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Some of the reports filed with Sandy Springs Police over the past week:

On April 22nd a woman walked into an adult shop in the 8000 block of Roswell Road. She brought with her the adult toy that she had purchased which she now said did not work.

The manager said that the device did work and added that according to store policy, he takes
the adult toys out of the box and turns them on to assure the customer the device works. This is called quality control and it provides the customer with a level of comfort.

The customer was not happy and insisted the device didn’t work at the time it was supposed to work so she put the device on the counter and demanded a refund. Obviously, the return policy discourages customers from returning used adult toys, so the clerk, (after he probably went “Yuk,”) was told by the woman she wanted a new one and promptly took a new one and left the store. The clerk tried to stop her but she hit him on the head a couple of times and called him a name and left. The clerk called the police and made a report.

The used adult toy was turned over to the Haz-Mat team who arrived in their critical-response tank.


While answering an alarm in the early morning hours, officers found that someone apparently spent some time trying to pry a door open in the 8700 block of Roswell Road. The door led to an office area from outside. The door, although damaged, held and the burglars were not able to get in. At least two other businesses in this office complex were broken into.

You should look at the use of steel doors, especially in retail or commercial offices. I also recommend them for basement doors since the cosmetic value isn’t as important as the front door. Complement them with a good solid two-inch deadbolt and some land mines.


A shift supervisor reported that just under $80 was missing from the cash register follow the shift at a restaurant on Northridge Road. The employee said that she didn’t believe the money was taken intentionally but that employees there have miscounted the change in the past.
I used to work at a convenience store on Chamblee Dunwoody Road and I-285 when I was in high school. It was called “Sing Food Store.” In fact, that’s where I got my first traffic ticket in my 1969 Austin Healy. I left work and was headed down the access road when Officer Whitley of DeKalb PD stopped me and issued me my ticket. Years later I saw him and told him the story of how he wrote me the ticket and I turned out to be a police officer and he still seemed unimpressed. Anyway, you had to make change for the customers so you learned how to count change. Now the computer on the register tells you how much change to give so how can they miscount—and I don’t know why I had to tell that part about getting a ticket.


A man reported that he made arrangements with a car mechanic to fix a fuel pump and distributor on his car. The man and the mechanic went to the car-parts store together where the victim purchased car parts totaling just over $300. The mechanic later returned the parts for cash and now won’t fix the car or return the man’s calls.

A woman called and said a co-worker referred her to a man who was a car broker. He made arrangements with her to purchase a BMW for $24,000 at a car auction. She paid him $1,400 up-front money and hasn’t landed the car.

A man and his wife called and reported that they had been contacted by Publisher’s Clearing House and told they had won a considerable amount of money. They were going to be able to collect the money after paying fees for processing, handling, and taxes. They received more calls telling them they won a car. They apparently paid these “fees” but of course never received the goods. They noted the calls became more frequent and the callers became more aggressive. The victim and his wife are senior citizens.
This is a phone-version of the old “Pigeon Drop” also known as a “Found Money” scam. Once the victims begin to pay, they are contacted again and the caller becomes more aggressive and intimidating in order to frighten the victims into paying more money.

The couple is out $10,000 so this has been going on for a while, most likely because the victims were intimidated by the callers. One caller threatened to shoot them and another said he was coming over. The sad part about this is by the time a relative finds out or we get involved, the callers have drained the last drop of money and are long gone.When you win a contest, you do not have to pre-pay ANY fees and if you are ever contacted by someone using this scenario, begin asking a lot of questions and they’ll probably hang up.


Officers were called to the Publix Store on Hammond Drive where they spoke with the staff who said that they observed a woman who spent a long time shopping in the store but had only a few items. The woman went into the bathroom and concealed several items, valued at $30, in her bag. They detained her and she later confessed saying that she often steals even when she has money—something that is very true. Most shoplifters who are arrested have enough money on them to pay for what they stole. Go figure.

An officer made no-seat belt traffic stop on a car. The officer asked for ID and when he checked the passenger’s ID, it looked painfully fake. He questioned the man and ran that ID which came back non-existent. The man said he used a fake name. He was arrested. The officers found something that I have not seen or heard of yet. It is a set of brass knuckles with a built-in taser.


Officers were called to an apartment at Harbor Pointe where they met a woman holding her baby. he said she was evicted from her apartment by her husband. Her husband said he evicted her because she was dancing on another man’s lap during a recent social event. He was told that he cannot evict his wife. She gathered some belongings and left to stay with relatives.

Officers got a call on Stonington Drive concerning a domestic fight. They spoke with the woman who said her boyfriend or whatever punched her in the eye. He apparently hit her because she was looking at his phone. He was locked up and on the way to jail he made some very disturbing remarks to the officer about what he was going to do when he got out and some other sexually explicit comments—apparently forgetting or just not knowing that all of the conversation is audio taped. That will come back in court.

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April 24th, 2009
10:31 pm

I’m sad at your suggestion “asking a lot of questions and they’ll probably hang up”.
Couldn’t we think of a more sophisticated solution?
We could have an automated system with a number to call (9010101 for example), the automated machine would log our phone number and find out who and from where came the last call received.
If there is a pattern, the “pranksters” trying multiple potential victims, some of these immediately calling the special number, the system will flag the calling number and beep the adequate service/department, catching these people in time and putting them at their right place (jail?).
Of course, that will not work forever, forcing the bad guys to work their imagination and become smarter, who knows, they may end up honest successful script writers in Hollywood!
Meanwhile, sadly, your suggestion is still the best, as usual!


April 25th, 2009
11:59 am

As much as I feel for the couple, there’s probably not a lot we can do short of bringing back public hanging. There are sharks out there so the only way to stop them is to use caution and good sense.

Chief O'Hara

April 27th, 2009
11:57 am

You had an Austin Healey when? In high school? That’s wrong on so many levels. Dame Fortune’s face must have ached from smilng on you!


April 28th, 2009
12:53 am

I am not sure what you mean when you write “The customer was not happy and insisted the device didn’t work at the time it was supposed to work”. The device works; now whether it works at a time it suppose to work is up to the customer.


April 28th, 2009
3:45 pm

The ladies reading the blog should checkout…there is an item that not only works when you want it to, it apparently learns what you like! I’m thinking the men are going to have to work a little harder now. Sorry guys!

Major Houlihan

April 30th, 2009
12:31 pm

Let me guess , did she call him a D**K HEAD ?

Chris Broe

April 30th, 2009
2:42 pm

Can you return butt plugs? What about those exotic japanese dingo balls all strung together? What about ping pong balls that can be fired from an asian woman’s you know what? I’m just trying to raise some money in this slow economy, that’s all. Do you have to clean these things up when you take them back? I lost the original wrappers. I’ve kept the instruction videos though. I mean, Officer Steve opens up more questions than he answers every single time he writes. I hate that. Like, do some research, or stfu.



May 18th, 2009
9:16 am

A few things that irritate the hell out of me when it comes to paying for purchases with a bill larger than the total, or giving the cashier enough money to get back change (coins):

1. Getting back a rounded-out number of change. For example, if my total was $13.29 and I pay $15, I’d get back $0.70 even. I usually go back for the extra penny.

2. My bill is $13.02, I hand them a $20, and they ask “Do you have a couple of pennies?” If I did, I probably would have given them to you, but more than likely I wouldn’t think to do it.

3. Not getting back any change (coins). Period. This irritates me the most. I raise hell when this happens, and on one occasion have threatened to go to the Better Business Bureau.

You’re supposed to serve me, not I you. If I’m supposed to get change back, I expect every penny.

William H. in Lithonia

May 26th, 2009
12:11 am

Over 300,000 people on probation or parole in Georgia (more than who voted for the Governor in his primaries). Over 50,000 people locked up in Georgia. None of these over 350,000 people have the right to vote, btw.

Nearly 3 Million people in jail in America with nearly 10 million people on probation or parole.

Headlines today say suburbs are a magnet for the drug cartels.

As much money is being spent on the War on Drugs as the Iraq War, 90 Billion Dollars Nationally.

One thing drug prohibition has prohibited is reasonable regulation of drugs.

Another thing drug prhoibition has accomplished is the removal of millions from the voting roles which is probably the drug war’s intent anyway.

The Drug War is the most deadliest, costliest, and most futile unproductive War America has ever fought.

The definition of Bigotry is Unreasonable, Prejudiced, and Intolerant.
The Drug War is totally based on Bigotry.

In the case of the War on ’some’ Drugs, the prohibition laws cause the most harm and crimes.