Richt on ‘hot seat’ talk; recruit Fields not admitted; more from SEC meetings (UPDATED)

DESTIN, Fla. – Quickly, some news, notes and quotes from Mark Richt at the SEC meetings:

  • It didn’t take long for a reporter to ask Richt what he thinks when his name appears on media lists of coaches supposedly on the hot seat.  Replied Richt with a smile:  “I didn’t know it had. Is that true?”
  • Earlier in a chat with reporters, Richt discussed his approach to the job: “My mindset has always been, let’s do what I think we need to do to succeed and try not to be influenced by anything other than the people who are closest to the program. And quite frankly my goal has always been to try to conduct myself in a way so that the university would be proud and my Lord and Savior would be proud too. So I’m trying to do things . . . with a lot of integrity and a lot of character. And hopefully we’re winning games and we’re still educating young men. . . . Of course you want to win. Absolutely. But also we still want these guys to get their degrees; we want these guys to be preparing for life after football.  We think you can have it all.”
  • Richt said he doesn’t buy into the notion espoused by some that it’s hard for coaches to have success in the same job for more than 10-12 years:  “I came from Florida State. I was with Coach Bowden, who had been there forever. And that was sort of the model that I saw and that I really aspired to have.”
  • Dalton defensive end Jalen Fields, a member of Georgia’s 2010 signing class, apparently will not qualify academically. Richt said Fields has not been admitted to Georgia yet, adding that he doesn’t expect him to enroll this year.  Richt said he doesn’t know where Fields will go to school this fall, whether Georgia Military College or elsewhere. All other UGA signees except WR Lonnie Outlaw, who was known to be GMC-bound, have qualified, Richt said.
  • Richt confirmed that cornerback Vance Cuff was, indeed, timed at 4.24 seconds in the 40-yard dash this spring, the fastest ever by a Georgia football player. More on that is here.
  • On the “Dream Team” concept that Georgia coaches are pitching in recruiting the 2011 class, Richt said: “I think some [recruits] think it is pretty cool.”
  • Richt expects much chatter this week about conference expansion but doesn’t expect anything to come of it, at least not soon.
  • Richt reiterated Georgia’s QB situation entering preseason. Logan Gray is the No. 2 QB even though Gray will work more at WR than QB. Freshman Hutson Mason will work more than Gray at QB but won’t be considered No. 2 until he proves himself. And Richt said again that Aaron Murray would have been the No.1 QB at end of spring practice regardless of the Zach Mettenberger situation.
  • Scratch the rumors about CB Sanders Commings and WR Israel Troupe possibly playing baseball for a local amateur team, the Athens Pirates, this summer. They won’t, Richt said.

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destin dawg

June 1st, 2010
2:36 pm


June 1st, 2010
2:37 pm

First…same as the Dawgs ranking in the SEC this year!


June 1st, 2010
2:37 pm

Doh! Second…same as Florida’s ranking this year in the SEC East behind the Dawgs!

Willie Humper

June 1st, 2010
2:39 pm

Why is it my toenails always hurt when I’m knittin a new carburator for my encyclopedia?

destin dawg

June 1st, 2010
2:42 pm

it’s going to be a great year !!! Big Deeeeeefence !! Big running game early to beat SC. & Ark.. then it will take a more balanced attack with more passing to AJ.. Durham & the great Tight ends.. to beat Gators , & Auburn & Tech… Go Dawgs !!!

Laughing at comedians

June 1st, 2010
2:49 pm

nickz, yea in dog minds the same as every year. Destin dog, too much sun, eh?

Ron Zook

June 1st, 2010
2:50 pm

I wish I was back in the SEC.


June 1st, 2010
2:51 pm

There isn’t a coach in America not in the hot seat. Either you won them all or you didn’t, and if you did there is guaranteed dispointment ahead.

[...] Asked what he thinks when his name appears on media lists of coaches supposedly on the hot seat, Richt said with a smile: “I didn’t know it had. Is that [...]


June 1st, 2010
3:00 pm

Dawgs got a schitt load of problems at QB with one injury. 8-5 season turns into 6-7. Richt gonna get roasted if it happens!!!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

June 1st, 2010
3:00 pm

so far 2011 is shaping up nicely. stinks for Jalen, hopefully this will motivate him.


June 1st, 2010
3:02 pm

Richt on the hot seat talk is funny as hell. If Richt is on the hot seat every coach in the SEC better be scared of their jobs.


June 1st, 2010
3:05 pm

Richt knows what’s at stake. I feel good he acted after last year ( a year late if you ask me) but I was surprised when he fired 3 coach’s. I know Willie was his friend. I’m surprised Willie didn’t resign after last year to help Mark, But I guess most folks don’t walk away from $350,000 jobs everyday. I’m sure he took a pretty good pay cut at Oklahoma from being DC at Georgia. Grantham will have his hands full for sure this year, but scouting to play Georgia has just gone out the window for all the OC’s on our schedule. Even snot nose Kiffen said last year that Georgia was the easiest team on their schedule to prepare for. They did a pretty good job that day. Let’s hope Grantham can give us a chance this year.


June 1st, 2010
3:06 pm

UGA goes 8-4 this season with losses to Arkansas, MSU, Florida, and Auburn. They will get invited to play in the Chick-fil-A or Outback Bowl. A 9-4 or 8-5 season overall. Same old song, different verse.


June 1st, 2010
3:07 pm

Who cares and was is this mug on the front page? Ugag football is irrelavent in their division, conference, and nation.


June 1st, 2010
3:08 pm

Hmmm, Will you read my future for me?


June 1st, 2010
3:08 pm



June 1st, 2010
3:08 pm

Truth put down the crack pipe partner.

Montgomery Burns

June 1st, 2010
3:09 pm

Dream Team, eh? If the recruits are dreaming of getting drubbed by UT, Kentucky et al then yeah, sign with the Dawgs.

Blackberry Cobbler

June 1st, 2010
3:09 pm

Another UGA recruit that fails to qualify………..

What a surprise that is.

What Phil Steele really predicts. I guess running the table and #19 is the same to a dog fan.

June 1st, 2010
3:09 pm

Phil Steele Ranks Virginia Tech No. 13 in Preseason Magazine
by furrer4heisman on May 26, 2010 4:47 PM EDT 6 comments

Pat Forde has leaked Phil Steele’s Preseason Top 25 via his Twitter account:

1. Oklahoma
2. Ohio State
3. Alabama
4. TCU
5. Nebraska
6. Boise State
7. Florida
8. USC
9. Miami
10. Oregon
11. Texas
12. North Carolina
13. Virginia Tech
14. Iowa
15. Auburn
16. Notre Dame
17. Arkansas
18. Penn State
19. Georgia
20. Florida State
21. South Carolina
22. West Virginia
23. Wisconsin
24. Houston
25. Arizona


June 1st, 2010
3:10 pm

I bet Hmmm’s team goes 4-8 this year……….Geez. What a dumb ar*se………..Why don’t you go pick some stocks and make good use of your time Mr. Wizard.

2012 Texas LB

June 1st, 2010
3:10 pm

Top 2012 Texas LB has real interest in Alabama

Linebacker Derek David is considered one of the top five prospects in Texas for the class of 2012. The Rockdale star has landed early offers from Baylor, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and USC.

“The consensus from most of the college coaches that have come through here in the past three or four weeks is that he’s as a good a sophomore football player as they’ve ever seen,” says Rockdale head coach Jeff Miller. “I’ve heard that from several major colleges.”

As a sophomore last season, David led his team with 93 tackles.

“He’s 6-3, 225 pounds and runs right at a 4.6 40,” Miller says. “None of us have seen one this young that has the knack he has for playing linebacker. The college coaches say the beauty about him is that he could play inside or outside. He plays inside for us, but Will Muschamp [Texas defensive coordinator] and Brent Venables [Oklahoma defensive coordinator] and some others say they can’t imagine how great he can be with his hand down coming off the edge in passing downs and also standing up in the middle on first and second downs. He just has that type of versatility.”

Word is that Alabama’s staff has recently found out that David is interested in the Tide.

“He really does have an interest in Alabama,” Miller says. “He’s mentioned that to me on a number of occasions.”

As for what he likes about Alabama, David says, “The way they play. The school. Nick Saban. I’ve been following him for a long time. I watched every one of their games last season on TV. Their defense was hard-nosed and didn’t give up many points. They play like I like to play.”

Given that he’s just 45 minutes from the Texas campus, some might think David would be a lock for the Longhorns. He insists that’s not the case. In fact, he has some ties to the state of Alabama.

“I’d be open to leaving the area and playing outside the state,” he says. “If that’s what I decided to do, my parents would be happy for me. I have family in Montgomery. I’ve been to Alabama, but I haven’t been to their campus.”

David is also interested in Texas and Ohio State.

“Texas plays similar to Alabama,” he says. “Their defense stops the other team and gets the momentum for the offense.”

“I like Ohio State, too,” he says. “I like the way they play defense. I look at the defense at all the schools. I watch their linebackers and try to picture myself playing for them.”


June 1st, 2010
3:11 pm

Don’t let Bama folks see that list….Emergency rooms will fill up all over Bammer…

Jadeveon Clowney

June 1st, 2010
3:11 pm

Bama among top schools for nation’s best prospect

On the field, Jadeveon Clowney is known for chasing down quarterbacks and running backs. Off the field, Clowney is known for avoiding calls from recruiting services trying to get the latest from the nation’s top prospect.

“He just changed his cell number again last week,” says Bobby Carroll, Clowney’s coach at South Pointe HS in Rock Hill, SC. “He’s been getting calls constantly. Everbody wants to talk to him.”

That includes college coaches.

“We had over 80 coaches come through this office [in the past month],” Carroll says. “Everybody wants him, from USC to Wisconsin to Texas. Everybody is coming through here.”

And that’s understandable.

“He’s 6-6½, 240, and he’s run a 4.48,” Carroll says. “He’s got a 300 power clean and a 36-inch vertical. He’s the first to show up for workouts and the last one to leave. In all of my 20 years of coaching, I think he’s the best I’ve ever been around.”

Clowney is trying to find schools that would best fit his abilities.

“If he played in a 4-3 scheme, he’d need to get bigger and stronger [to play defensive end],” Carroll says. “But if he played in a 3-4, he’s ready to go as a Jack linebacker.

“As a pass rush specialist, he’s ready. He’s been working on his techniques as a pass rusher, but he’s already at an advanced level athletically and skill-wise. He just has so much athletic ability and speed. He has too much speed for offensive tackles to handle him.”

Clowney has offers from almost every program in the country, including Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, FSU, Georgia, LSU, Miami, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and USC.

“It’s really hard to give a definitive top school list, but the primary schools right now are Alabama, LSU, FSU, North Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson, Miami and USC,” Carroll says. “But he can go anywhere in the country, and he hasn’t [eliminated] any schools.”

“He kind of keeps to himself and I don’t talk to him much about recruiting unless he wants to talk, or if he asks my opinion,” Carroll says. “I just tell him to be careful to find a school that will prepare him for the next level in football and academically.

“He needs to go somewhere they can help him get a good education. He is thinking about a major in sports management, but his top major will be the NFL. He’s a young man who has what it takes to be three and out and into the NFL. That’s where he’ll be after three years.”

Scared Techies

June 1st, 2010
3:12 pm

I guess the nerd squad over on North Avenue are big-time scared now! It’s going to be a ton of fun whipping the daylights out of ole Turkey Neck’s inept squad. Let’s see how you like our QB situation in November, geeks. BTW, watch out for the muggers….oh, wait!…there’s one right behind you!! Oh well, it was time to buy a new watch, laptop, cell phone, wallet, gold chain, ring and book bag anyway, right?


June 1st, 2010
3:12 pm

2012 Texas LB……………………….yawn

Villa Rica DAWG

June 1st, 2010
3:12 pm

Anybody read Phil Steele’s preview of the DAWGS??? Good stuff! He even said on ESPN last Friday that we “could very well run the table.”

Ja'Quay Williams

June 1st, 2010
3:13 pm

Sophomore WR on Tide’s radar

Tall, playmaking wide receivers like Ja’Quay Williams are always in demand. The 6-4, 190-pound sophomore from Heard County HS in Franklin, Georgia is already attracting attention from some of the South’s top programs. Williams recently picked up his first verbal offer, from Clemson, and is also receiving interest from Alabama, Florida, FSU and Georgia.

As for favorites, Williams is keeping an open mind, but he likes Alabama.

“They are one of the top schools I like,” he says. “I like their style of play and the way they get after it and work hard. They are a team that can run or pass. Their coaches know how to get the ball in the end zone. They visited the school recently. They like my size, speed, hands and that I run good routes. I’m planning to camp there this summer. I’ve never been there before, so I’d like to meet the coaches and see everything.”

Williams was happy to get his first offer.

“I felt real good when I got that offer,” he says. “Getting that offer has made me work even harder. I went to Clemson’s spring game. It’s a good place up there. That was my first trip there, and I met Coach Swinney. I was excited, because that was my first college coach to meet. I liked that their offense gives their receivers a chance to make plays, but I think they can use some receivers on the team.”

He believes his next offer may come from Florida.

“Everbody loves the Gators,” he says. “I’m going to their camp this summer, and I think I may get an offer from them then. I’m looking forward to meeting their receivers coach. I like their offense. They throw a lot of slants, but also long passes.”

Williams expects to have a big junior season.

“Our team didn’t throw the ball much last year, so my stats weren’t too good,” he says. “But I had about 25 catches for over 700 yards. I think this year will be my breakout year. We have a new quarterback, and he’s a pocket passer. I’m going for about 1,200 yards. I just play hard and go after the ball every time. I enjoy beating corners and making them scared.”


June 1st, 2010
3:13 pm

Dont buy into the hot seat talk, all of the writers are bored and have nothing to talk about this time of the year… I’m really excited about the 2010 class as well as the 2011 class… the Dream Team concept is really good… FL has a key Georgian on every National Title Team, This state produces some wonderful talent, we just have to find a way to keep the majority at home, there is no reason to think we shouldnt be able sign 8 out of the top 10 players in the state every year..thats great if Cuff can run that fast but what we need him to do is catch the Int when the ball hits his HANDS!!!!!!


June 1st, 2010
3:13 pm

Fields is also lazy on the field too, I watched every one of his home games and he was a half speed all year. All he has is size, he will never make it to UGA due to grades. And yes if UGA brings that same weak defence they had last year and sucks again this year, then it will be bye-bye Richt


June 1st, 2010
3:14 pm

Clowney………………………..yawn…………………………..Yea, it MIGHT snow tonight in Bama.

Gabe Wright

June 1st, 2010
3:14 pm

Georgia star discusses favorites

There have been conflicting reports about Columbus-Carver, GA defensive lineman Gabe Wright. Some have said he’s leaning to Alabama. Others have said that he favors Auburn. National Signing Day is still over eight months away, so the school he likes today might not be the school he picks in February. But Wright says the school that leads for now is Alabama.
“Alabama is still number one for me,” says the 6-3, 288-pound Wright. “When I was there on my last visit, I really loved it. The visit really boosted my opinion of them even more. I got to see a lot more stuff. Every time I go there it makes me want to go out and recruit for them.

“I talk to Trent Richardson and Nico Johnson. Nico showed me around some the last time I visited there and we still keep in touch on Facebook. I’ve got a real good relationship with him.”

Reports have been that Auburn has done a good job recruiting Wright’s mother. But so has Alabama.

“I definitely plan on going back to Alabama this summer to visit with my mom,” he says. “My mom just recently had a real good conversation with Coach Saban. She really liked him. He was all business. He basically went over everything with her.”

“Coach Saban explained to me that his staff has 42 years of NFL experience,” Wright says. “That really meant a lot to me. It shows me that they can develop me to become the best player I can be. That along with Alabama’s tradition is what really stands out the most to me.

“Coach Saban told me about the new contract he has that goes for several more years. He’s the second highest paid coach in America. He’s committed to being at Alabama for a long time.”

Wright has over 40 offers. Although he’s still considering 11 schools, he says that a few stand out.

“Alabama has never stopped being my top school, but Auburn is very close,” he says. “It’s like they are 1A and 1B. Georgia is a solid third and Tennessee and FSU are up there, too.”

“I just came back from a visit to Tennessee last weekend,” he says. “It was a great visit. They covered everything. I’m going to Auburn tomorrow through Saturday. I’m going to visit Tennessee again on June 13th through the 16th. I also plan to visit Auburn, Georgia and Alabama during the summer. I went to Georgia camp last summer and I really enjoyed it. I’m also going to visit Clemson and FSU.”

“Auburn is probably the only school that doesn’t really have any negatives, and that’s because of their depth chart. They have plenty of room for early playing time,” Wright says. “If they have a negative, it’s that they are an Under Armour school, and I don’t really like Under Armour. But that’s not going to be a deciding factor.”

Wright plans to take all of his official visits before making a decision.

“I’ll probably take all of my unofficial visits to schools that I can drive to and my officials to schools far away,” he says. “I will probably take official visits to schools like Miami, Michigan and maybe USC or UCLA. Also, I might visit Oregon State. It will be late before I make my decision.”

As a junior, Wright made 55 tackles, eight tackles for losses and seven sacks.

“I pass the eye test with coaches as far as how I play the game. I also have good knowledge of the game. There have been times during games that I’ve noticed the opposing quarterback didn’t have his mouth piece in and I pointed it out to the refs and the other team was penalized. I’m very aware of what’s going on during the game. I’m a pass rusher. It just comes easy to me.”


June 1st, 2010
3:16 pm

Mark Richt is the only man I want as head football coach at UGA. This idea he is on the “hot seat” has been conjured up by journalists loyal to other college football programs to give their favored programs a leg up in recruiting. CMR will be to UGA what Joe Paterno has been for Penn State. Granted, CMR had and has adjustments to make in the program, but I cannot see anyone else as head coach at UGA.

Kent Turene

June 1st, 2010
3:16 pm

Florida LB excited by UA offer

Up until late last week, Kent Turene of Boyd Anderson HS in Lauderdale Lakes was unsure about Alabama’s interest in him. That all changed when the Tide offered the 6-2, 230-pound linebacker a scholarship.

“I really didn’t know if Alabama was recruiting me too much, but Coach Williams came to the school, saw my film and watched me practice last week,” says Turene, who has over 30 offers. “He loved my film and told Coach Smart about it. Coach Smart flew down the next day and watched my film, too. He liked it a lot.

“Then on Saturday, I talked with Coach Saban for about 30 minutes. We talked about the offer. He talked about Alabama being a great program and all the things they have to offer me there. He said he likes that I’m a big linebacker that can move. He likes my speed and passion for the game and that I’m also a great student.”

Turene says that even before the Alabama offer, he was interested in the Tide.

“I was already impressed with them,” he says. “They are a national powerhouse. When I received the offer, it was great. I was very excited about it and told my family. I felt blessed.

“Nick Saban is a great defensive coach and he’s surrounded by a great staff. He’s also more about his players as students than he is about them as football players. He talks a lot about life with his players. He’s also produced a lot of great defensive players at Alabama and LSU.

“Alabama’s 3-4 scheme is a pro-style defense. I like how they get pressure and attack the ball. Everything they do is aggressive, and I love that.

“I’ll definitely visit Alabama this summer to meet with the coaches and see what everything’s about.”

So far this year, Turene has visited Florida and Miami.

“Florida has a great staff and facilities,” he says. “I like the feeling I got when I was there and the time I spent with the coaches. I talked with them a lot about football, life and being a student. It was a great time being up there and I enjoyed it.

“When I went to Miami, I had a great time. I talked with the linebacker coach and he told me a lot about the program.”

Turene made 120 tackles and 10 sacks last season. He has high hopes for his senior year.

“I want to prove to the world that I can compete and play with anybody, anywhere. I’m really good at hitting and covering. I’m a great leader and I have a passion for the game. I play sideline-to-sideline. I believe I can do it all.”

When the time comes to make a commitment, Turene’s decision will hinge on a few factors.

“I’m not worrying too much about recruiting right now, because my main focus is school and our team,” he says. “But I’ll be narrowing down my list of schools to around 10 or 15 before too long. I’m trying to go where I can get a great opportunity to get a good education and become a great player. I want a connection with the coaches and players. Distance will not a play role at all.”


June 1st, 2010
3:16 pm

JaQuay…………………..of course he likes Bama….All 700 Div 1 players in the South like Bama.
Pick your 25 and STFU……………..

Evil Genius

June 1st, 2010
3:18 pm

nice guy, but he’s gone by the end of the year. Next.


June 1st, 2010
3:20 pm

Nick’s MO…….Sign 40……..kick 15 “washouts” off the team…..One lied to QB transferred today.

Scared Techies

June 1st, 2010
3:21 pm

Kent appears to be an annoying Kunt.

Devon Blackmon

June 1st, 2010
3:21 pm

California star has high interest in Alabama

Had it not been for a questionnaire that Alabama mails out to prospects all over the country, the Tide coaches might never have known that one of California’s top players has a serious interest in UA.

“They weren’t really recruiting me,” says Fontana-Summit wide receiver/athlete Devon Blackmon. “They knew about me, but they figured I was a Pac-10 guy all the way until I returned a questionnaire they had sent me in the mail.”

The 6-0, 175-pound Blackmon, who has offers from across the country, mentioned on the questionnaire that he had a high interest in Alabama.

“I reached out to them first and told them, ‘Hey, look, I’m interested,’” Blackmon says. “When I sent back the questionnaire, they were like ‘Wow.’ Within two hours after they received it, they called my coach and wanted me to give them a call immediately.”

Blackmon followed through with a call to Nick Saban.

“I mean, it’s Coach Saban,” Blackmon says. “It’s hard to reach him, and for me to be able to talk to him let’s me know something. I feel blessed. I am very fortunate. He’s a great coach, and for me to be talking to him and for him to offer me and tell me that he feels like I could make a difference at Alabama, for him to say that is an honor. But I have to stay grounded. Yeah, it’s Nick Saban and you take time out to realize that. But other than that, you keep working, because he’s telling another guy with my potential the same thing and I’ve got to beat that guy. I’m a competitor. So I just keep working.”

Blackmon is being recruited by Tide assistant Jim McElwain.

“Coach McElwain is awesome,” Blackmon says. “He brings facts to the table. He’s really awesome.”

As for Alabama’s chances of landing him, Blackmon says it might happen.

“I’d say that the only thing keeping me from committing to them is talking to my parents about the distance,” he says. “I’m that close.”

“I hope to visit [Alabama] as soon as I can,” he adds. “It wouldn’t be bad to go this summer, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it. It’s still up in the air.”

Blackmon has offers from many of the nation’s top programs, including Florida, Nebraska, Oregon, UCLA and USC, to name a few.

“Every offer has a different meaning.” Blackmon says. “I’m taking the USC offer in. I know they have other athletes like me and that I would have to go in there and compete. It’s close to home. Even though it’s close to home, I’m not really that familiar with the USC campus.

“Oregon’s receivers are all leaving and I could go in there and start. It’s far from home, but not really that far.

“UCLA is a building program. I could go in there and make a difference. The campus is cool. The people are cool. It’s a pretty big campus.”

As a junior, Blackmon completed 20 of 37 passes for 324 yards and four touchdowns. He caught 18 passes for 296 yards and five touchdowns. He carried 64 times for 406 yards and five touchdowns. He also returned a kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown.

Blackmon wants to play wide receiver and return kicks in college.

“He’s a very athletic wide receiver,” says Summit head coach Tony Barile. “He plays quarterback for us and he’s played a little at wide receiver. He’s also played corner and he’ll play some safety this year. He also returns kicks.

“Last year we had a quarterback transfer in and Devon was at wide receiver, but he was only getting the ball three or four times a game. We lost a couple of games, so we moved him back to quarterback and all of a sudden we’re scoring 40 points a game and he was lighting it up. He can really make a difference when you get the ball in his hands.”

“He’s just a very athletic young man,” Barile adds. “As a sophomore, he ran the second fastest time in the state in the 110 hurdles. He ran a 13.92. He can run and jump with the best of them. He went up to one-day camps at USC, UCLA and Oregon and he was the MVP at all three of those camps and he was the fastest guy at all three.”


June 1st, 2010
3:22 pm

Evil Genius is the one who should be gone…….He really needs to step aside and let someone else give that program( Carolina) a shot. Pitiful.


June 1st, 2010
3:24 pm

NEWSFLASH: Superman tells Richt he has Dawgs high on his list……….Bama second, but can’t get Nick to quit looking in the mirror long enough to talk to him…….more later.

Associated Press Top 25 Poll

June 1st, 2010
3:25 pm

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll

1 Alabama (60) 14-0 1,500 1
2 Texas 13-1 1,399 2
3 Florida 13-1 1,370 5
4 Boise State 14-0 1,366 6
5 Ohio State 11-2 1,224 8
6 TCU 12-1 1,163 3
7 Iowa 11-2 1,126 10
8 Cincinnati 12-1 1,060 4
9 Penn State 11-2 1,016 11
10 Virginia Tech 10-3 953 12
11 Oregon 10-3 886 7
12 Brigham Young 11-2 806 15
13 Georgia Tech 11-3 768 9
14 Nebraska 10-4 724 20
15 Pittsburgh 10-3 697 17
16 Wisconsin 10-3 571 24
17 LSU 9-4 501 13
18 Utah 10-3 491 23
19 Miami (FL) 9-4 310 14
20 Mississippi 9-4 296 NR
21 Texas Tech 9-4 224 NR
22 USC 9-4 216 NR
23 Central Michigan 12-2 166 25
24 Clemson 9-5 125 NR
25 West Virginia 9-4 91 18
Others Receiving Votes: Oklahoma90, Oregon State89, Navy85, Stanford67, Oklahoma State40, Rutgers37, Auburn8, Georgia7, Florida State6, Arizona5, Connecticut5, Middle Tennessee State4, Arkansas3, Air Force3, Villanova2


June 1st, 2010
3:25 pm

Who is Phil Steele? And what kind of tables are we supposed to be running on? That doesn’t sound too safe to me. I hope he doesn’t suggest running on tables with sissors in our hands.


June 1st, 2010
3:26 pm

Pewee ” the hammer” Mullet, 6′4,260 runs a 4.33 today and loves Georgia.

Phil Steele

June 1st, 2010
3:28 pm

LOLZ puppy dawgs–same guy who predicted Ole Miss would win the west last year. Gator gone kick that dawgs arse again this year. woofie-bark–whimper


June 1st, 2010
3:31 pm

The 2010 Lindy’s Football Preview picks the Alabama Crimson Tide to repeat as national champions with Boise State picked as the No. 2 team in the preseason rankings. The two teams enter the season with 14-game winning streaks, the longest in the nation. They are followed by Ohio State as No. 3, Texas at No. 4 and Florida at No. 5.

1. Alabama
2. Boise State
3. Ohio State
4. Texas
5. Florida
6. Wisconsin
7. TCU
8. Virginia Tech
9. Oklahoma
10. Iowa
11. Nebraska
12. USC
13. North Carolina
14. Pittsburgh
15. Oregon
16. Arkansas
17. Georgia Tech
18. LSU
19. West Virginia
20. Miami
21. Georgia
22. Cincinnati
23. Houston
24. Penn State
25. Utah


June 1st, 2010
3:32 pm

CMR is NOT on the hotseat. Enough of this is enough.


June 1st, 2010
3:33 pm


I’m a dumb arse for predicting that UGA will finish 8-4? Well let’s see, UGA finished the regular season 9-3 in 2008 and 7-5 in 2009 even with a terrible defense and at times lousy QB play. So let’s see 9 +7= 16/2= 8. So yeah, an average of 8 wins in the regular season. 8-4 is pretty generous considering we are starting a rookie QB and breaking in a new defesne wouldn’t you say? Oh yeah, and one more thing: Both David Greene and Matt Stafford went 8-4 during their first years( Stafford technically went 9-4 but 8-4 during the regular season)


June 1st, 2010
3:34 pm

Please name those 7 losses….From what I hear, the Tech defense still can’t stop anybody, they just have 5 defensive linemen now instead of 4…