Two UGA football players aid accident victim

ATHENS – Georgia football players Washaun Ealey and Michael Gilliard went to the aid of a campus bus driver involved in an accident on a wet, icy street Wednesday night.

Ealey and Gilliard said they were on their way home from a campus dining hall when a UGA bus, traveling in front of them, left the road and collided with a tree. The bus was unoccupied other than the driver.

“I stopped the car, and we got out and ran to the bus,” Ealey said Thursday. “We had to pry the door open, and we went in there to see if she [the driver] was alright. She was alright. She was thanking God she didn’t get hurt.”

The players said they stayed on the bus with the driver until police and an ambulance arrived.

“Those two guys did a very good deed,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “They stopped and helped out, and I’m proud of them. They assisted someone who was in distress, which is a good thing.”

The accident occurred near the corner of Sanford Drive and Cedar Street.

Ealey, a tailback, and Gilliard, a linebacker, said the bus’ windshield was shattered and had a tree limb sticking through it. They said the driver was still in her seat when they went on the bus.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” Gilliard said. “Just wanted to help her out, that’s all.”

– Tim Tucker

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