Crime & punishment: Criminal bozos

Notes from the Sandy Springs police blotter:


Cops were called to meet a guy who said that he went to another guy’s apartment on Summit Place to buy some marijuana. After they met, the two walked downstairs where the victim was then robbed by yet another man. He told the cops he bought pot from this guy before without being robbed. The victim was robbed of $300 of his drug money.
It amazes me that these Bozos actually have the nerve to report it. Now, of course, the victim goes on the drug database too. Smart guy.


A woman who lives on Ridgemere Trace found a forced-open window and an unlocked door indicating entry and exit. Nothing was taken. She was positive the doors were locked up when she left.

The victim reported someone kicked in the front door to an apartment in the 6800 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road and took 15 pairs of jeans, some shoes and a Gucci backpack.

Someone took a computer and monitor, valued at over $1000, from an office in the 5700 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road.

A man reported that while he was working out at his gym on Mt. Vernon Highway, someone went into his locker and took his wallet. He did not lock the locker.

A woman reported that someone took her wallet while she was at a restaurant at 1165 Perimeter Center West. They later used it down the street at the Target Store for $500 on a debit card and another $500 on her credit card. There were three additional charges at a Chevron and 14 charges to MARTA.

Someone stole a drainage grate on Northside Drive and I-285.


Around 1:30 a.m. an officer spotted a car driving on Northridge, then Colquitt Road, then into an office building parking lot. He followed the car into the closed parking area and the driver, once seeing the officer, immediately put the car in reverse to back out and leave. The officer stopped the car and spoke with the driver.
Here’s how it went:
The driver said he was lost.
The officer asked what address he was looking for.
The driver said “I don’t know.”
The officer noticed a GPS on the dash.
The officer asked what address they programmed in the GPS.
The driver and passenger said “I don’t know.”
The officer asked for the driver’s license.
The license photo looked nothing like the driver.
The officer asked the passenger to step out so he could talk to him separately from the driver.
The passenger stepped out.
The passenger’s bag of marijuana fell to the ground.
The driver was asked to step out of the car.
The officer found a paper towel with marijuana in it, in the driver’s pocket.
The driver said the passenger asked him to hold it.
The two clowns went to jail.
You’ve got to be a great friend to say “okay” when your passenger buddy says “Hey, would you hold this marijuana for me being that we’re getting pulled over by the cops?”
“Sure, I’d love to. Perhaps I might go to jail but since you asked…….”

Officers were called to the Publix at 1100 Hammond Drive after the store staff noticed a woman who had concealed a bag of cheese and a jar of peaches in her purse. She then proceeded to walk backward up the aisle. As she left the store, an alert employee, who probably said something like “Hey, that lady is walking backwards out the store” alerted store staff who immediately walked, in a normal fashion, out the door and detained the woman. She was charged with Shoplifting the items that amounted to just over five bucks, and told to appear in court on a later date.

An officer pulled a car over for a seatbelt violation. The driver accused the officer of pulling him over because he had just purchased beer and a cigar which he intended to go home and drink and smoke. During the conversation, the officer noticed the marijuana the man had on the console. Fortunately for the man, the amount was very slight so he was issued a copy of charges for the pot and was sent on his way.

Forgery, Fraud, and I.D. Theft

A man reported that he lost his checkbook. Whoever found it tried to write three checks totaling over $10,000. It’s unknown at the time of the report if they went through.

A woman went into the pharmacy in the 6300 block of Roswell Road and presented a Grady Health System prescription for Lortab. She left and later returned. She said the prescription was for her grandmother but then would not provide ID or any other information to the now-suspicious pharmacist. She then immediately left the store.

Quick announcement here: There won’t be a report sent out next week due to me being out in Vegas for some R and R.

Have a good week

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February 25th, 2009
1:27 pm

Have fun in Vegas. Remember to put a quarter in your shoe. That way you will have it for phone call when you are broke. It also makes you walk funny and people are more likely to leave you alone.


February 25th, 2009
1:52 pm

I don’t like the new site. Hey, tell those guys in Vegas that throw the little cards at you containing scantily clad women HELLO from Texas. Call mom.

Chris Broe

February 25th, 2009
5:49 pm

CNN just reported that the AJC’s Officer Steve Rose is going on vacation in Vegas!!!

Good luck in Vegas, Officer Steve!!! Envy you. Vegas is better than Disney World. This whole thing reminds me of this one cop friend of mine who writes a blog and went to Vegas on R and R.

“Boxcars at Midnight. An Atlanta Metro Cop goes to Vegas”.

“Even my flight over was rough. The kid in the upright seat in front of me was, of course, the good kid. The kid behind me was the Ghost of Criminal Einstein Future I tried the half-turn with my clenched teeth to his parents, who looked like Yuppie Scum House-Flipping Socialistic Blue Staters. (YSHFSBS). Jurisdiction alone prevented me from going Full Probable Cause. The entire flight! I knew Airport Security had no way to detect that this kid could have managed to make it past private tutors, trained nannys, rabbis, priests, or any passer-by, really, so I didn’t blame them too much. I had to give one of my Dice Clay tickets away, though. But it was worth it. I was free….. in Vegas!”

end of chapter one. chapter two, Dress Down in Brown Shoes. (preview……”At the tables, Dressing Up is a problem because you stick out. Nobody dresses anymore. Why would they? I saw at least three misdemeanors before i lost my first hundred. And that was just the cigarette lady. You should have seen the shows. The dealer was fun, though, and a good dealer can really help you not notice as they win every time………….