Crime & Punishment in Sandy Springs

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” — Albert Einstein

Counterfeit cash

1) Suspects nabbed: Police Officer Castro responded to a fight/person armed call (possible robbery) at 1300 The Valley in the 7100 block of Roswell Road.  Upon arrival he came in contact with two subjects.  The victim said he came to sell some I-Phones that he had placed on Craig’s List when another suspect snatched the items from his hands and fled on foot.

The victim chased the suspect, who got into a car driven by another man, in order to leave the area. The victim broke out the driver’s rear window. The driver of the car stopped and dropped off the suspect, and then returned to the scene to confront victim about the broken window.  Officer Castro and Officer Whaley began to investigate as Det Nick Smith was arriving on scene.  After everyone was detained, consent-to-search (verbal) of the vehicle was obtained.

The officers located approximately $900 in counterfeit U.S. Currency in the trunk.  Det. Smith contacted the Secret Service and an agent arrived at the precinct to assist.  This case may clear up several Forgery cases that are pending with in the city and may lead to a bigger counterfeiting operation that the Secret Service is working on.  The robbery suspect’s identity is still under investigation.

2) Pizza guy pinched: Another complaint of a counterfeit bill was made by a pizza delivery driver who delivered a pizza at the Magnolia Apartments. The man gave the driver a $50 bill but the driver told the man he could not change that bill.

The suspect told him he could drop the change later. Once back at pizza central, the driver realized the bill was fake and notified the police.

A good lesson if you buy or sell on the Internet

A woman reported that she had a piano for sale on Craig’s List Internet site. The price for the piano was $2100. She was contacted, via e-mail, from someone who said they wanted to purchase the piano. They sent her a check for $3400 to cover the $2100 sale. The balance of $1300 was to be sent to “the person who will move the piano.”

She deposited the check and the check bounced. Fortunately, she did not write a check for the $1300 and she still has the piano. The bad news is that right now, she’s responsible for the charges on the bounced check.

Moral of the story: It’s simple. Look for the signs that tell you this is fraud. In this case, ANYTIME a buyer sends you more than the amount of the item you’re selling, and then especially overpays for the purpose of you “forwarding” funds to someone or somewhere else, don’t do it.

Never ship a sold item until their check clears the bank it was written on. Just because you deposit the check in your account doesn’t mean the check is any good. Have a waiting period and BEWARE of people attempting to RUSH the sale transaction.

More Craig’s List: A woman contacted the police and said she purchased a mobile phone for $50 on Craig’s List. The seller met her in the 6500 block of Roswell Road and gave her the phone and took the money. She could not activate the phone and was told by Verizon that the phone was involved in “fraudulent” activity—probably stolen from someone else.

Personal opinion: Some things you need to buy in the store.

Scam with a truck

The resident of a home in 400 block of Mt. Vernon Hwy said that a man came to the door asking if he could do yard work. They talked for a few minutes. The woman asked for the man’s card. He went to his truck, described as a new white pickup, then returned and told her that he did not have any with him at the time.

Following the conversation, the woman found a door, she knew for fact she had left open, closed. She later realized that someone had gone into her purse and then into a desk drawer and taken a checkbook.

Theft from your shopping cart

6300 block of PDR: The victim and her husband were shopping at the Costco. Both stepped away from their shopping cart and at that time a male came up to the victim’s husband and asked him about some children’s DVD’s they were standing next to.

After the man left, the victim turned towards the cart and saw another male, who had just snatched her wallet from the purse. She did not see him take the wallet but saw his hand as he withdrew it from her purse. The wallet was indeed taken and although the victim and her husband immediately searched for the two men, they were gone.

227 Sandy Springs Place: A woman reported that someone took her purse from her shopping cart while she was shopping at the Kroger Store. She lost a number of items including a GPS, wallet, ID, car and house keys, and a credit card.

Tip: All you need is the debit or credit card, cash, and your I.D. in a FRONT pant’s pocket and you’re good! No need to drag all that stuff in there anyway.

Fight back: Be our eyes and ears

Officers were called to a Riveredge Parkway parking deck on a suspicious-person call. They were told that security personnel stopped a man who was in the deck area acting suspicious. The man ran into the nearby wooded area. Cars were given a lookout of a male wearing a black uniform shirt, pants, and boots. As the report car spoke with security, other cars circled the nearby residential area on Winterthur Drive and Lane. One of the cars drove through and then while circling back, encountered a man who matched the description. The man, according to the officer, was sweating profusely.

The man said he didn’t have any ID and had been kicked out of his girlfriend’s car after an argument — none of which held any water with the officer. The name given didn’t match computer records but the cross-reference did trigger a warrant response.

The man was later identified and charged on Atlanta Police warrants (previous) for Larceny, Impersonating a Police Officer (remember the black uniform shirt, pants, boots?), Criminal Trespass, and Larceny from Auto. He was arrested. No doubt that he was looking to steal from those cars.

The suspect had on him two small flashlights and several small porcelin spark-plug tips. These are commonly used to break out car glass and they make a surprisingly little amount of noise doing so.

The suspect admitted being at the parking deck but denied wanting to break into cars. He had also stashed his uniform shirt in the woods.

These arrests are good because we can probably clear several thefts and probably prevent a few more.

Moral of the story: Call the police when you see anything at all suspicious. There’s no downside to it. You may hit the jackpot.

Eyes and ears out there, ya’ll.

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Chris Broe

July 9th, 2009
1:37 pm

I’m not sure Einstein was correct about stupidity. How about the MacGyvers in the jail fire? They wanted to light improvised, hand-made cigarettes by sticking pencil lead into an electrical outlet and using the spark to light a rag and then light their cigarettes and ended up nearly burning down the prison. This is what I’ve been saying, people learn from MacGyver. If terrorists had struck the prison at that moment, the inmates would have won. All I’m sayin’.

Nicole Curry

July 9th, 2009
5:00 pm

2090 (the check) has passed the piano, 116-0. S.B. Signing up for the driver allows you to add the piano for free or to waive that $ 39.99 charge for transferring the phone. The piano has Another complaint with the police and the sale transaction is an endorphin high.

Bigg Samson

July 9th, 2009
5:02 pm

What the heck is up with Sandy Springs, Crack Pipe chases, Shooting and an ignored illegal immigrant problem. You would think this upper-middle class area would not have these problems. Geeze….


July 11th, 2009
1:06 am

“Bigg Samson” I would like to point out to you a few facts- 1- The City of Sandy Springs is the Second largest metro Atlanta (20 County Area) City only smaller then Atlanta. Sandy Springs is a 40 Sq Mile City with over 100,000 residence and a day time population that can exceed 300,000+. So does Sandy Springs have crime?? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS However, we have an excellent Police Department that has decreased crime 3 years in a row. Give Sandy Springs Police, Fire, and EMS credit for the great job they are doing in our City.


July 11th, 2009
10:20 pm

Clean up the illegals (all living near the SS Target, of course–we all know it) and a lot of the other problems will go away.


July 14th, 2009
7:03 pm

God, who in their right mind DOESN’T hate cops. Worthless.


July 18th, 2009
12:50 pm

I believe jojojubulie has had quite some problems with police interaction!!!!