Michael Bennett: Old man talk ‘gave us a little fire under our butts’


Quotes from players and coaches after Georgia’s 41-20 win over Missouri Saturday night in Columbia, Mo:

“It definitely made us mad. But we just took it as something to give us a little fire under our butts, and we just outlasted them at the end.” — Georgia wide receiver Marlon Brown on Missouri’s “old man football” comment

“That got under our skin. But at the same time, we had to make it about us. Our team, our time. We just wanted to go out there and play.” — Georgia wide receiver Marlon Brown on “old man football” comment

“I feel like after that first touchdown, everybody just calmed down, settled down. We thought, ‘OK, it’s going to be a four-quarter game. We started playing well, and on the defensive side [of Missouri], they started looking kind of sluggish, not moving around so much like in the first quarter when they were all hyped up. We kept grinding and grinding, and I think we just wore them out.” — Brown, on scoring Georgia’s first TD late in the first half.

“I have been doing this a long time and a coach never calls something that he thinks will not work. When they work, they are good calls and when they don’t they are bad calls and I will take responsibility.” — Missouri coach Gary Pinkel on the fake punt in the fourth quarter.

“Richard Samuel’s stop on the fake punt might have been the biggest play in the game. I know it was the one that made me the happiest.” — Georgia coach Mark Richt

“A lot of people thought we were going to get upset. That’s what everybody at ESPN was saying. But the guys stayed confident, the coaches kept us pumped up and the Bulldog Nation came out and supported us. Missouri threw their punches, but you have to play the whole game.” — Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones.

“I was proud of the whole line, but one guy in particular. John Theus, it was his first big game and he’s a freshman. It had to be nerve-wracking for him. He had a couple of penalties, but he fought through it and had a heck of a game for us. The whole O-line did great.” — Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.

“We didn’t want them to make a statement with us. Missouri’s a great team, but we knew they were going to try to build their reputation off beating Georgia and we weren’t going to let that happen.” –  Sophomore cornerback Malcolm Mitchell.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with them honestly. It was just us. We had a lot of mental errors out there and we beat ourselves us a lot.” — Missouri WR Marcus Lucas

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September 9th, 2012
2:27 am

Bravo to Richard Samuel. What a great Bulldog! After that tackle and his 2nd half against UF last year, I hope he never has to buy another meal in the state of Georgia for the rest of his life. DGD.


September 9th, 2012
2:41 am

I think it’s funny how the Missouri player gave no credit to uga. That’s cool – I imagine if some dude kicked my arse on the playground in middle school I wouldn’t want to call him the king.
Old man football. What an idiot… Oh and thank you Sheldon


September 9th, 2012
2:47 am

It took a game and 2 and a half quarters but Georgia finally shook off the cobwebs and played like they are capable of playing. I can’t wait to see what the D looks like when they get a third of their starters back. Jarvis Jones is so good it’s scary and those freshman running backs will only get better and they are already dammmm good.

It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

Jeff Dawg

September 9th, 2012
3:08 am

Not going to lie.. was a lil nervous by halftime although i saw a Defense was going to keep us in the game. Murray, although still have some prime time jitters, derserve some respect. DawgNation dont fully appreciate this kid dedication and heart. Marlon Brown was looking like a stud tonite and should be more involve in our game plan and looked like the best reciever on the field. Still dont have a lot a faith in BOBO but you got to give him credit for putting up 30 plus on a regular basis. MUST FEED GURLEY the ball more up the middle…But player of the game is Jarvis Jones…what a baller! Overall the Dawgs look like the team to beat in the East and should be a dangerous team down the stretch! Good game and love the OLD MAN FOOTBALL.

Triple floption

September 9th, 2012
3:42 am

2-0 up next FAU go Dawgs…….All the way to the dome!


September 9th, 2012
4:05 am

Jarvis Jones is simply amazing. It is not often that a single defensive player can be such a game changer. I read on another blog that he was also playing with a strained groin muscle as well. Jarvis is a DGD, the king of GMF (grown man football). If he keeps this up I think he should get a visit to the heisman banquet at the end of this season.



September 9th, 2012
4:24 am

All the way to the DOME baby! Yessir!

Indeed. Jarvis is a man playing with boys…


September 9th, 2012
4:31 am

Did ya’ll misunderstand me and think i said”old man football”?….no what i said was “big man football”….and I was afraid to watch the rest of the game so i turned it off……Whew, that was close, i almost screwed it for us didn’t I!!


September 9th, 2012
4:32 am

This team is already ahead of last year and will only get better. 2-0 1-0 in the SEC. Come the end of the season, our defense will keep us in ANY GAME. Then we can compete and beat ANYBODY. Plus we got SEC Championship game experience last year. Hear that Bama? Bring it on. We will be ready. We not be able to do much with Bama’s D but guess what? They wont be able to do much with the Dawgs D either! Thats right. I said it UGA can beat ANYBODY in the SEC Championship. Gonna beat Vandy, Tenn, South Carolina, Florida, Auburn, Tech and everybody. Undefeated to the SEC Championship. Then its anyones game. THEN…..National Championship game baby! What you think about that Richt haters?

Richt haters. ROFL! What idiots….

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September 9th, 2012
4:36 am

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Left Coast Dawg

September 9th, 2012
6:31 am

Only two bad things really stuck IMO during this game, one concerning and the other one not so much.
1. Michael Bennett seemed unusually nervous and scared of contact. 3 big dropped passes and on at least 2 he appeared to anticipate a hit by the defender (noticeably). You can’t play big time football scared. Not as concerned about this one because I’ve seen better from Bennett.
2. Conner Norman needs to find the bench FAST!! He is definitely a band-aid trying to fix a broken leg, if you get my point. He was constantly overmatched last night and this was just Mizzou. I know Rambo is supposed to return by the Tennessee game but in surely hope we have another Safety coming thru because while Norman is serviceable, he will get us embarrassed in bigger games than this one.

My 2 cents.


September 9th, 2012
7:47 am

All the Murray haters need to recognize he played great in a big game. After the nervous start he was lights out. His comp % the rest of the game was 90+ if not for the drops. Hopefully this continues.


September 9th, 2012
7:55 am

Missu is not the classiest team or fans in the world. They give no credit to a team that beat them in their own house by 3 touchdowns.

They made fun of our style of play, we said nothing about their 2nd rate style of play. They were physically out classed. I hope they lose until they realize how fortunate they are to be allowed to play with the big boys.

I love the SEC, even if it is watered down by expansion.


September 9th, 2012
8:00 am

Where is VolStuckInGA?
All last week you couldn’t go to any of these sites without having to wade through his “analyses” of all the Dawg’s shortcomings and the reasons they were so overated.


September 9th, 2012
8:05 am

I thought the Mizzou fans were extremely classy. Go Dawgs!

Honey boy

September 9th, 2012
8:25 am

Well Shel – dumb, looks like these “Old men” kicked your butts and thoroughly outclassed you and tucked you nicely into bed, Hope your fans and coaches were happy to kick that hornets nest…
What an idiot, but hey thank for the bulletin board fodder. Oh, and great job on those four tackles you made…two of them were assists by the way….


September 9th, 2012
8:37 am

The best picture of the night was Sheldon Richardson sitting on the sideline gassed from the butt-kickin he took from that “Old man football” !!!


September 9th, 2012
8:45 am

D is looking like a beast, can’t wait till the Vols come to Athens, hope we stomp them & Little Dooley gets run outta town, rude, obnoxious, ugly,& no class Tennessee losers will be in for azz whooping Sept. 29!!! Sic Em woof woof woof

Will Jones

September 9th, 2012
9:06 am

It sure looked like Coach Bobo was determined not to look like old man football. I blame Murrays nerves starts on Bobo , after three years you no that’s how he does in big games, he should ground and pound tip he loosens up. I think the mizz kid compliment actually helped them. When we get five to six yards on 1st Dwn we would go right to pass as if to prove something. I think game would have been over earlier if we would have been more run oriented with Gurley as feature back.

Holy Guacamole

September 9th, 2012
9:16 am

BigDawg – don’t overlook Vandy. They have improved and are looking to knock UGA off after last year’s performance in Nashville.

We’ve got to take them one at a time.


September 9th, 2012
9:17 am

Good win,but sorry to say Columbus were not ready for Bama!


September 9th, 2012
9:20 am

A very nice win but please lets all put this in perspective. Lets all say a prayer for Tulane’s Devon Walker who is going in for spin surgery after breaking his neck, suffering a spin fracture and a collapsed lung during the game yesterday with Tulsa. Gods speed Devon and good luck .


September 9th, 2012
9:22 am

…..spine surgery….. Sorry


September 9th, 2012
9:24 am

spine fracture……Sorry again for the miss spelled word.

Bryan G.

September 9th, 2012
9:30 am

Wow…WR Marcus Lewis is a douche.

Sheldon Peterson

September 9th, 2012
9:49 am

Momma, come quick! Some old man just whipped my @$$.

Dawg Serving Overseas

September 9th, 2012
10:06 am

After what the DL’men said from Mizzou earlier this week, I’m not suprised at the comments from the WR…… that being said I hope that he continues to not give credit to superior teams for getting smoked at home. Also, I can’t wait to get the chance to have them again next year – except this time between the hedges….. this Mizzou team with their mouths have a chance to become a new hated rival…… looking forward to many more cans being opened on that A**.

Hard Truth Soldier

September 9th, 2012
10:39 am

HELLO MIZZ TIGERS, Welcome to the world of old man football. Where you’ll meet a lot of it. You see LSU, ALA, USC(Carolina) and a few more of our friends like to run the football down your throat. Now tell your FANS, PLAYERS, ALUMNI, and STUDENTS this is a different world. This is the SEC. 6 time in a row NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Did ya’ll think this was a soft league? Did you think you’d walk in and slap your big brothers in the mouth and nothing was going to happen? Texas A&M found out to that this is the real deal. Now do yourself and AMERICA a favor. Sit down, shut up, and learn how to be a man. Never, and I mean never disrespect a elder at his job. OLD MEN TEND TO GET A LITTLE MAD when you question there manhood.

Hairy Dawg

September 9th, 2012
10:53 am

The ones that need feeling the fire under there rear is the bad fans. All I heards was how Coach Richt can’t win big ones. Well he smashed Mizzou Fraidy Cats and did it while being Christian. It time the bad fans being hot sitted and Coach Richt is here to stay now with extends contract. Adams is the one out door like the pointy heads should be.

Go Dawgs!

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September 9th, 2012
11:04 am

What does it take for this coaching staff to let the non-starters get some playing time? Two minutes to go in the game, we’re up by 21, and we have the ball—-and guess who’s on the field—Murray, Theus, and most of the starters!!!! Consensus with the group I was watching it with–Our coaching staff is not very smart.


September 9th, 2012
11:32 am

Vince..I agree with you. Why we don’t get O-team backups more playing time has always befuddled me. Grantham plays a lot of players but Bobo (Richt) stick with starters til the game’s last play. Doesn’t make much sense..but we win. Hat’s off to Jarvis..ranks as best D player in nation and one of UGA’s all time 3 or 4 on D.Feel great for Richard Samuels #22 and his great stop on fake kick…and Connor Norman deserves a lot of credit..he was out there giving his all while “All American” Rambo…who always gives up at least one TD a game(remember Fla last year) was back home enjoying his “brownies”…keep him on the bench as long as we can!


September 9th, 2012
11:44 am


THIS. While I was thrilled with the result, I am in no way ready to crown UGA SEC East Champions, or anything beyond that. You cannot look ahead, or you lose period. That’s what happened with Arkansas. Let’s enjoy this for a day (really, Mizzou WR – no credit at all?) and then concentrate on getting ready for FL Atlantic. We will have our hands full after that.

Prayers to the Tulane player, what a horrific injury.

Proud of the team and the real DawgNation!


September 9th, 2012
11:45 am

It didn’t copy my comment – “We’ve got to take them one at a time.”


September 9th, 2012
12:03 pm

Choosing to quote Bennett is strange considering this may have been his worst game as a Dawg. But he’s a great player, probably going to be playing on Sundays soon.


September 9th, 2012
12:34 pm

The funny part about the Mizzou WR’s comments are that UGA was the one that ran around shooting themselves in the foot for a half. Game should have, and easily could have been 56-20. Grown man football always trumps gimmick football…ask the nerds on North avenue.


September 9th, 2012
12:38 pm

If anything Bennett was more helpful to Missouri than he was to Georgia. Sorry Ed, but I’ve seen Bennett drop at least one pass in every game he has played. Only thing he will be doing on Sundays is watching the NFL games on TV unless he learns how to catch the dang ball. If I’m Murray, I no longer trust him to do so.


September 9th, 2012
1:04 pm

I think many fans of Texas A&M and Missouri will be shocked by what they find out about SEC football once they are in the league for two years. I know that some of their players have espoused the opinion that it is just one or two Really great teams and and then a bunch of mediocres and the SEC is mostly hype. there is a SMALL SMALL kernal of truth there, it isn’t like EVERY team is a juggernaut every singly year, but here is what A&M and Missou will learn quickly:

They both played well and they are still winless in the SEC. They played two very flawed SEC teams AT HOME and Florida and Georgia fans are basically mad as hell at how their teams played and yet MO and A&M are 0-2 in the SEC so far.

You can be a solid team and struggle to win just 1 or 2 conference games when you are a member of the SEC. It is the grinding week in week out schedule that is a killer. Some uneducated fans from other conferences point out Vandy or Kentucky, or Ole Miss. Let me tell you something. Each year EITHER Vandy or Kentucky has a stubborn team. One of them will be decent and if you catch them in their house and you let down just a little with a turnover or two, it ain’t an easy win.

You can have a decent Missouri team and face a schedule some October of, Florida at home, Tenn away., kentucky at home, and then on the road at a Bama or LSU. You can be a good team and easily go 1-3 in that stretch and that Kentucky game might be a trap game with your looking forward to playing #1 Bama or #4 LSU on the road the next week and your players are just plain worn out by mid October.

You need TREMENDOUS depth to hang in the SEC. a minimum of 8 four star players in each recruiting class.

Wait until you go on the road and play in front of 80 or rabid SEC 90,000 fans. It isn’t just one game to get up for, you might have 2-3 of those tough road games in HUGE stadiums against top 10 teams ALL in a row.

It is a great conference and a lot of fun, but don’t kid yourselves. While MO and A&M are good enough to beat just about any SEC team once. Doing it consistantly is extremely difficult. Call me when one of these programs has a winning SEC record.


September 9th, 2012
1:15 pm

@Marcus Lucas WR Mizzou:

There is always next year…. c ya between the hedges… we’ll leave the light on for ya!


September 9th, 2012
1:38 pm

Bobo still has the worst play calling ability of any OC in the SEC. O-8 on third down conversions? We were given many opportunities to break the game out early but could do nothing with the gifts we were given. Four defensivie TO’s? The other 2 were to keep the play clock from expiring and then the other to plot strategy for which we promptly went out and gained 1 yard. If it weren’t for the defense, we would be singing a different tune today.


September 9th, 2012
1:55 pm

JFKDawg the same could be said for Alabama and LSU last year on any given Saturday.

Game Changer

September 9th, 2012
2:08 pm

Good win for the second game of the year.

Missouri may scratch out 5 or 6 wins this season making them a terrible team which they showed last night, no where close to SEC caliber athletes, coaching, facilities or depth chart. I see 4 wins for Missouri and a chance for 6. We were all misled because Missouri is a bad football team.

Any college head coach that would line up his offense and not have someone accountable for jarvis jones if he crosses the line a scrimmage should be ” FIRED “, the Missouri head coach may have had the worse offense game plan leading into UGA game ever known.

Hairy Dawg

September 9th, 2012
2:40 pm

Of course Mizzou is a bad team cause they from Big 12. They can’t hang with the SEC talents but instead running there moutsh like a bunch of chumps before game. And then we just smacked thems down but they got to keep the mouths yabbering like a bunch of smart rears. 21 points aint nothing. We get them next year in Athens by doubles that. They may win a few games but just not up to SEC quality like Dawgs who be on way to winning East. Maybe one day MO learn to play SEC level footbal enough to swaggers but right now they needs to shut up and take there beat downs.

Go Dawgs! Sick Em!

Destin Dawg

September 9th, 2012
3:03 pm

One game at a time.. Grantham’s stout defense will give our young team, RB’s and O line time to improve, need to use TE’s more, and get the marijuana smokers back.. Go Dawgs !!!


September 9th, 2012
3:12 pm

What an idiot comment from the Missouri WR, did he not notice how they were getting shoved around by the end of the game? Moron, this will be a long season for them.


September 9th, 2012
3:24 pm

If you Google DGD, Richard Samuel’s picture should pot up. I agree he should never have to buy another meal in the state AFTER the season is over. His play on the fake punt turned the game around for us.


September 9th, 2012
3:27 pm

VInce. I gott agree with you.

What was big John Jenkins doing in the game with 2 min. left and Georgia up 20 when he got hurt. Thank God it wasn’t serious. ESPECIALLY with Geathers already being hurt. We have a very solid 3rd string noseguard that got very few snaps in the game. Why not let him play 5-6 snaps on the last defensive series. Can you imagine if Kwame were out 2-3 games with his deal (I have no idea what the extent of his injury is, but if this were the case AND if Jenkins got really hurt there with game already won. I don’t understand that either.


September 9th, 2012
3:28 pm

It wasn’t pretty but it’s still a conference win on the road! JJ is a beast and the best D player in the country IMO. I feel like they won in spite of Murray, however. This is his 3rd year as a starter and I just don’t see any improvement. I’m no expert but why don’t his coaches ever talk about why he constantly stares down the receiver that he’s going to throw to? That led to the interception again last night. Rarely does he look a guy off. Anyway, go dawgs! Just Win baby!


September 9th, 2012
3:49 pm

The defense played a more than adequate game considering the missed starters but the offense for the first two and one half quarters had a lot of old man tendencies prevalent of last year like all the runs to the left on the inside. They were very very few outside runs to get our speed backs on the edge in space.What about the quick sideline passes to the wideouts that worked so well last week. Malcolm Mitchell played great on D yet i hope he is only a temporary fix on defense. He has a chance to be the best Georgia receiver EVER. As for Jarvis Jones I am working on some superlatives to describe him that have not been invented yet!!!!!!

Destin Dawg

September 9th, 2012
4:21 pm

Just be glad you’re not an Auburn fan.. Horrible preparation/coaching.. Chizik will be gone after a 2 or 3 win season.. maybe Mullen or Franklin will be their next coach ???