Gator LB: ‘I almost burst into tears after game’; Meyer: ‘Biggest win we’ve had’

JACKSONVILLE — A few comments from the Florida side after the win over Georgia:

Florida linebacker A.J. Jones on beating the Bulldogs: “Man, it feels great. I almost burst into tears after the game. It feels great to beat Georgia, bottom line.”

Punter/placekicker Chas Henry on his game-winning field goal: “When I hit it, it felt good, but the first one that I missed felt good too, so I kept my head down like Coach Durkin and I talked about. When I saw it go through, it was the best feeling I’ve had.”

Coach Urban Meyer: “This is the biggest win we’ve had. We’ve had some great wins around here and maybe some that people would say were more important. I’d probably argue that. This is the biggest win that I can remember in a long time. . . . That was an emotional locker room. These guys have been to hell and back in the last three weeks. Why was it so important? Because we got our brains kicked in the past three weeks and we needed to get the ship righted.”

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[...] From Florida locker room: ‘I almost burst into tears after the game,’ linebacker says. [...]

Saint Simons

October 31st, 2010
2:13 am

(((( 34 – 31 ))))


October 31st, 2010
2:24 am

Florida took criticism for keeping Chris Rainey on the team, despite a legal issue that included texting a girlfriend, “Time to die.” The junior from Lakeland paid a huge price — missing five games. He was finally allowed to play again in Saturday’s 34-31 overtime win against Georgia. He ran for 84 yards on 16 attempts and made an obvious difference for a team that was struggling offensively.

Afterward, he stood in front of the team and gave an emotional speech.

“Chris is a great person,” UF center and close friend Mike Pouncey said. “He thanked the whole administration, (Athletic Director) Jeremy Foley, the president (Bernie Machen). And he thanked God as well for giving him a second chance. He thanked everybody for giving him a second chance. And without Jeremy Foley and President Machen, it wouldn’t be possible for him to play right now.

“I actually cried after the game because I felt every bit of his pain because I know Rainey, he’s a great person. He’s never been in any kind of trouble and for him to miss … all those games, I know it hurt him to his heart and it hurt me too.”


October 31st, 2010
2:31 am

No one gives a s*** about your comments, Saint Simons. If Georgia Tech played Florida, they would be 0-21 in the last 21.


October 31st, 2010
3:19 am


Wil Walton

October 31st, 2010
3:28 am

81-21, ask Meyer if he would prefer to have handled the Newton issue the same.

SOS Dawg

October 31st, 2010
3:41 am

Men against Boys, Winners against losers.

just asking and waiting

October 31st, 2010
3:56 am

18 out of 20 you are correct but remember that the GA/FL football games didn’t start 20 years ago.

Good point Will, where there is smoke there is fire.

There is also more to the Rainey storey. No question Rainey makes a positive difference in Florida’s (or anybody’s) offense. At first I thought it was Meyer’s desire to WIN that allowed Rainey to play based on unknown or undisclosed conditions Rainey had accomplished, “according to the coaches”. Meyer’s integrity was already questioned by playing Rainey, but now that Machen and Foley are in the approval cycle, my guess is that it could cause a problem for UF in the future. I thought they (Foley and Machen) were above that, or at least not going on record. Again, my guess is that Foley and Machen may not be happy with his tear jerking locker room comments. Remember the SMU powerhouse years ago before the NCAA “death penalty”? Does that ring a bell with Rainey’s text message to the girl and that now the AD and President are now in the approvable loop?? Just asking…
Also there was more to the text message to the girl than was reported and other statements as to what would happen when the police left. Could also raise questions as to why girl didn’t press charges against him. Probably safer option for her. Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

tell me again

October 31st, 2010
4:07 am

You don’t win in the SEC with 4 turnovers……having said that….we made some great plays along with our bad ones…..Durham, Green both made superb catches and the D was pretty good until the end when it broke down at some key points. We blew the OT …… best kicker in the country never got a chance to win it. We had a couple of chances to recover fumbles and get an interception but we failed to do that – all of a sudden we could not buy a fumble recovery. Like all of our other losses – we could have won this one as well as lost it. At best we equal last years record………with a new D scheme and a first year QB that may not be such a bad thing this year.

Another Steve

October 31st, 2010
5:23 am

It was going to be a big step forward for the winner. Both teams had dug so deep a hole that the loser was going to be done for. Its been a difficult year for both, but in the end, one team had to win and I’m glad it was my Gators. First overtime game of the series and one to remember. This really is the kind of rivalry books are written about.


October 31st, 2010
5:58 am

Just Asking is the kind of weinie fan that every program does NOT need. His team loses an emotional game and all he can do is try to shift the focus to off the field stuff. His next post will be about academics — but UGA is so far behind UF that even a bofus fan cannot make that argument. OK, so his next post will be about community service. UGA players certainly lead the Gators in that category because both their running backs have racked up community service — pursuant to court orders.

Play the game and take the result like a man, instead of coming on here like a four-year old crying over a broken toy.


October 31st, 2010
6:00 am

Always glad we can help snap a Gator losing streak. Not a game between two great teams, but you always know statistically who’s going to win. 47-1 when they get the first score? That’s incredible. Dawgs just can’t mentally shake that they are going to lose in Jax. And it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for them every year. It is what it is and now I get another week of my Florida born wife being smug about it. OH well…..

bob horner

October 31st, 2010
6:08 am

GO YOU HAIRY DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!Woof woof woof the entire bulldawg nation is in a comma….

bob horner

October 31st, 2010
6:09 am

Enter your comments here


October 31st, 2010
7:13 am

From a Georgia Tech fan to Bulldog Nation, you guys had a valiant effort in yesterday’s game. Murray is going to be a great quarterback. Keep your heads up. Coach Richt is a classy coach.


October 31st, 2010
7:23 am

To all the leghumper fans. This might make you feel better. “UGA still leads the all time series 7 games!” There, i said it for you whiners! Feel better?……………….”Its a RAINEY night in Georgia………………………………………a RAINEY night in Georgia……………………It’s REIGNING all over the pups world…………………………..” I SAID “IT’S GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!”

NC Dawg

October 31st, 2010
7:30 am

f an a. Another year, another disappointment. At least we didn’t play like a bunch of punks this year.


October 31st, 2010
8:02 am

On the 30th anniversary of the Lindsey Scott touchdown, how fitting was it for this game to go into overtime? This was by far one of the best Florida-Georgia games in the history of this series. Yes, the Gators currently own your team in the series but all one has to do is look in the histroy books and see that the ball has been on the Bulldogs’ side of the field in this series. I remember all too well that all Florida had to do was beat Georgia to win an SEC title but somehow, someway the Red & Black pulled out a last second victory to beat Florida in the 70s & 80s.

All of the chatter against Mark Richt is uncalled for. He is a great coach and a great person who has beaten Florida more times than any coach since Vince Dooley walked your sidelines. In the end, it is the players on the field not your coaching staff who win or lose a game. Last night, the ball bounced in Florida’s direction. In years past, post Dooley era coached teams would have packed their bags when they were two or more touchdowns behind. If the anit-Richt forces get their way, UGA will only condemn itself to several more consecutive years of agony against the Gators. What I saw take place last night was a Bulldog team that was hungry and wanted to beat Florida more than anything else. Fortunately, my Gators prevailed 34-31 but with Murray as your quarterback and his supporting cast coming back, there are brighter days ahead for Bulldog Nation.

Dawg stuck in Bham

October 31st, 2010
8:16 am

Meyer should be proud…he let a kid that threatened to KILL HIS GIRLFRIEND and got arrested for it to play because he needed the win. Yea, sure the girlfriend said later she didn’t want him to be prosecuted. But isn’t that what so many abused or battered women say too often when the cops come.
Yes, UGA has had its share of arrests…for suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident, and other for the most part harmless offenses. But Meyer lets kids like Rainey slide.
So congrats UF!! Your felons and your immoral coach has won another one. All UF fans should be proud…

Now, let the UF fans garbage return comments begin…but you know I’m right.


October 31st, 2010
8:37 am

Dawg stuck in Bham

I guess you forgot a your man Odell Thurmond and the MULTIPLE chances Richt gave him. I hope you have re-enforced glass in you house.


October 31st, 2010
8:40 am

Hey Horner, a “comma”? What would we be doing in a punctuation mark? Another Nerd who gets worked up because his own hometown paper won’t cover his pathetic team and their pathetic conference.

Top Recruit

October 31st, 2010
8:42 am

The key player in the game was Burton. He was the difference. Rainey is not the piece in Myers scheme. It is Burton. The Dawg defense misplayed his 51 yard run. You can not allow the QB in the spread to get to the edge. Stop the set with line penetration and maintaining your position. The dawgs saw the play two plays prior. Can not over commit. In the SEC you must have a running QB. This part of the game has changed. CMR and Bobo do not understand this.

If you look at the film you will see that the Dawgs running back dropped back to old form. They had some lanes to get into but do not have the speed and power to do it. The FB on lead plays failed to cut off lateral pursuit and the TB was too far back of the blocks. Florida has outstanding lateral pursuit. You have to cut that off. Florida ran for almost 240 yds. We had about 130. That and 3 picks were the difference. There was no running game in the first half on a consistent basis. You saw too much line penetration again…go back to LaLa game and you saw it there. Better recuit some strong, big, quick down linemen on defense Dawgs. Top dawgs were Dent and Rambo. How many times were they in on tackles and the ball. Alot! Need more players like that on the offense which never attacks, but responds with a fad in the end zone. Bobo’s play book in th red zone.

If UGA wants to play for a SEC title they will need more home games. JAX is a road game for UGA. It is not a road game for Florida. The schedule. What good did it do UGA the past 3 years to have all those nonconference road games. Look at the record. Plus we do not have a break from August until the end of November.or until prior to the Tech game. Tech is not in the SEC. Drop Tech, find an open date prior to the Florida game, and close with a lesser opponent. It is about wins and not geography and a few old alums who think they have to go to pay hommage to the JAX chamber of commerce.


October 31st, 2010
8:43 am

Both teams played well enough to win, although at times it was pretty. But you can’t say it was
for lack of efford—–both teams gave it their all. I would have been more than happy for it to end in
tie. Even though these aren’t the best two teams from either school, they played one of the best
Florida-Georgia games ever.

The dawgs have nothing to be ashamed of—good game.


October 31st, 2010
8:46 am

Top Recruit

FYI the dawgs are open next year before the game in Jax.

Leghumper boys

October 31st, 2010
8:49 am

Hey, at least you loser can still go over to the Tech, Georgia State or GSU boards and add some of your stupid smack comments.


October 31st, 2010
8:49 am

To Dawg stuck in BHAM: You don’t know the entire Rainey story! However, it is so fitting, because Fla won a great game that you have to blame someone! How about blaming your own team for the turnovers and congratulating Fla for making good on them!

Stop throwing stones and learn the facts! Take it like a man, oops – I mean a dawg!

What's it all about Poochie

October 31st, 2010
8:51 am

When UGA rarely wins, it is about UGA.

More often, after a loss, it is about Tech.


October 31st, 2010
8:54 am

Hey nerds, how’s your season going? No one in the country knows because no one cares outside of Techwood Avenue. We could be 0-9 and still kick your butts. Get ready for your beatdown again, nerds.


October 31st, 2010
8:59 am

This is the first overtime game because it was close for a change. I think the gap is closing and some recruits will be missing out if they do not come along. I would like to play thre years with Murray as my QB.

snake bit

October 31st, 2010
9:00 am

The favorable unlikely outcomes of missed turnovers (cummings missed opportunity) and not one but two presnap penalties on the gators that favored the gators just continues to blow my mind in this series.

The georgia defense did a great job against the playground round robin offense (I think the announcers were calling it tweeks) that Urban conjured up over the two week break, they just missed the opportunity to get the ball back inside the 10 and game over.

The uncanny luck and favorable ball bounces will once again swing in favor of the dawgs and we can right this ship prior to UF making any more ground on our still comfortable lead in the series. The two week break will be in our favor the next two years so ets see what happens.

Pago Pago Dawg

October 31st, 2010
9:03 am

Would you people stop complaining about playing in JAX and play in Athens! I was at the game when we did play UF in Athens…65-0!!!!
UGA is just an above average program….


October 31st, 2010
9:06 am



October 31st, 2010
9:35 am

You had your chance yesterday. FYI 63 of the 93 players on the Florida rooster are freshmen or sophmores, that’s a reciept for 4 more years of Gator wins and 4 more years of Georgia misery.


October 31st, 2010
9:39 am

Dawgs did not lose because they played in JAx. That’s never been the reason. They lose because they committed untimely turnovers, and Florida played better than expected. No disgrace there. Both teams had good and bad times on the field. There’s nothing wrong with CMR; his players didn’t executive at critical times. It was a heck of a game, a classic of sorts. Let’s give FL credit and move on. There’s till two easy wins left, Idaho State and GT.


October 31st, 2010
9:47 am

I’ve been saying all week that Burton was going to be the difference in this game. I know football and I know Meyer. If it was so obvious to me, shouldn’t it have been to the defense. If he’s behind center, it’s a running play. Except for once.


October 31st, 2010
9:51 am

To Dawg stuck in bama… many of your boys have been arrested & then able to play in big games? Yeah, Georgia puts up a good front in suspending these bad boys for a few games, but look at the games they did not play in. Get a grip Georgia fans…y’all suck this year & you need to get a grip on this team before they all wind up in jail…then who are you going to get to play…they water boy?

fl dawg

October 31st, 2010
9:54 am

Ritch is on a total higher plane than Myer and Kiffin and the likes. He always takes the high road. UGA will be fine. UGA will move on and just may win 3 out of 3 final games.

Myer and UF and Rainey’s problems are just beginning. UF will lose two more games most likely, and will deal with expected criticism the rest the year and for a long time. His decision to not only play Rainey, but make him the center of the offense, proved that he will try to win a game not matter what the cost…even though ever Florida female fan was greatly disrespected and dishonored. He did nothing to elevate the good or mankind by letting a barbarian kid from a totally out of control, totally “self-centered” and “woman abused” culture have his way and even get the glory.

Violent Crime against Women

October 31st, 2010
10:02 am

Rainey’s arrest was not a normal incident. Florida fans don’t want to face the facts. He made a death threat among other things….it was not a speeding ticket violation, or a parked car bump. Rainey’s violent, out of control, barbaric, selfless act was one step away from taking another person’s life. His “thug” culture is all about abusing women and demanding respect by fear. Supportive Florida fans and leaders have promoted the idea that you can “abuse your woman” and the consequences for getting caught are minimal…in fact, you can still have your glory. Florida gets the “W” but really is the big “Loser” in the grand scheme of things.


October 31st, 2010
10:14 am

Top Recruit:

Second your feelings about the Jax venue. You can’t tell me the city of Jacksonville FLORIDA is a better venue for us than, say the Georgia Dome would be. At the very least it should be a home/away between the Dome and Jacksonville. Richt himself came out a few years ago and said the same.

Just snakebit against the Gators. What can go wrong, WILL go wrong in this game, every year. Even some of the penalties AGAINST the Gators helped them, like the false start that took the huge sack away in the fourth quarter. I’ve often thought that the false start flag should be reserved until after the play so that the defense can decline if they had a better result during the play. Too many times it hurts the defense, esp. if they are giving a new look that the offense has never seen before. All it did for the Gators in that situation was give them a five yard penalty and a free look at whatever stunt got the sack. Maybe it should be loss of down?


October 31st, 2010
10:26 am

why can’t UGA fall on the football when the other team fumbles. We have to try and pick it up and run with it. FALL ON THE DAMN FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS COACHING. GEEZ!!!!!!!!!

Burma Shave

October 31st, 2010
10:26 am

The games is over

Results are in

The ugly dog

Did not win.

Burma shave

Etaoin Shrdlu

October 31st, 2010
10:28 am

Buh bye, dawggies!


October 31st, 2010
10:30 am

Good fought. But; Wrong time to call extra pts = should have won before OT. Coach GH need more meat @ Nose T and some of DEs are to large = lost out agilities. WE HAVE GREAT FBs, but both will be gone, and no recruiting effort for the position!!! If we carefully, “we’v got great player always. BUT we peak @ the wrong time = bad record (Stafford, Morino, Green, Durham, etc…….) I still love to have CMR bot not Bobo. Nothing but good (from bottom of my heart), great effort in 4th quarter. Hope we fell better every Sunday soon. God bless my Dogs/ SoFlDawg.


October 31st, 2010
10:35 am

Cheap comp, no spelling check, never go to college = poor grammar, lots typos, but love the Dogs just like a lots of you.

ga gator

October 31st, 2010
10:47 am

mr fla dawg, I would submit that you nor anyone else on these boards has more than surface information about Chris Rainey’s situation. I would guess (just a guess) that Coach Meyer’s wife has had some input for him about Chris and I am also guessing that he probably listened. Shelley Meyer is no wallflower. Yet another guess is that Rainey will be a better man for it. He was willing to do hat it took to make amends to all concerned. Time will tell if all of that is accurate. After all, these are merely guesses, since I don’t know any more than anyone else.

tim morrison

October 31st, 2010
10:47 am

this was the dawgs best chance at beating fla. and you couldnt do it. If not this year than when?


October 31st, 2010
11:02 am

Coaches please watch film. UF brought nothing extra. Murray was a little nervous, understandable. = less spining, ball float is from nervousness. Atfer correcting, threw too low = more chance to be picked. AJ cought on tripple coverage = few pros can do that. Said before ” they look for screen to AJ = pick six. yes still can throw to AJ ofcause, but have to be a little better angle and fast ball, and more gang of WRs not clearly one. They have work all week on the easy pick because of they know how to use their speeders. If our coaches has less ego, they would take some advices and “choose only the one that suit the plan”./ Still love CMR though.

Lakeside Gator

October 31st, 2010
11:03 am

All you UGA fans complaining about Rainey are delusional. I guess none of you have ever said anything in the heat of the moment that you didn’t really mean and had to take back later? And none of you notice the hypocrisy of your own coach…just like his mentor Booby Bowden, he kicks scrubs off the team under a policy of “zero tolerance” but welcomes starters back after they serve a short suspension against teams like Vandy or Idaho State.

One last thing…what’s more dangerous – a guy who says something stupid in the heat of an argument, or a bunk of drunken Dawgs driving around the streets or Athens threatening the lives of every man, woman and child whose path they cross? Let’s hear you defend that.


October 31st, 2010
11:07 am

The psychological factor is still there. Players that have a chance to make plays try to be a hero and lose the ball twice in this game fumbles were attempted to be picked up when if you play as a team you have the ball back, as in fall on a fumble, don’t try to be a hero! Urban said it himself, in this series, turnovers always kill the loser of the game. Regrouping after this one will be their greatest challenge as coaches and a team. Get a bye week before this game and you win,the history shows when dawgs have won , they had a bye week and lost the 18 other when they didn’t have a bye week!

Burma Shave Ahead...

October 31st, 2010
11:08 am

I loved the Burma Shave signs on the live blog last night. This should become a tradition.