Three incidents to help make you feel normal

A few stories to make you feel normal compared to these folks:

1) A recent butt-stabbing in Harrison Township, Ohio, provides further evidence that your brain can convince you that really dumb things seem to be a good idea when you’re drunk.

Two men — friends who were toasting one of the men going into the hospital — were drinking around 11 a.m. when an argument started and ended with an intentional butt-stabbing.

There are no statistics that specifically show what patterns butt-stabbings follow. But, like tornados, they tend to gravitate to trailer parks and, in most cases, involve booze.

It must be getting worse. Cheesy lawyer ads now include them:

“Hello. Have you been stabbed in the butt? I’m Attorney Rosco Bonzo of Bonzo, Spudnick and Glickman. If you were unfairly stabbed in the butt, you may be entitled to compensation.”

2) A man in Annville, Pa., suffered, not a butt-stabbing, but an injury to his nipple while breaking up with his girlfriend.

During the breakup, the girlfriend reached and yanked his nipple ring, causing an injury that warrants this commercial:

“Hello. I’m Attorney Rosco Bonzo of Bonzo, Spudnick, and Glickman. Are you missing a nipple, or perhaps been stabbed in the butt?”

3) Three years ago this month, a woman walked into a Sandy Springs bank dressed in a leopard-skin, short dress and an incredibly cheap blond wig, carrying a white bag, black bag and a hairbrush wrapped in clear plastic wrap.

She walked up to the teller, pulled the brush, pointed the brush at the teller and demanded she put the bank money in the white bag, which she laid on the counter along with the black bag. The teller complied and put the money in the white bag.

Way back when she walked in, bank employees suspected something was going to go wrong so they called the cops, who were by now arriving and setting up outside.

The teller finished putting the money in the white bag, so the robber took the black bag and walked out – where she was tackled at the door and arrested.

She told the cops: “I don’t normally do this.”

“Hello, I’m Rosco Bonzo of Bonzo, Spudnick, and Glickman. Did you rob a bank with a hairbrush? If so, you’re confused. We can help you blame someone for your confusion and you may be entitled to compensation.”

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Nobody reads long posts.

July 29th, 2009
8:37 pm

Who needs help to feel “normal,” when we have the headlines about the guy with the dog, and the guy with the horse?


July 29th, 2009
10:35 pm

Who gives a rats azz about this “feeling normal” thread? Why can’t we comment on the total absence of that clown Pennington and his handler the clowness Franklin with regards to the incidents that just happened? This city is in a death spiral down and these clowns are fiddling while Rome burns. Why do we have to wait until the fall to get rid of these clowns? We need to purge the trash from the city NOW !!!


July 29th, 2009
11:43 pm

Rose is a HOOT per usual and let’s face it – folks are f’d up! C’mon, butt stabbings and beastiality?! Puhleeze! Thanks for making “normal” folks feel good! I’d love to hose some of these clowns!

Dave The Wave

July 30th, 2009
5:44 am

I like the part where the teller puts the money in the white bag and the robber takes the black bag and leaves. It’s very important when you rob a bank with a hairbrush to take the money with you. Especially when wearing a blonde wig. This type of behavior sheds a bad light on blondes everywhere.


July 30th, 2009
10:25 am

Man Lt., those stories gave me a good chuckle but they also made me realize that there are WAY TO MANY stupid people breeding.


July 30th, 2009
5:17 pm

Normal means not having any fun.I was probably completely sober during the above incidents.Consequently I wasn’t involved.


July 30th, 2009
6:13 pm