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Roll the dice and have fun in Vegas

Many people say that when life gets you down, go to your happy place.

OK, life doesn’t have me down other than the little things like my fear of astronauts in diapers and using the wrong fonts on my e-mails. By the way, March’s Font of the Month is Verdana. Did you know that Verdana was designed for Mircrosoft and is based on a mix of verdant? The last part “ana” was based on the designer guy’s daughter. How insignificant! I need to go to my happy place.

And who can’t find happiness in Vega?
Some people like to sit by a quiet stream or listen to the soothing sounds of the Chacoan Peccary while they meditate. Me? I like to go to where a man can stand in a crowd and scream incoherently for a few minutes and nobody raise an eyebrow—wait, that’s New York.
I like to go to where the winos have casino vouchers piled up in their hat as they sit along the walkways holding a sign that reads” I’ll be honest, I need the money for beer.”
Detective Sandy and I …

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Crime & punishment: Criminal bozos

Notes from the Sandy Springs police blotter:


Cops were called to meet a guy who said that he went to another guy’s apartment on Summit Place to buy some marijuana. After they met, the two walked downstairs where the victim was then robbed by yet another man. He told the cops he bought pot from this guy before without being robbed. The victim was robbed of $300 of his drug money.
It amazes me that these Bozos actually have the nerve to report it. Now, of course, the victim goes on the drug database too. Smart guy.


A woman who lives on Ridgemere Trace found a forced-open window and an unlocked door indicating entry and exit. Nothing was taken. She was positive the doors were locked up when she left.

The victim reported someone kicked in the front door to an apartment in the 6800 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road and took 15 pairs of jeans, some shoes and a Gucci backpack.

Someone took a computer and monitor, valued at over $1000, from an office in the …

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