From the Sandy Springs police blotter

Some of the reports filed with Sandy Springs Police during the past week:

Robbery, thefts

6900 Roswell Road: A man said he was walking in his apartment complex when he was approached by two me. They robbed him of his wallet that contained $500 cash. He described one of the suspects as having the name “Hambone.” Unfortunately for the victim, his girlfriend had a different story: They were at a restaurant and had several drinks. They left and went to “Hambone’s” apartment to buy the drug Ecstasy. That is when he was robbed.

300 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy.: A woman reported that while she was at the library, she received a call on her cell phone. She stepped outside to take the call. When she returned, her laptop was gone.

TIP: Unplug it and tuck it under your arm if you have to leave the area. Otherwise, call back but don’t leave a laptop anywhere. That includes the upscale coffee locations that require a master’s degree to order the Latte-Grande-Mucho-Expenso-Expresso.

Hilderbrand Drive: A woman reported she left a box of clothes at her mother’s home on. Someone stole the clothes from the box.

Cliftwood Drive: A man said someone came to his home and took several packages from the door. The packages were placed there by the post office. His home video cameras showed an older male with a cap, green shirt and jeans. The items totaled just under $900.

TIP: Make sure you’re covered, insurance-wise, when you ship or receive items via ground shipping — especially with the holidays coming on.

6000 block of Roswell Road: A woman reported that she left her wallet sitting on a table at a nightclub. She left for 15 minutes. When she returned, it was gone.

200 block of Sandy Springs Circle: The complainant reported that a financial transaction card was used to pull a couple of thousand dollars from a closed business account.


Brad called the police and said that Brandy came over to collect fifty bucks that he owed her. After he gave her the money, she wanted $5 extra for gas. When he refused to pay the gas money, she bit him on the chest, tried to take his Nike shoes, kicked out a screen and hit him with her car as she left the scene. Brad didn’t appear injured, although he did have a bite mark. Brad didn’t know Brandy’s last name.

8100 block of Colquitt Road: A woman reported that a man, whom she knew, rang her doorbell. She opened the door and he punched her in the eye. She said the man hit her for no reason and he was doing drugs.

8100 block of Colquitt Road: A man reported that a male in a white Polo shirt with stripes and jeans came up to him, pushed him and then pushed his “finger to the forehead.”


7300 block of Roswell Road: A patrol officer found three people walking in the area of the drugstore across from the Trowbridge Shopping Center. Later, he saw the same people at Trowbridge, sitting on the curb. He asked one of the persons what they were doing and he replied they were looking for a job. He asked if the man had ID and he said he did not. He said that his name was Mike.

After a few minutes, the officer said goodbye to the man and went inside the store where the other two had gone. He spoke with the woman who was with Mike. She said she knew him as “Twigg.” He went back to find Mike, now across the street again. He asked why he gave the name Mike.

Mike said he was drunk the night before and amazingly he found his I.D., a prison I.D. that did not identify him as Mike. He was arrested for giving a false name. Another man, who was with the girl across the street, was also arrested for an outstanding warrant from Sandy Springs.

Back on Colquitt Road: Officers got a call of a disturbance around 4 a.m. Julia’s sisters called because Julia was drunk and loud. The officers talked to all involved and then left. Later, around 5 a.m., they got a call back and found that Julia was now breaking things. She was arrested.

1000 Johnson Ferry Road: A woman went into a gift shop, placed an item in her bag and then left. The employee called the security officers, who located the woman but she went into the men’s bathroom when she saw the security officers. The security officers told the woman to come out because she was in the wrong bathroom. She came out without the stolen item. They found it covered in toilet paper behind the toilet. They detained her and SSPD later arrested her.

Crestline Pkwy.: A hotel employee called the police after it was reported that several people were going in and out of one of the hotel rooms. The employee also ran the renter’s credit card, which was declined. Since noticeable going in and out of hotel rooms are common in drug and prostitution activity, the cops were notified and went to the room in question. The woman who answered the door and whose name was on the rental document was asked if anything illegal was going on. She said no. Inside the room were several other people. The officers asked if they could look in the room. She said that would be fine. They found methamphetamine and prescription pills not in the original container. One of the men in the room said the drugs were his. He was arrested.

People with issues

A woman reported that she loaned her friend her Cruise Card and when she asked for it back, her friend refused. She later received a bill for $75, which her friend will not pay.

Huntcliff Village Drive: A woman called the police and said her husband slapped her because she wanted to go to a friend’s home to watch “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” He then left. Prosecution information was given to the victim.

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November 4th, 2009
11:31 am

The one thing that I love about my job is that it’s recession proof. Society will never run out of stupid people like this.

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November 4th, 2009
2:42 pm

People scare me in this city.

Last Emperor

November 5th, 2009
4:52 pm

check out this video of a sandy springs cop running a red light while eating a donut!!I I shot this last week on Roswell near 285



November 5th, 2009
7:51 pm

I work at one of those coffee shops. I just want to point out that even though we sell a lot of $4 drinks at Starbucks, we also sell a lot of cups of coffee for $1.59.
Thank you for letting me point out that you don’t need to spend a lot of money for a great cup of coffee.


November 6th, 2009
8:43 am

s is right, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for great coffee. I’ll go to QuikTrip and get a medium cup of coffee for about $1.19.


November 6th, 2009
2:59 pm

Last Emperor, wow, you Rick rolled us. That’s soooo Hillary Clinton of you. Please march forward to 2009.


November 6th, 2009
6:15 pm

Patrick, yes, you can get a cup of coffee at QuckTrip for $1.19. However, if you want a great cup of coffee, it cost a few cents more.


November 7th, 2009
5:48 pm

8100 Colquitt Rd seems to be a good place to put a mini-precinct. I wonder if Julia stopped by the hotel party and got her fix before sspd broke it up? meth+booz=psycho. I wonder if Julia is cute when she’s not in jail fatigues? :)