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Suicide’s an ugly thing, and you can help prevent it

(Editor’s note: Portions of this blog may be too graphic for some readers.)

Something that you don’t hear about in the news — because it is generally deemed not newsworthy, unless there is absolutely nothing else going on — is suicide calls.

A lot of people kill themselves. Unless you knew them or knew of them, you really don’t hear about it.

The latest was this week in north Sandy Springs. A man, about 30-something, with mounting debt and a failed marriage, walked back into a wooded area next to an apartment tennis court and shot himself. His body was in the woods about two days before a meter-reader found him. After a couple of days, it’s not a pretty sight.

When you get a call like this, it obviously comes over as a “body found,” so it’s a crime scene. The first responders, after determining the victim is dead, set up a crime scene. Thanks to radio scanners, it takes about five minutes before the media folks from the assignment desk call.  Once you tell them it was a …

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