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Georgia signee Devin Bowman meets requirements for freshman eligibility

Athens — Devin Bowman is in.

That’s the word from his high school coach, who confirmed that the talented athlete out of Rossville had met his final requirement for freshman eligibility at Georgia. Bowman, who met all other criteria for admission, had been hung up on the English portion of the state-required high school education test for several months.

“He made the score; we got word today that he had passed,” Ridgeland High School coach Mark Mariakis said. “So he talked to Georgia today and told me that they’re trying to work it out so he can be there tomorrow. He’s done everything he needed to do and he’s ready to go.”

Mariakis said the report of the passing score was sent by email Monday to Ridgeland High School guidance counselors, who forwarded the results to him. He then called Bowman and delivered the news to him and his mother.

Georgia’s football players are scheduled to report to Athens for preseason camp by Tuesday evening. The first practice is Thursday.

“His …

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The rest of story on Joe T on UGA’s restructured strength program

In case you missed it, I wrote a story about Georgia’s new strength and conditioning program under director Joe Tereshinski, which appeared in the Sunday paper and was uploaded online over the weekend. It made for an interesting challenge since I was  unable to talk to Tereshinski for the story. I’d been requesting interviews with him all summer, but he kept respectfully declining through the sports communication office. I actually ran into “Coach T,” who I’ve known for years, at a retail store back in June and we had a nice off-the-record chat about everything. At that time, he said, “just give me until after the Fourth of July and I’ll talk.” But that came and went and we I never did get a chance to pick his brain. In the meantime, I continued to interview players and coaches and other folks about Joe T and what he was doing with the strength program this summer and I got a lot of feedback. So with the off-season program ending this past Wednesday and preseason camp …

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