Former UGA star Edwards will be inducted into Hall of Fame tonight

Former UGA hoops superstar Teresa Edwards will be  inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame tonight in Knoxville. It’s the latest honor for maybe the most honored player in the history of women’s basketball.

Her resume dazzles: the only U.S. player, woman or man, to compete in five Olympics; winner of four Olympic gold medals; the youngest and the oldest player to win a gold medal in women’s basketball; a two-time All-American at UGA, where she helped take the Lady Bulldogs to three SEC championships and two NCAA Final Fours in the 1980s.

After graduating from Georgia, Edwards played in Italy, Japan, Spain, France, Russia and the U.S. She last played for the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx in 2004 and enters the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in her first year of eligibility.

Remember what her UGA coach, Andy Landers, said when she was elected: “In my mind, she ought to have her own room at the . . . Hall of Fame.”

The Lady Bulldogs posted a 116-7 record during her four seasons in Athens (1983-86).

A native of Cairo, Ga., and resident of Atlanta, Edwards is pretty accustomed to hall of fame induction ceremonies. Tonight’s will be her sixth.

She previously was inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame (2009), the Grady County (Ga.) Sports Hall of Fame (2009), the National High School Sports Hall of Fame (2002), the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame (2001) and UGA’s all-sports Circle of Honor (1995).

Tonight, she’ll be inducted along with former players Rebecca Lobo and Teresa Weatherspoon; former Maryland coach Chris Weller; Texas high school coach Leta Andrews; and Gloria Ray, president of the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corp.

Edwards will become UGA’s third representative in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, joining Landers and 1987 National Player of the Year Katrina McClain.

Click here for a recent AJC interview with Edwards.

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June 12th, 2010
2:26 pm

Congragualtions Teresa Edwards. From a Cairo native, you have done Cairo and the state of Georgia proud.


June 12th, 2010
3:15 pm

What a great honor for Teresa, UGA, and the state of Georgia. We’re proud of you, and proud that you are an Alum of UGA and the state of Georgia.


June 12th, 2010
4:21 pm

Congrats Theresa.

jesse james

June 12th, 2010
4:27 pm

Theresa – A Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 12th, 2010
5:07 pm

I thought this was going to be Terrence Edwards when I opened this


June 12th, 2010
5:15 pm

He was a good player but Tennessee whipped him every single year. He got his knee injured at Neyland and took some Eric Berry like hits. Big Hits. Of course, Tennesse was loaded in the 90’s with Peyton Manning, Jamal Lewis, Albert Haynesworth, Al Wilson, and Leonard Little. We liked Robert Edwards.

[...] Former WNBA hoops star Teresa Edwards will be  inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame tonight in Knoxville. It’s the latest honor for maybe the most honored player in the history of women’s basketball. [...]


June 12th, 2010
6:36 pm

Harold, Terrance Edwards was 3-1 against Tennessee. I’m still trying to figure out how he was whipped every single time. Oh and he didn’t play against half the guys you mentioned.

Ray Goof days are here again !!

June 12th, 2010
7:09 pm

Was it Terrence Edwards?


June 12th, 2010
8:10 pm

Tennessee had a nine game winning streak over Georgia in the 1990’s. READ THIS:NINE. The Vols tore him up under Goof and Donnan. He was a good player though.


June 12th, 2010
9:19 pm

harold, the article is about Teresa Edwards I understand you live to post anything negative about UGA, but jeezzzzzzzzzzz!

Buckhead Bulldog

June 12th, 2010
9:27 pm

Congratulations to Teresa Edwards and all of the amazing accomplishments she fulfilled. I started UGA the same year as her, and had her in few classes. She is all class, humble, and a super nice person. I’m happy for her!

Buckhead Bulldog

June 12th, 2010
9:32 pm

BIRDDAWGONE-Don’t worry about old skruken nuts harold….the more he writes, the more one realizes what a fumbling fool he is. It is funny in a sort of sad way.


June 12th, 2010
10:07 pm

harold is an idiot


June 12th, 2010
10:18 pm


My Man Woody

June 12th, 2010
10:27 pm

Tennessee would give anything to be as “average” as UGA has been the last decade. Have fun looking up at Vandy in the standings next year.

My Man Woody

June 12th, 2010
10:38 pm

Also fun to note the particular Volunteers you mentioned:
-Leonard Little killed a librarian during a DUI and later received another DUI
-Jamal Lewis was incarcerated for selling large amounts of cocaine
-Haynesworth stomped on players head with cleats
I just wish you had mentioned Stallworth (killed 1 person in DUI), CB Goodrich (killed 3 people in DUI) or Travis Henry (probably spending the next 20 years in prison due to drug trafficking)
So yeah fond memories of the championship teams from the late 90’s


June 12th, 2010
10:50 pm



June 12th, 2010
11:09 pm

Harold, you got to admit. Van Gorder beat y’all like a red headed step child. Then Richt hired a dear friend (Wee Willie), and that almost cost him his job.

My Man Woody

June 12th, 2010
11:21 pm

The Berry hit on Knowshon was impressive, but I prefer the one showing Leonard Pope bowling over UT captain Jason Allen and slapping his femur like a twig


June 13th, 2010
2:21 am

Great stuff, unlike our football team over the last 4 years now.


June 13th, 2010
4:35 am

Congrats Teresa….well deserved and yes, she does deserve her own room at the HOF.
An American Hero.


June 13th, 2010
7:38 am

Teresa Edwards is the most decorated Olympic basketball player in history. She is the most honored athlete ever to play for the University of Georgia.

Teresa Edwards is the first and only basketball player — male or female — to have competed in five Olympics (1984, 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000), in which she came away with the gold medal everytime except in 1992 (Barcelona). In total, she competed for the United States 19 times in international competition. Her teams won 14 gold medals. Teresa Edwards is the most decorated Olympic basketball player — again, male or female — in the world.

Not bad for a kid from Cairo.

Vick=Dog killing Thug

June 13th, 2010
9:02 am

be nice to have a photo of her?

Coach Small Johnson

June 13th, 2010
10:28 am

Do they still making syrup in Cairo?
Been a while since Ive been down to Cairo

Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo

Buckhead Bulldogs

June 13th, 2010
10:56 am

Coach Small Johnson – I think Roddenberry Pickles still come from there. We used to get a ton of stud football player from that area of SW GA. Bainbridge, Camilla, Moultrie, Colquitt, and of course Valdosta. I’m surprised CMR doesn’t put a stronger push in that area since he spent so much time in Tallahassee. I guess it makes more sense for kid down there to go to FSU or UF, but dang, we used pull some really good, tough football players outta there.


June 13th, 2010
10:57 am

From a GT fan, congratulations Teresa! Well deserved recognition! Best wishes for the future!

Coach Small Johnson

June 13th, 2010
11:04 am

Buckhead Bulldog

Your right Bill Stanfill was from down there


June 13th, 2010
1:31 pm

I was at UGA with Teresa. My roommates and I went down to the old Stegman gym where all the pick-up basketball games were played and Teresa was playing with the guys, as usual. One of my roommates didn’t know who she was, and when we got next, he called out, “I’ve got the girl.” Everyone just looked at him with smiles. Every guy on her team fed her the ball all game, and my roommate learned that day who Teresa Edwards was. Congrats to her. She was probably the only reason I have ever watched women’s basketball and should still get more recognition as one of the best women’s players ever.


June 14th, 2010
4:21 am

The Offensive Line has not played well against 1 good defense.

The Offensive Line be damned, it has been the Quarterback play, or lack thereof, since DJ Shockley graduated with Honors in 2005, that has been the reason why the Offense has done so poorly leading the nation in penalties, fumbles and interceptions while not throwing for touchdowns.

It will be how the Quarterback play is, that will mark the season as yet another 3-loss or 4-loss sub-standard season, this 2010 season which will then be followed by the loss of 15 seniors and probably 4 juniors.

“Listed, perhaps generously, at 6-foot-1, Aaron Murray isn’t exactly the prototypical quarterback” David Hale points out the obvious Sunday June 13, 2010.


Caleb King will also be key to the offense, while he is obviously injured yet again on this day, not listed on the Depth Chart Post Spring by Coach Richt. Generally listed as returning Starter Caleb King at Tailback, as he has Started the Last 5 Games in a Row for UGA and tandem runner Washaun Ealey who led the team in Rushing 2009. There are, as well, more than just a few fans left worried about the Starting Quarterback and the Starting Tailback.

At least at Tailback, we have a better 1 to bring in, if in the big games again Caleb King is a no-show against good run defenses.


June 14th, 2010
4:22 am

At Quarterback, there is no one behind diminutive Aaron Murray, who threw the most interceptions and fewest touchdown passes in the 3 Scrimmages, after last season being injured from High School and then hitting our campus and in the Fall injured his throwing arm missing 21 Fall Practices.

Next season, we were counting on our # 1 recruit for 2011 to come in who is a prototypical quarterback. Now, today, that is all in question in a big way, as we look at the offense of Michael Grant, whom our Admissions Department refused to allow to play here at The University of Georgia.

The same fate, obviously, therefore, awaits our # 1 Recruit for next season, as their offenses were EXACTLY BOTH THE EXACT SAME, no difference.

Of course, this Spring, healthy for the 1st time in 2 years, Aaron Murray had to then share time at # 1 with Logan Gray, because Logan Gray held the offensive coaching staff hostage because he felt that he should have been given the opportunity to be the Starter Last Year 2009.

The vast majority of the fans have seen more than enough of Logan Gray, so why when Aaron Murray at Plant High School never lined up under Center but only Shotgun, and all the missed Practices all last season, did the Offensive Coaching Staff of Coach Richt allow Logan Gray to hold them Captive Prisoner to split the time at # 1 this season ?


June 14th, 2010
4:24 am

It will not be the Offensive Line, who has been big on hype and little on results in the big games against good defenses basically no-shows, that will be the key to the Offense this Year Number 5 in a Row now Consecutively – but, it will be instead the play of 1 man Aaron Murray and to a lesser degree the play of Caleb King in the big games against good defenses. We really have an easy schedule this year too, not next year 2011. We play 1 team all season long, Florida whom we are 2-7 against. If Caleb King can rush for 100 yards against Florida and Aaron Murray can throw the deep passes better than he did in the G-Day Game where all 5 of his deeper type throws were horribly overthrown, Georgia could have the kind of season we want. That would be less than 3 losses or 4 losses and more than 10 wins in these 14-game seasons nowadays. If they do not, we lose again to the most vulnerable Florida team in years according to everyone; and our season is shot. Make no mistake about it; we play 1 team all season; lose to Florida and we are doomed to failure at then 2-8.


June 14th, 2010
4:24 am

We cannot remain # 4 vs SEC teams as we have been since DJ Shockley left in 2005. This is 2010.

We cannot remain # 3 vs SEC East teams as we have been since DJ Shockley left in 2005. This is 2010.

We cannot remain # 5 in The SEC vs Ranked Teams on Game Day as we have been the entire Coach Richt Era compared to the other coaches in The SEC at their current schools.

We just can’t.

And, the reason is that we have OUR CHANCE THIS 2010 SEASON, and NOT thereafter losing nearly every starter on the team after this 2010 season.



10-3 or 9-4, and I have not yet one time seen anyone predict us better than 10-3 or 9-4 this CRUCIAL season for Coach Richt.

It has been a Tale of Two Cities in the Coach Richt Era. The first 5 years with Jim Donnan Recruits and the last 5 years – if UGA goes 10-3 or 9-4.

The comparisons will hit the airwaves It is a huge difference.


June 14th, 2010
4:25 am

Why does Texas Agricultural & Mining want to join The SEC ?

Because the aggies are 48-50 over the last 8 years, averaging in excess of 6 losses per year starting 2002, including the blow-out loss to The Georgia Bulldogs in Shreveport Louisiana 28 December 2009 44-20, making Texas A & M the Number 69 team in won / loss record over the last 8 years. This worst stretch in their history comes on the heels of Texas A & M playing 14 ineligible players in the prior decade, and agreeing to forfeit their wins, but has never officially changed their record.

# 19 that is what Texas A & M is as 1-A teams all-time wins.

# 19 that is what UGA is as 1-A teams the last 4 years in won / loss.

# 11 that is what UGA is as 1-A teams all-time wins.

0-3 vs The SEC starting 2002 for Texas A & M.

1-3 vs the ACC starting 2002 for Texas A & M.

1-3 vs the Big East starting 2002 for Texas A & M.

In fact, starting 2002, Texas A & M have lost every bowl game including 2 to The SEC, 1 to the PAC-10 and 1 to the Big Ten (12.)

Starting 2002, sixteen games, Texas A & M has lost every one of the 16 against Texas and Oklahoma except 1 per team; that is 2-14.

They give up. Texas A & M has averaged in these 14 losses giving up over 50 points per game to Oklahoma and Texas.

Texas A & M does not want to play Texas and Oklahoma ever again.

Their fans, are unabashed, shameless, unembarrassed, gutless and unashamed.

Sound familiar ?


June 14th, 2010
6:32 am

1989 to 1999 was a bad stretch for UGA Bulldogs’ Football Program, with us not even in the Top 25 teams during this stretch at

78-49-1 UGA Bulldogs 1989-1999 at # 27 in nation

68-55-3 Oklahoma 1989-1999 at # 43 in nation

Oklahoma was worse.

Way worse.

Over the last 5 years,

50-17 # 14 Oklahoma
48-17 # 15 Georgia

Oklahoma is # 7 team all-time in wins

Oklahoma has been # 14 over the last 5 years, however

And, suffered a horrid time of it post Vince Dooley Era from 1989 to 1999 at # 43.

We say we didn’t do well in the post Vince Dooley Era there for quite a while too, but we were a lot better than Oklahoma.

What does that tell you ?

Oklahoma has been a horrible team at # 14 over the last 5 years too, and everyone readily admits that as well; but when you study it, UGA has been WORSE than the LOSERS in Norman, Oklahoma area code 405.

Beautiful gals out there, but the facts are that we do too and although Oklahoma is # 7 all-time in 1-A wins ahead of Alabama at # 8, UGA is # 11.

Oklahoma is viewed as a FLOP from 1989 to 1999 and again for the last 5 years.

Georgia did better 1989 to 1999 than Oklahoma; and we have been worse than Oklahoma over the last 5 years.

And, that includes our stellar 2005 season, yet we still are WORSE than FLOP Oklahoma over the last 5 years.

2009 Oklahoma lost to Texas, lost to 4-loss Nebraska, lost to 4-loss Texas Tech, lost to a 4-loss Miami of Florida, and lost to Brigham Young University in case you forgot

2008 Oklahoma lost to Texas, lost to West Virginia, and with all that got a BCS bid only to lose to Florida in the National Championship Game. How good is Oklahoma ?

2007 Oklahoma lost to sorry losing record 6-7 Colorado, lost to 4-loss Texas Tech again, yet were GIVEN BCS bid only to lose to Boise State if you recall

2006 Oklahoma lost to Texas again, lost to Texas Tech a 3rd time, lost to a 6-loss horrible Oregon team

2005 Oklahoma lost to Texas a 4th time, lost to UCLA, lost to Texas Christian believe it or not

17 losses starting 2005 for Oklahoma. This is NOT the record of a top football program, 17 losses, and by the way it is the SAME NUMBER OF LOSSES UGA has had starting 2005 and that counts the stellar 2005 season for UGA.

Over the last 5 years :

50-17 # 14 Oklahoma
48-17 # 15 Georgia

I don’t think Oklahoma has been any good at all starting 2005 and neither does anyone else, except for maybe Mark Bradley who doesn’t know squat about football.

Georgia has been worse.

These are 2 teams who haven’t done very well lately and well below their all-time 1-A wins standard.

Do I care if we get Oklahoma in The SEC ?

Well, yeah, I would like to play them; they ain’t that good.


June 14th, 2010
2:04 pm


June 15th, 2010
1:32 pm

Congrats Teresa!


June 15th, 2010
6:22 pm

First, BuLLdawg, it’s Agriculture & MECHANICAL, NOT mining. Unless you were being sarcastic. If not their is a website named “google.” Use it, my friend!

Secondly, their is a “Grady County” sports hall of fame?? Seriously??


June 15th, 2010
6:22 pm

Oh yeah, and congrats Teresa!

Dawg Tired

June 21st, 2010
10:54 pm

Me too, JJ. I have never gotten up in the morning and said, “Damn, the girls lost last night!”