itself is suspicious; I’d go with another story.) And he said he put the cologne in his pocket but forgot about it. (Meaning, I guess, that he didn’t want to steal it, but just carry it around for a while.) He was arrested.

A bank employee reported a customer became unruly inside the bank over the issue that the $300 deposit he left in the night-deposit box was now gone. The employee said that he would investigate it, but the man became louder and disruptive in the company of the other customers. Finally, the employee had to tell the man to leave or they would call the cops. He left but later called and said “You better find my (^$*%&%) deposit or I’m going to take it out of someone’s (#@*%$^!!!)” The report is being investigated.

The dean of students at a local college said a man sent an application for the school, accompanied with a $50 fee requested with the application. The potential student decided he was not going to apply so requested the $50 be returned. The dean said due to a mix up, the check was not returned but, after finding out, they intended to refund the money. The potential student, in the meantime, sent two threatening letters to the school. The potential student is currently in prison in Minnesota, due for parole in 2010.

A man on Hilderbrand Drive said he fired an employee who later contacted him and told him that if he didn’t pay him f$5,000, he would report him to the IRS. The victim said the man had been employed as a telemarketer but had also helped him with his taxes. According to the victim, when he left, he took sensitive tax information on the victim as well as others.

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November 16th, 2009
7:48 am

Creative Loafing does a better job with funny crime stories.


November 16th, 2009
8:45 am

CL can’t touch these. View From the Cop is tops.

Chris Broe

November 16th, 2009
4:55 pm

Truth is funnier than fiction.


November 16th, 2009
10:30 pm

In reference to the dude that called police about a burglary and was found to have a warrant and pot on him – why do you think they call it DOPE?


November 17th, 2009
1:49 pm

Awe man, nothing happened at 8100 Colquit Rd. :(
As for the guy that had the pot and warrants out for him I only have one thing to say… (In best Mr Macky from South Park impressiion) “Drugs are mmmmmK.” :)

Lt. Steve

November 17th, 2009
3:55 pm

These are from the neighborhood reports so the “funny” part doesn’t get as much attention as the ajc stuff from me (later.) It’s an odd mix. Heavily edited before I send it out. The good stuff will be in the book-unedited and very tacky.


December 3rd, 2009
10:52 pm

At 55YO, when it comes to changing flats, I simply teach my wife and daughters to call the 800 number as I do.