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Crime & Punishment

Some of the reports filed with Sandy Springs Police over the past week:

On April 22nd a woman walked into an adult shop in the 8000 block of Roswell Road. She brought with her the adult toy that she had purchased which she now said did not work.

The manager said that the device did work and added that according to store policy, he takes
the adult toys out of the box and turns them on to assure the customer the device works. This is called quality control and it provides the customer with a level of comfort.

The customer was not happy and insisted the device didn’t work at the time it was supposed to work so she put the device on the counter and demanded a refund. Obviously, the return policy discourages customers from returning used adult toys, so the clerk, (after he probably went “Yuk,”) was told by the woman she wanted a new one and promptly took a new one and left the store. The clerk tried to stop her but she hit him on the head a couple of times and called him a name …

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Side show is the thing at a Buffett concert

Well, we road-tripped to Dallas for Jimmy Buffett. Why not? Detective Sandy lives for this. It’s her annual Margaritaville fix. The concert was at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas. Frisco is like Dunwoody with cowboy hats. Sandy’s brother lives in Dallas so we camped at his house and spent a couple of days bumming around before Saturday’s concert.

Saturday’s plan was to start tailgating at 9 a.m. for a 7:30 p.m. concert. Ten-hour tailgating. I’m not that young anymore but I do remember 10-hour tailgating stories, told to me, about things that I did. They usually ended with the words “nekid” or “profusely bleeding.” This time Detective Sandy and I decided we’d take the high road (not that high road) and handle the designated driver duties. This meant the other five in our group had the green light to begin carrying the tequila torch to Margaritaville. They didn’t disappoint.

You know how when you’re not drinking and everyone else around you is, how …

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View from the Cop: Storm tracking

On Monday we saw a bit of windy weather. That’s putting it mildly huh?

I had no clue how bad it was going to be until I got to work and saw that the patrol guys and girls were getting hammered with calls so bad that I forwent the meeting (which was not at all hard to do) I was on the way too and started pulling pine trees out of the road.

I recruited passing motorists (thanks, if you stopped) and we pulled a bunch of older dead trees to the side of the roads. Unfortunately there were a lot of lines down too and I treat them like snakes, so if I see one I stay away from it. I wrapped up trees surrounding lines with yellow tape and went on to the next one.

I think at one point we had over 75 calls holding, meaning all the cars were out and those calls were waiting. Fire department had about the same number since they were hauling chain saws and clearing the roads as well. Georgia Power Company didn’t even want a call asking when they would be out because they were covered up …

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Crime & punishment


Some reports filed recently with Sandy Springs Police: 



Someone removed several items from an office in the 7800 block of Roswell Road. The items include an i-Pod. The business has a card-key entry system and no one used a key over the weekend however renovation crews were in. The i-Pod had been left on a desk. (Don’t leave items on your desk—especially over a weekend or even overnight. You can put an i-Pod in your pocket.)


Someone cut a hole in a fence in the 1200 block of Pitts Road and accessed an area where they took $800 in copper from the location.                                   


The victim told officers that a diamond ring is missing from a bathroom countertop where she last saw it. She said painters had been in the home in the 800 block of Jett Ferry. Make it a point that if you expect workers or anyone else you expect to have access to your home, do a walkthrough and secure anything and everything you consider valuable.




A renovation …

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Your favorite cop is on Facebook

At the prodding of some of my officers, I went to Facebook and made a profile and now I’m in the world of friend and people who want to be my friend and other people who may be my friend and walls and things that I don’t get at all.

I’m told that this is good and better than MySpace because you can approve who becomes your friend. I wouldn’t know because I thought the age cutoff for MySpace was 12 and the rest were pedophiles. Of course this was my personal opinion and no way reflects the opinion of my employer, their employer, friends and my dog Rotweiller Roxy, born of Satan and who lives to search out my next victim for our weekly “Satanic Saturday” at my house, according to some.

They are idiots and need to be reminded consistently. So there! I laugh at your yuppie scum attitude and I wish you many years of gastric unpleasantness!
Anyway, I think it’s kind of nice but I don’t know all the rules. I’m afraid I’ll add a new friend that I don’t want.
If you have a friend, …

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The Ryan Moats case: You just can’t fix stupid

Officer Robert Powell of the Dallas, Texas recently resigned following a hailstorm of controversy after he detained Ryan Moats outside a hospital where his wife’s mom was dying.

The reports said the in-car video showed a 13-minute “berating” of the Moats by the officer following a red light violation. If you didn’t see it, it’s all over YouTube.

I got a lot of calls and e-mails from people wanting a response to it. Well here it is: Stupid is stupid, regardless of if you’re wearing a uniform or not. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

It was obvious the woman was in distress and although Moats stayed back and did what he was requested to do, he couldn’t get across the point that this was an exceptional circumstance to running the red light.

The officer resigned. He should. If that’s the extent of his discretion, then he’s in the wrong line of work. Good riddance.

In-car video is a good thing. It serves to unfound a large percentage of internal affairs complaints …

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