Hazardous road warning, plus this week’s blotter

Rain + mud + trees = Danger on the roads

It’s wet outside. We are working overtime to clear some of these mudslides, flooded roadways and downed trees. Stay off the roads unless you have to drive and be careful of standing water, especially in the turns.

With all the rain, trees are hitting the ground all day and all night. If you’re driving at night, slow down and use caution, especially in tight turns. Keep an eye out for downed branches and trees and now, mudslides

Face it, you’re going to be late, so get over it and just cruise along and be smart. Put in some mood music in the CD player. Maybe Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago,” featuring the following mellow tracklist:

1. Flume

2. Lump Sum

3. Skinny Love

4. The Wolves (Act I and II)

5. Blindsided

6. Creature Fear

7. Team

8. For Emma

9. Re: Stacks

Recent reports to Sandy Springs Police

Robbery: A man reported that he had an i-Pod for sale on Craig’s List. A caller said that he was interested in it and wanted to meet to look at and possibly purchase the i-Pod. The victim drove to the Huntcliff Village Apartment in the 8000 block of Roswell Road. The man called the number given and he was buzzed in the gate. There he was met by two men who asked to see the i-Pod. The man handed one of the suspects the i-Pod. They grabbed it and ran.

TIP: Be careful here! Selling an item should be done in a store or someplace where it is public. Designate what location you will be available to sell the item and make sure it is a public place like a store, coffee shop, somewhere where they can’t rob, snatch or otherwise grab it and flee.

Burglary: A Fenwick Place resident said that he came home and upon entering his apartment, he heard a noise. He had his child with him so he returned the child to the car and then went back to the apartment. Whoever was in it was gone, but had taken the victim’s TV. A broken window and open patio door was found.

Theft: A resident on Ascot Manor reported that two packages that were delivered by Fed Ex were missing. One of the packages contained an expensive jacket. Later, someone tried to return the jacket to the store of purchase at Lenox Mall.

Other things

A woman reported that she was approached by a male at a bus stop around 6 a.m. The man asked when the bus stopped and then he exposed himself to the victim. She ran back to her residence. The suspect fled.

Officers went to Monterrey Parkway (30350) on a report of a person stabbed. They spoke with a woman who said her boyfriend came home and told her that he was jumped by a couple of men and stabbed in the shoulder. The cops also got a call from Northside Hospital where the man went for treatment. Turns out his story was different. The woman was later arrested for stabbing her boyfriend and lying to the officers about it.

People with issues

A woman on Summit Springs Drive (30350) said she had someone come over and do her hair as well as the hair of her ex-boyfriend. The woman did the hair and left. The victim and her boyfriend got into an argument and she told him to leave. She said he asked to get some of his belongings and then he left. She noticed later, that her cell phone was gone. He is the suspect in the theft and his hair is suspected to look fabulous.

A man called the police and reported that he was robbed the day before by two men. The victim said he was walking from the MARTA station on PDR, he was jumped and his backpack was taken by force. Once the detectives talked to him, his story fell apart and he admitted that he made the story up because he left his backpack in a taxi. He said that the pack contained work items and, if reported stolen, he wouldn’t get into trouble with his boss. He was arrested.

An officer stopped a car on traffic charges on Dunwoody Place. While speaking to the driver, he detected an odor of alcohol on her. He reported that she became agitated and uncooperative with his questions and the field sobriety tests. She kept reaching into her car and would not stay where the officer indicated she should. She got madder and ran into the store where she screamed to the clerk to call the police. The officers were able to arrest the woman after a brief struggle but, in the process, two bottles of wine were broken.

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September 22nd, 2009
3:35 pm

“Kin ah hep ya ossifer?”

Arizona Ann

September 22nd, 2009
3:55 pm

You need a “stupid motorist” law here. They wrote one in Arizona that says,When people are dumb enough to drive around barricades on flooded roads then need to be rescued they have to pay for their cost of rescue plus the heavy fine. It doesn’t keep the complete morons from doing it but it helps.

speedy gonzales

September 23rd, 2009
11:58 am

How about slowing down the traffic on residential streets? And fine the God D*mn intersection blockers at red light intersections, Traffic and drivers here both S*CK!


October 3rd, 2009
7:00 am

Bon Iver? I knew you were cool, Steve, but a hipster? Yeah, baby!