Dogs and Jackets at Stegeman

Well, I thought this might be a good time to look up from the defensive-coordinator search and take note of some other interesting things happening in Bulldog Nation this week.

Tonight, in men’s basketball, it’s Georgia vs. Georgia Tech at Stegeman Coliseum. It’ll be Mark Fox’s first foray into the rivalry, and the Bulldogs will be trying to keep alive their streak of having not lost to the Yellow Jackets in Athens since . . . Nov. 26, 1976. Of  course, for many of the intervening years (14), the game was played annually at Atlanta’s Omni (remember the Omni?) But since the series returned to campus sites in the 1995-96 season, the home team has won all but one game: Georgia’s 75-70 win at Tech on Dec. 6, 2000.  The Dogs are 12-0 against Tech in Athens since the 1976 loss.

This season’s meeting comes two days before spring-semester classes begin at UGA — and four days before the Dogs begin SEC play.

“It’s on a date where our students aren’t back yet; it’s right before league play; I think it’s an interesting placement of the game,” Fox said Monday.  “But I think anytime you look at a rivalry situation when you’re in different leagues, finding a date can be difficult. We know wherever we put that game it’s going to have a lot of interest. We’re excited to have such a challenge in front of us this week. We have two terrific [opposing] teams –- one at home and one on the road -– and we’re going to have to play at a very high level.”

The week’s second game is Saturday, when Fox’s SEC debut comes at . . . Kentucky.  That’s 15-0 Kentucky.

“I saw something this morning,” Fox said, “where the top two projected picks in the [2010] NBA Draft are [Kentucky's] John Wall and [Tech's] Derrick Favors. And we get to see both of them in the same week.”

Not sure where Fox saw it, but it’s a popular projection. and, among others, have the freshmen Wall and Favors going 1-2. Actually, everyone has Wall going No. 1.

Georgia is 7-5 entering the Tech game, and the schedule now takes a turn toward rugged.  In fact, the six-game stretch that started with Missouri last week has Georgia facing opponents with a cumulative record, entering this week, of 59-8.

“We have had, I think, a productive non-conference part of the season,” Fox said. “We really have focused on trying to get better, and I think we have continued to do that. We’ve had, obviously, some ups and downs. We have tried with this team to focus on any experience, whether it be a good one or a not-as-pleasant an experience, and try to use [it] to get better. Whether it was our loss last week to Missouri or a win vs. Illinois, I think our focus with this team has been to try to improve off each performance.

“We are young and we’re inexperienced and we have a small margin of error, but if we can continue to get better, then I think hopefully we can keep finding some successes.”

Also of note this week, Georgia’s women’s basketball team has a chance to make some history Thursday night. A win over Kentucky at Stegeman Coliseum would give the Lady Dogs a 15-0 record, which would be the best start in the esteemed program’s history.

Then, on Saturday, UGA’s five-time defending national champion gymnastics team opens a new chapter in its history, its first season under head coach Jay Clark. Stanford is the season-opening opponent in Stegeman Coliseum.

First things first: What do you expect against the Jackets tonight?

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January 5th, 2010
1:29 am

I expect to see the same thing we saw in Atlanta on Nov. 28. GT fans with their heads down and silent.

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January 5th, 2010
9:46 am

I hope the mention of not having lost at home to them since the 70s doesn’t have the same effect as mentioning it before the UK football game. That said, we have learned some very important things this season about what it takes for this team to win. First, we have a limited number of scoring threats; they cannot get in foul trouble. Second, we handle adversity much better at home than on the road. Third, Ricky has to be hot to open up our inside guys. Lets hope the guys can stay calm and execute what they have been taught, because we thankfully have a coaching staff that is teaching them now. It’s a refreshing change from the past, and very entertaining basketball when they execute with some confidence.

Go Dawgs! and Hawkeyes!


January 5th, 2010
10:32 am

Damn right …GO HAWKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30-24 still hurts doesnt it?

January 5th, 2010
10:33 am

i seriously doubt the dawgs can beat the nerds on the hardcourt. our program is going to be sub-par for the next 5 years at least thanks to harrick jr. and felton. but we all know that the real sport in the south is the one that georgia has dominated in this state for the last decade. 30-24…still hurts doesnt it?

Bryan G.

January 5th, 2010
10:45 am

I expect us to get shelled by Tech.


January 5th, 2010
11:24 am

heck dawg fans, you can’t even take care of your mascot, what chance do you have against tech tonight????


January 5th, 2010
11:29 am

Karma called and said Russ will push michael in front of a bus so that Uga VII can bite him in the bu……


January 5th, 2010
12:51 pm

Bryan, I expected us to get shelled by Tech on the field and look how that turned out. Lets see if Trey, Leslie, and McThree can get hot. Besides, this is JUST the kind of game Paul Hewitt has made a career of losing.


January 5th, 2010
1:26 pm

Hello. My name batir. It comes from the tit of bird. Dawgs Win.


January 5th, 2010
9:09 pm

Having a GREAT night, The Dawgs winning in BB and Iowa whipping techs A$$ in FB, Does not get any better !!!!!!! Oh Yeah 30-24 LOL

Jeckyll Island

January 5th, 2010
9:20 pm

73-66!!!!! Georgia Bulldogs beat GA Tech in BASKETBALL!!!!



The Georgia Bulldogs are GA Tech’s DADDY!


January 6th, 2010
9:27 am

The Dawgs whip Tech’s butt in basketball 73-66!!!! While the termites are getting squashed in football by the Iowa Hawkeyes 24-14! PRICELESS!

UGA OWNS TECH!!!! 30-24!!! 73-66!!! PRICELESS!