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Adams resigns key NCAA post

UGA President Michael Adams resigned this week as chairman of the NCAA Executive Committee, the powerful group that ultimately will choose a successor to the late Myles Brand as NCAA president.

Although the move probably will further fuel speculation about Adams as a candidate for the president’s position himself, he said on a teleconference that he stepped down with six months left on his term to ensure that those who choose the next president will be the ones still in place to work with him or her.

“It is time for new leadership at the executive committee level,” Adams said. “I feel very strongly that the group of the executive committee who will work with the next NCAA president needs to be the ones in charge of the search and in charge of that process.

“I feel like, frankly, that I have done what I came to do, and I have done what I promised Myles I would do. . . . And after almost three years of this, and particularly the amount of time it has required of me the last nine …

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Gators favored by 16; does the bye week matter?

A few notes on Monday of Georgia-Florida week:

— Oddsmakers have made Florida a whopping 16-point favorite over Georgia on Saturday, even though the Gators have won their past three games by an average of 7.7 points — 10 over Mississippi State, 3 over Arkansas and 10 over LSU.

— As you know, Georgia is coming off a bye week and Florida is not. So here’s the data on open dates as they relate to the Georgia-Florida series: Georgia is 3-2 vs. Florida when coming off a bye week, while Florida is 14-4 vs. Georgia when coming off a bye week. The Bulldogs’  most recent win over the Gators -– in 2007 -– followed a UGA open date. That’s the only time since 1991, until this year, that Georgia had an open date before the Florida game. Florida, on the other hand, has had a bye week before playing Georgia 13 of the past 16 years.  For whatever all of that is worth.

– Mark Richt was asked Sunday about  the impact  of the bye week. “With this game or series, I think there’s …

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Emptying the notebook . . .

Stray notes and quotes to start the week:

– If you lost count, Georgia had eight players run the ball and 10 catch it in Saturday’s win at Vanderbilt.

Prince Miller’s punt-return stats for this season before Saturday: nine returns for 63 yards. Miller’s stats on Saturday: two returns for 95 yards. “We did the same thing we’ve been trying to do all year,”  he  said. “But we got some opportunities, and guys made great blocks.”

– UGA’s 34 points were the second most scored against  Vandy since the start of last season, topped only by Florida’s 42 last year.

– On the occasion of Georgia’s bye week, Mark Richt was asked on his teleconference Sunday what he likes most and what concerns him most about this season so far. What he likes most:   “I would say I like the players themselves as far as they are staying together, they are battling away, they are keeping the faith and they keep grinding.” And what concerns him most: “The thing I haven’t liked so much is just the …

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First practice for Fox’s first team

Athens — Mark Fox’s first Georgia basketball team opens preseason practice at 5 p.m. today.  “Certainly, we’re excited about the start of our season –- the chance to do what we all love to do, which is get into a gym and coach our players and train our team,” he said.  In a meeting with the media this week,  Fox  touched on these topics:

The benefit to Trey Thompkins of playing on the U.S. Under-19 team that won a gold medal at the World Championships in New Zealand over the summer: “He was able to play on Team USA . . . a privilege few of us ever have a chance to experience. I think he was really able to gain an appreciation of that. But also playing for [the team's coaching staff of] Jamie Dixon [Pittsburgh], Chris Lowery [Southern Illinois] and Matt Painter [Purdue], he was able to play for three proven defensive coaches, proven winners, and I think get a taste of different philosophies that will improve him. Jamie is a long-time friend of mine, and he was very …

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The two biggest plays of the game?

Athens — So much stuff happened on Saturday: a 100-yard kickoff return, a 61-yard touchdown on a reverse, a safety on a punt snap that went out of the back of the end zone.  As Mark Richt said immediately afterward, probably 100 good things and 100 bad things.

I asked Joe Cox on Sunday what, of all the things that happened,  he considered the biggest play of Georgia’s 41-37 victory over South Carolina.

“I’d probably say there were two,” Cox  answered. “The blocked extra point, which didn’t seem huge at the time.  And then Carlton [Thomas] diving on the fumble.”

The blocked extra point –- by DeAngelo Tyson –- came after a South Carolina touchdown (on Eric Norwood’s 35-yard interception return) cut the Georgia lead to 38-37 with 12:56 to play.

And the Thomas fumble recovery came a few minutes later when Cox coughed up the ball upon being hit from behind by South Carolina’s Stephon Gilmore.  By retrieving it, Thomas prevented a turnover – and kept the Bullogs in …

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Would Gundy rant again? Will Caleb make trip?

Athens — Mike Gundy is quick to discount the notion that Georgia’s running game is uncertain.

“When we played down there last time,” the Oklahoma State coach said by phone Friday, referring to the Cowboys’ 2007 trip to Athens, “they were talking about difficulty in the running game and that they didn’t know who was going to carry the ball.  And that was the first run-in we had with Knowshon Moreno.  So we’re not really buying that Georgia is doing this rebuilding.”

When the Bulldogs open the season at Oklahoma State next Saturday, they will have a new starter at tailback — sophomore Richard Samuel.

“They say they have a back there that is better than the King kid,” Gundy said, referring to the injured Georgia tailback Caleb King. “I saw the King kid play in high school, so [if Samuel is better] that concerns me somewhat.”

Moreno, the 12th pick of this year’s NFL draft, made his college debut in Georgia’s 2007 victory over Oklahoma State with 70 yards rushing and 51 yards …

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Not yet ready for prime time

Athens –  Sounds as if the Bulldogs have more work to do before they’re ready for the trip to Stillwater.

“Overall, my feeling was we weren’t quite ready to beat Oklahoma State,” Mark Richt said after a practice game Wednesday in Sanford Stadium. “I’m glad we have 10 more days to prepare.”

Georgia played its scout team, which was emulating Oklahoma State, and Richt found some faults:

– “A few too many penalties.”  Two key infractions by the offense — holding and illegal formation — stopped one drive and forced a field goal (rather than a possible touchdown) on another. (While unhappy about the penalties, Richt cited a mitigating factor: liberal substitutions that put a lot of young players on the field.)

– “Just an erratic day offensively.” While the offense put up 27 points in one half of football against the scout team, Richt said it sputtered at times. “It just was not sharp,” he said. “It was not awful, but when you have almost your entire first and second team vs. …

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Counting down to Oklahoma State … and watching out for swine flu

Athens — Like the rest of you, Mark Richt is counting down.

“OK,” he said after practice Tuesday. “It’s getting closer. Down to 10 days after today. Seven practices to go.”

Georgia is immersed now in preparation for Oklahoma State, the opening opponent Sept. 5 in Stillwater.

All of Georgia’s practice Tuesday was closed to the media –- usually, the first three or so periods are open -– because the Bulldogs began working on stuff for the Oklahoma State game right away. Usually the first few periods are devoted to fundamental work, so coaches don’t worry about prying eyes on the field for that. Tuesday, “we were right into all our schemes right away,” Richt said after practice.

Late this afternoon, the Bulldogs will hold a practice game –- also closed –- in Sanford Stadium, with the scout team emulating Oklahoma State.


With at least 20 cases of swine flu reported on the UGA campus, Richt was asked if he’s worried about it reaching the football team.

“Oh …

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On hamstrings, quarterbacks and more

Athens — So what’s with all these hamstring injuries, anyway?

Georgia had a half dozen significant players sidelined with them on Tuesday — safeties Bryan Evans and Reshad Jones, linebackers Akeem Dent and Darius Dewberry, tailback Caleb King and tight end Aron White.  And while the Bulldogs still expect all of the hamstrings to be healed well before the season opener, Jones has missed almost two weeks of practice and King’s absence has at least temporarily derailed his bid to be the starting tailback.

So, what gives?

Mark Richt said after practice Tuesday that he thinks strained hamstrings are just an inevitable part of preseason “in every single camp.” Always have been and perhaps always will be, he figures.

Rex Bradberry, [a member of Georgia's strength and conditioning staff] who’s  working on getting his Ph.D. [in kinesiology] — I think his final work is about the hamstring injuries,” Richt said.  “He’s gone back 20 years, and he’s, like, you would think with more …

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Freshmen receivers catching on

Athens — Mark Richt really likes his freshmen receivers. The Bulldogs are really serious about reducing penalties. And the radio broadcast team is really large.

Those were my take-aways from Day 2 in Georgia’s preseason camp.

Only a small portion -– about 20 minutes -– of a two-hour practice was open to the media Wednesday, but Richt was pretty animated afterward in discussing his very, very early impressions of the incoming freshmen.

On WR Marlon Brown: “I saw him going up strong on a catch and guys were trying to rake the ball out of there and couldn’t do it because he’s got such strong hands.”

On WR Rantavious Wooten: “I saw [him] running routes, looking like he had been doing it for quite a while. Got outstanding hands.”

On TE Orson Charles: “He made some nice catches. He needs much more precision in his route-running, of course, but . . . he’s getting a pretty good feel for what to do.”

On TB Washaun Ealey: “I like how Washaun looks. He runs with a great center of …

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Interesting start to preseason camp

Athens — One down, 28 practices to go before the Dogs play at Oklahoma State.

It was a long, hot, interesting first day of preseason camp. Among the things I found most interesting:

– In interviews a few hours before the first practice, numerous players passionately expressed their feelings that this team will be sounder fundamentally and more disciplined than last year’s. I know you’ve heard it before during the off-season, but I’ve got to say, it seems clear there is conviction and sincerity behind the words. Geno Atkins, for example, said: “This season we’ve got a focus, because we know the mistakes we made last year were fundamentals, not doing the little things, not being disciplined, not wrapping up. So we are focused on those things this year.” And Rennie Curran said: “Everybody is hungry. Everybody wants to get into practice and show people what we are about. Everybody is ready to go. I know I am. . . . We’re a real focused team right now. We feel like we are on a …

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A hot start for the Dogs

Good morning from Athens, where the temperature is well into the 80s on the way to the predicted high of 96 by the time the Bulldogs take the practice field this afternoon.

Today’s the day, the long-awaited start of preseason camp.  Thirty-two days ’til Stillwater.

I noticed that  Jeff Owens, the defensive tackle, eager to get back to full-fledged football after missing all but the first eight plays of last season with a knee injury, tweeted this on Twitter last night: “I am signing off, got early wake up in the morning. . . . Practice will be great!!!!”  Four exclamation points.

Practice begins at 3:35 p.m., with 104 players taking the field.  There would be 105, but as you probably know by now, defensive tackle signee Kwame Geathers‘ eligibility hasn’t been certified  by the NCAA Clearinghouse yet and thus he isn’t here.  But everyone else is, including 19 incoming freshmen.

The Dogs will practice in helmets and shorts today and Wednesday, then add shoulder pads …

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The pressing issues of preseason camp

Georgia’s preseason practice starts Tuesday. The season opens 32 days later. I’ll have a story in Tuesday’s paper (on-line Monday PM)  about the biggest issues that need to be resolved on the practice field in the interim. (For Tech fans here: My colleague Doug Roberson has a similar piece today on the Jackets, who open practice one day ahead of the Dogs.)

Some of the issues for Georgia are obvious. Who’ll win the tailback job? Who, if anyone, will step up  at defensive end? Who’ll complement A.J. Green at receiver?

But there are lots of other issues, too, from who’ll win the kickoff job (Blair Walsh or Brandon Bogotay?) to who’ll be the backup quarterback (Logan Gray or Aaron Murray/Zach Mettenberger?). From how many of last year’s injured players will prove to be as good as new to how many of the incoming freshmen will be ready to contribute immediately. And some issues are more generalized, such as improving tackling and reducing penalties.

All in all, I’m looking …

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Pregame, postgame shows checking in to hotel

ISP,  Georgia’s new radio rights holder, continues to develop plans for this fall’s football broadcasts.

Jeff Huffman, general manager of ISP’s Georgia operation, tells me that portions of an expanded four-hour pregame show and two-hour postgame show will air at home games from the Hotel Indigo opening soon in downtown Athens.  Other portions of the shows will air from Sanford Stadium, as in the past.

The boutique hotel is located at 500 College Avenue.

Georgia has said that Loran Smith and Neil Williamson will continue in their roles as hosts of the pregame show, and WSB-TV sports anchor Chuck Dowdle told me last night that he will join the postgame radio show to conduct the locker-room interviews with coach Mark Richt and players. Georgia also has said that Smith will continue as sideline reporter during games.

There is more to come in terms of on-air talent. Huffman said contracts are still being finalized.

Between the pregame and postgame shows -– and, oh …

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Mack Brown confirms commitment to Florida while on visit

The answer came in two tiny words on a text message.

“Yes sir,” Mack Brown wrote.

His response was to the question, “Did you commit to Florida tonight?”

And indeed he did. That was the word from Brown, generally considered the top running back in the state, just a few minutes before midnight Friday. I got the exact same reply a few minutes earlier from his coach at Martin Luther King High, Corey Jarvis.

The amazing part is I had gotten a totally different indication about 10 hours earlier. Speaking by cell phone just a short while before going onto Florida’s campus to take part in the Gators’ “Friday Night Lights” camp and recruiting activities, I asked Brown if he planned to commit that night or was he going to come back to Atlanta and mull the decision between them and Georgia. As at least a few of you read here, he plainly stated, “Nah, I’m just going to take everything in.”

So whether that was Brown’s plan all along or he was simply overwhelmed by what was surely an …

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Dogs’ unknown national champ, and seeking your football questions . . .

     Welcome to the last week of the 2008-09 sports year for UGA.  The final team still active is the track and field team, which will complete its season with the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Championships in Fayetteville, Ark., Wednesday through Saturday.

     Georgia has the defending NCAA men’s champion in the javelin, Chris Hill, who will be trying to repeat.  Call him UGA’s unknown national champion.  I interviewed him last week for a story that ran in today’s paper. Click here for the story.  I found particularly interesting his comments about how Georgia’s ultra-successful Olympics-sports teams  support and motivate one another:  ”The gymnasts and the swimmers and the tennis players — those are world-class athletes. Just being around them is really cool, and nobody gets too much of the big head because national champions are pretty common [among the group]. . .  This type of atmosphere, where you’re expected to be on top, helps the …

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Georgia goes Nationwide

  Athens – Interesting, UGA getting into the pro golf business.

  Georgia’s agreement to host and operate a Nationwide Tour event for the next three years will preserve an Athens stop on the tour, showcase the UGA Golf Course and, if all goes well, produce profits that will be used for need-based scholarships for UGA students.

   “This is another illustration of the university’s continuing involvement and commitment to the Athens-Clarke County community,” UGA President Michael Adams said at a Wednesday news conference at the golf course.  “We think not only will this be a great sporting event, but a great economic development event for this region.

   “The Athens community will continue to have the visibility that the tour provides. I’m excited also about the exposure that I think the university will receive in the process. . . . We intend this to be a very strong town-gown partnership.”

   Adams said that, other than startup costs, the tournament …

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The Dogs and the draft . . .

  Thought you might like to talk some NFL draft today. . . .

  Any questions about whether Matthew Stafford would be the No. 1 pick were answered at 11 p.m. Friday, when the UGA QB agreed to (very) lucrative terms with the Detroit Lions. So he’ll be the first Bulldog in 56 years to go No. 1.  And just the fourth Bulldog ever to go No. 1. And the highest-paid rookie in NFL history. I’d say his time in Athens proved quite rewarding, even without a championship.

   Here’s my latest story, written in the wee hours of the morning, on Stafford-to-Detroit

   OK, let’s move on.

   Stafford knows where he’s going, but  quite a few of his former Georgia teammates are eager to find out today and tomorrow.

   Next up will be tailback Knowshon Moreno.  The AJC’s D. Orlando Ledbetter has Moreno going No. 31 to Arizona – the next-to-last pick of the first round – in his mock draft. Many other mocks have Moreno going No. 21 to the Philadelphia Eagles. Philly would please …

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Off-field behavior exemplary for Bulldogs . . . so far

Georgia has a clock in its weight room counting down the hours and minutes until its football season opener at Oklahoma State on Sept. 5. It should have another one that started counting up from the end of spring practice.

Traditionally that is about the time when football players start getting into trouble. You may recall that the Bulldogs had a ton of trouble last year. By the end of football season there had been 11 arrests involving players (not all the charges stuck, by the way). The majority of those arrests took place between this point and the start of preseason camp in August, when players typically have more free time and a less structured schedule.

That’s why quarterback Joe Cox got up before the team after this past weekend’s G-Day Game to urge his teammates to be extremely diligent about staying out of the police blotter.

“We’ve had problems, as well as a lot of teams across the country have had problems starting at this point, with guys getting in trouble,” Cox …

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Countdown to G-Day, Part II

   Athens — At Georgia football practices, Matthew Stafford is gone but not forgotten.

  As the Bulldogs practiced in blustery conditions on Monday, “we were, like, ‘this is how Stafford’s going to have it every day,’” coach Mark Richt said.

  You know, Detroit weather.

  ”I guess Detroit plays inside,” Richt clarified. “Oh, he might not go to Detroit. But if he went to Detroit. . . .”

  The Lions, of course, have the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft.

                                                                      * * * 

  Will be real interesting to watch Carlton Thomas, the 5-foot-7, 170-pound tailback, on G-Day.

  He, by all accounts, has impressed teammates and coaches this spring.

  “He’s a little bit like [former Bulldog] Tyson Browning,” Richt said, “because he’s not a real big guy and he can make people miss.  He runs with more power than Tyson did.  He’s not as fast as Tyson was, but the agility …

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No breakaway at tailback yet

  Doesn’t sound as if anybody is off and running toward nailing down the No. 1 tailback job.

  In fact, the leading rusher in Georgia’s scrimmage Monday wasn’t Caleb King or Carlton Thomas, the two healthy scholarship tailbacks currently competing for Knowshon Moreno’s old job. The leading rusher was walk-on Kalvin Daniels.

   “I thought it was hot and cold, really,” Mark Richt said of the tailback play in the closed-to-the-media scrimmage. “I thought there were a couple of times we should have hit it up in there a little more physically and didn’t see it. Then the same guy the next play might really hit it up in there and break a tackle. I’d say pretty inconsistent overall.”

  Richt on King: “I thought he was hot and cold.”

  On Thomas: “Carlton didn’t get many yards per carry, but so far I think he’s been a little more consistent in his tempo and his willingness to stick it on in there.”

  Several players mentioned that the …

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Working on the penalty problem

     Athens – Last football season, Georgia ranked 115th out of 119 Division I-A teams in penalties. The Bulldogs were penalized 112 times for 938 yards, 72.15 yards per game.  Atrocious.

    That has not been forgotten in spring practice.

   “Every coach has a systematic way of logging during practice any penalty that happens,”  Mark Richt was saying Thursday.  “And when practice is over, those coaches have some form of discipline – up-downs and that kind of thing.”

    Moreover, Richt said, the emphasis this spring is on curing the cause of excessive penalties.

    “We’re going back to the basics and trying to create habits,” he said.  He thinks a superbly conditioned, fundamentally sound player who gets into proper position on a play is less likely to commit an infraction. “The better we are at fundamentals and the better condition we are in, I think the less chance we’ll have these kind of penalties.”

   Even now, though, Richt …

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Bryan Evans up to speed at safety

  Bryan Evans, shifted to safety after some disappointing results early last season at cornerback, is getting rave reviews in Georgia’s spring practice.

  He’s listed as the No. 1 free safety, and all indications are that he and Reshad Jones are pretty solidly entrenched for now as the starting safeties.

  Mark Richt said Evans’ skill set is a good fit for safety: “He’s always been very strong. He’s fast. He has no problem with contact. And he’s very smart, and safeties, quite frankly, have a bigger responsibility  in the defensive scheme to make adjustments and things like that. And it hasn’t been difficult for him.”

   Also, Evans has been a force as the Georgia defense attempts to regain some swagger lost last fall.

  ”He’s probably got as much spirit out there as anybody,” Richt said. ” He’s enjoying what he’s doing, practicing with high tempo and high energy. I think that’s really a good sign he’s enjoying it and understands it and is doing a nice job with …

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Who’ll win the tailback job?

   Athens – Truth is, you won’t know who’s starting at tailback for Georgia until August, at the earliest.  But I thought you might like to hear how Mark Richt evaluates two leading candidates at this ridiculously early juncture.

   “I think that they’re both doing a nice job,” Richt said Tuesday evening, referring to Caleb King and Carlton Thomas.  “It’s just hard to sit there [after five spring practices] and start deciding who should be where.

  “I think Carlton has done a very nice job of running the ball. He probably has made more people miss and broken more tackles at this point than Caleb has.

    “But Caleb is doing an outstanding job himself. Caleb has a little bit more experience at pass protecting and things like that.

   “We just need to get both of those guys a lot more reps in pass protection, quite frankly, to be able to start separating them.”

  King, who will be a redshirt sophomore in the fall, and Thomas, the 5-7, …

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Notes between football practices . . .

   Looking for your football fix?  Georgia hasn’t practiced the past couple of days but will be back at it late this afternoon, the fifth of 15 spring football  practices allowed under NCAA rules.  The Dogs also will practice Thursday and Friday. So we’ll have plenty of football fodder the rest of the week.

    Meanwhile, a few other things:

     — So as of Monday Georgia had not sought permission from Virginia Commonwealth to interview Anthony Grant for the Bulldogs’ basketball coaching vacancy. But you’ll wonder why not after reading this piece by the Washington Post’s Michael Wilbon.

   – Sweet 16 games to watch if you’re tracking coaches thought to be high on Georgia’s wish list: Mike Anderson’s Missouri vs. Memphis at 9:37 p.m. on Thursday. And Jeff Capel’s Oklahoma vs. Syracuse at 7:27 p.m. on Friday.

   — When Georgia plays Georgia Tech in baseball at Tech on Wednesday, the game will match two of the nation’s top three teams, according to this week’s …

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Baseball team a big hit

  A number jumped out at me over the weekend: 4,461.


   That’s how many people were at Foley Field on Saturday to watch Georgia’s baseball team play Mississippi State – the largest crowd in the history of the place.


   David Perno’s Bulldogs obviously have caught on with folks. Saturday’s crowd was sandwiched between two other outstanding turnouts – 3,876 on Friday and 3,689 on Sunday.


   The total attendance for the series was 12,026, a Foley Field record for a three-game series, topping the previous mark of 11,930 for the stirring 2001 NCAA Super Regionals against Florida State. Breaking the record for a March series really says something.


   You know this kind of support is  gratifying to Perno, a native Athenian and Georgia alumnus who  led the Bulldogs to the College World Series in three of his first  seven seasons as head coach and to a national runnerup finish last season. 


   This past weekend’s crowds were rewarded with a three-game …

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Stafford, Moreno energize UGA’s Pro Day


I have been covering Georgia Pro Days off and on since the early 1990s — I remember watching Garrison Hearst and Andre Hastings run the 40 up on the track in 1992 — and I have to say that Thursday’s had to be the biggest “event” of all of them I’ve personally witnessed.

The 2001 Pro Day was well attended, with Marcus Stroud and Richard Seymour and Kendrell Bell and pretty much the whole of that defense getting drafted. There were a bunch in 2002, such as George Foster, Jon Stinchcomb, Boss Bailey and Musa Smith. Then there was 2004 with David Greene, David Pollack, Reggie Brown and Odell Thurman, among others. But in terms of creating buzz and attracting NFL and media attention, 2009 took the cake.

That comes as no surprise as Georgia may have the top players drafted at two positions in quarterback Matthew Stafford and tailback Knowshon Moreno. There were 13 other Bulldogs that worked out for the scouts, too, so they had both a quality …

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Dooley ‘humbled’ by documentary film

Sorry I’m just getting something out to you today. I had a bunch of things to attend to this morning and hadn’t had a chance to settle in at my desk. Now settled in, let’s blog.

I had a nice conversation with Vince Dooley this morning. He was in Macon Thursday night to attend a film festival in which a documentary of his life — “Vince Dooley: The Other Side of Football” — was being unveiled. The event was all the rage in Macon, attended by Gov. Sonny Perdue and some other local dignitaries, and was covered well by the Macon Telegraph.

I asked him if it was like a Hollywood premier, with red carpet walks and paparazzi. “Not quite,” Dooley said with a hearty laugh.

Coach Dooley and I have a good relationship that spans the last three decades. So I just <em>had</em> to give him a call to see what it was like to stare up at a giant silver screen to see someone else tell the world the story of your life.

“It’s a little but of mixed emotions, I’d have to say,” he said. “On one hand …

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‘Wide open’ race to succeed Knowshon

That was an incredible debate that ensued yesterday regarding Georgia’s best quarterbacks of all time. That’s definitely one of those arguments that can go around and around without ever reaching a consensus.

Here’s one that will be a little more finite regarding this year’s team. I’m currently putting a little something together on tailbacks Dontavius Jackson and Carlton Thomas. Those two guys have been kind of like the forgotten men in the Bulldogs’ wide-open race to succeed Knowshon Moreno as the primary ball-carrier next season. And let’s be clear, new running backs coach Bryan McClendon used just those words — “wide open” — to describe the competition.

So which of Georgia’s tailbacks do you believe will end up having the most carries at the end of the 2009 season? Sophomore Caleb King, sophomore Richard Samuel, redshirt freshman Dontavius Jackson, redshirt freshman Carlton Thomas, true freshman Washaun Ealey or junior walkon Kalvin Daniels?

In the meantime, I’m going to …

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Hello world!

Welcome to AJC Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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