Competition between MLB teams to draft Johnathan Taylor, says report

The Texas Rangers selecting paralyzed UGA outfielder Johnathan Taylor in the 33rd round of Wednesday’s MLB Draft because “he deserved the honor of being drafted” was one of the feel-good stories of the summer (go here for full story).

The Rangers were universally praised for what UGA coach David Perno termed as a “classy move.”

However, Texas wasn’t the only organization thinking about honoring Taylor in the draft, according to a report by’s Louie Horvath:

There seems to have been some competition between Major League teams to draft Taylor, but the Rangers sent out a special request to make sure they could team him with his close friend, [UGA outfielder Zach Cone, drafted in the first round by Texas].

“There were rumblings about other teams that were going to do it, and I guess Texas stepped in and kind of put the word out that they felt it was the right thing for them to do considering they got Zach,” Perno said. “It was really special.”

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