Samuel sidelined with concussion; Green ‘doubtful’

ATHENS – Richard Samuel, Georgia’s No. 1 tailback at the start of the season but mostly limited to special-teams play recently, will miss Saturday’s game at Georgia Tech after suffering a concussion in a practice-field collision.

Samuel collided with walk-on cornerback Christian Norton, who also suffered a concussion , on a pass play during Tuesday’s  practice,  coach Mark Richt said  today.

Richt said both players also sustained “neck injuries that are not severe.”

Both players were taken to an Athens hospital for tests and released Tuesday night. Neither will require surgery, Richt said.

“We don’t think either one of them is going to have any long-lasting issues from it,” Richt said, “but it was scary there for a minute.”

Richt  said Norton, a member of Georgia’s scout team and the son of Georgia track and field coach Wayne Norton, was briefly unconscious after the collision, which occurred in a portion of practice closed to the media.

When he regained consciousness, Richt said Norton lightened the mood by immediately lamenting that the injury would cost him a shot at the “Iron Man Trophy,” which goes to all Georgia players who make it through a season without missing any practices, meetings, classes or tutoring sessions.

“He was laying there and was all bummed out,” Richt said. “That was the first thing he said: ‘This is going to cost me the Iron Man Trophy.’ . . . So he kind of livened up the boys a little bit, and everybody felt like he was going to be fine.”


Also today, Richt was less hopeful that wide receiver A.J. Green and safety Bacarri Rambo will be able to play against Georgia Tech on Saturday. He described both players as “doubtful” for the game.

Rambo hasn’t practiced since suffering a concussion in the Nov. 14 game against Auburn, and Richt said this afternoon: “I don’t think he’ll play.”

As for Green, who sprained a joint in his left shoulder in the Auburn game, Richt said: “I wouldn’t rule him out, but chances aren’t very good at all, I guess.”

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November 25th, 2009
3:45 pm


November 25th, 2009
3:45 pm


November 25th, 2009
3:48 pm

A.J. will be a decoy.


November 25th, 2009
3:50 pm

its not wednesday night yet! Glad some hitting was going on.


November 25th, 2009
3:53 pm

I wouldn’t really even call it Wednesday evening yet!!

Perfect Option

November 25th, 2009
3:59 pm

not wed night yet only 4pm go jackets

Tim Tucker

November 25th, 2009
4:09 pm

Sorry … got my days mixed up. Tuesday night. I corrected it. Thanks.


November 25th, 2009
4:26 pm

Who is Samuels? Who is Norton? Maybe this is why UGA is getting slaughtered by lower level teams now. We do not have the talent needed to compete in the SEC anymore. Richt let the program go to seed. Our starting running back in September is going to be moved to linebacker says it all, is who Richard Samuel is for goodness sakes!!!

I also would play Brandon Smith exactly like McCluster is used at Ole Miss. He is NOT ever going to be a decent corner, as he is way too small.

Need some new blood up there anyway. This is the way to keep it fresh and on SEC Championship target. MR has grown too complacent. He needs to get gone. Be rid of them all.

UGA, CLASS OF 71 & 73


November 25th, 2009
4:38 pm

Stupid comments from stupid people…


November 25th, 2009
4:53 pm

shards1967 – you should send your resume in to become the next Head Coach, seems like you have it all figured out.

Starring Kam Fong as Chin Ho

November 25th, 2009
4:55 pm

shards1967 has become the lowest common denominator of all posters. A world class whiner though, I’ll give him that


November 25th, 2009
4:55 pm

I agree with Really? shardsinmypants1967, you have no clue what you are talking about so shut it you grumpy old man!


November 25th, 2009
5:06 pm

shards1967, Maybe you need to retire from the fan game. Turn in your season tickets, burn your UGA gear and go enjoy your grand children on Saturdays instead of watching a game you obviously have no clue of what so ever.


November 25th, 2009
5:31 pm

from the looks of the isles at Sanford last Saturday night, looks like the rest of you puppies are ready to turn your tickets in too. Like many of my former uga friends, we’regetting to this week’s game early to get some gold & white stuff to cheer a winner. Your rite, I could coach better than Richt. You just need a whip and sharp stick for the goons on this dog killin team.

Blog - Sunday November 29, 2009

November 25th, 2009
5:40 pm

Dawg fan – “We lost because we didn’t have Green in the game.”
UGA grad – “The refs lost it for us again.”
Athens Al – “Next year we are National Champions.”
Aaron Murray – “I’m going into next year and I haven’t played in a game in almost two years.”
Valdosta Dawg – Grrrrrrr….. “I hate those Florida Gators, boo hoo hoo”
Saint Simons – “(38-20)hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha”
Barack Obama – “Under my cap and trade system electricity rates would neccessarily skyrocket”
Willie Martinez – “See you next year on the Georgia sideline fans.”
King Gator – “22 wins in a row Dawg fans, send us a gift basket.”
Mark Richt – “Good season”


November 25th, 2009
6:20 pm

Richt is lying. He knows Green and Rambo will play, but he’s trying to play head games with Paul Johnson. Unfortunately, Richt’s coaching skills aren’t even in the same universe as Johnson’s, as will be demonstrated on Saturday when Johnson’s student-athletes trounce Richt’s clueless morons and felons.

Georgia Tech 61, UGA 24. Dawg fans will be streaming out of the stadium at halftime. It will be fun to watch!


November 25th, 2009
6:23 pm

Shards1967 is correct. White and gold are the colors you’ll want to be wearing on Saturday. Blend in with the winners.

Dawg gone!

Kim Zs Package

November 25th, 2009
6:26 pm

Samuel wasn’t good anyway. Maybe can be that linebacker you need. HAHAHAH can’t take a hit and you gee ah wants him to be a LB. AHAHAHAHA


November 25th, 2009
6:34 pm


You may want the Dawgs fans to stick around. At least the stadium will look full, not half empty.

Another thing, I guess we don’t have to play the game since you already know Tech will blow us way! I think you will be surprised.


November 25th, 2009
6:57 pm

Sometimes i think all the “hate” traded back and forth, on these blogs, can be attributed to fans of the opposite team “ramblin” on with deceptive comments as if they were Dawg fans.

Even with a tough season, This fan still waves his UGA flag.
Red and Black, Go Dawgs

Cox vs Brady

November 25th, 2009
8:27 pm

Tom Brady 1998 Michigan
131 Effic., 15 td’s, 12 int’s, 2636 yards

Joe Cox 2009 Georgia
139 Effic, 21 td’s, 14 int’s, 2350 yards (2 games to go)


November 25th, 2009
9:27 pm

Why is Richt even considering playing Rambo? Go ahead and announce he will not be playing this week because of the concussion he suffered against Auburn. Concussions are not taken seriously enough by most coaches. I assure you, if my son had suffered a concussion like Rambo or Tebow for that matter he would not be playing 2 weeks later. I would expect a coach that rolled out a player with a broken leg to play to face outrage. The cavalier attitude coaches at all levels have regarding concussions are the reason my kids will not be playing football until things change.

Big Canoe

November 25th, 2009
10:02 pm

Nick is right!


November 25th, 2009
10:20 pm

Hope they all have healthy recoveries.

Alabama Jack

November 25th, 2009
10:37 pm

Whether any of the injured players play is irrelevant. What is important is that each one makes a full and complete recovery.

Godspeed, Chance. Even the Techsters want you to get better.

Paul in RDU

November 25th, 2009
11:26 pm

GT9 and ALA Jack – You are both correct. Good luck and a full recovery to all 3 of the FB players.


November 26th, 2009
12:03 am

You know I want Tech to win but many Tech fans make it very hard to rhink that way.

A good opened handed slap is what is needed to many of these punks.

Paul Johnson and the entire team deserves qual;ity respectful fans not a bunch of losers.


November 26th, 2009
12:14 am

maria–shut up and get me a beer


November 26th, 2009
7:28 am

I believe Maria was the “women” who was the model for the ad Ga Tech school of management had on the AJC. Wow what a knockout…


November 26th, 2009
9:25 am

Green and Rambo will start and will play most of the game. Richt is just trying to play some stupid mind games, none of which matters in the least.

Georgia Tech 52, UGA 24.

Jessi: Die-Hard Georgia Girl

November 26th, 2009
9:42 am

Shards…you ought to be ashamed of calling yourself a Dawg fan. If you want to get some “gold and white stuff to cheer on a winner” do all of us REAL Dawg fans a favor, and never put on red and black again. If we have another fantastic year (which we will…the odds show it) I hope you are man enough to come on here and say ‘yeah I used to cheer for UGA but switched to Tech’. I have a Georgia tattoo, and my car flags have flown win or lose. When you love a team, you don’t just love it during the good times. You love it because it’s so deep in your blood you wouldn’t even begin to know how to like another one. So please…get rid of all your UGA gear, and be a Techie from now on. Dawg Nation doesn’t need a wishy-washy, bandwagon fan like yourself aboard. We only have room for die hard Georgia fans.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (even fake fans like you shards and all the Tech fans). Hope we all remember to be thankful for what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t.


November 26th, 2009
10:31 am

If you are 5′11 175, how are you to small to play CB. I haven’t seen to may 6′4 CBs running around anywhere. Smith has the tools to be almost explosive as Champ Bailey. UGA seems to have a few good young CBs. With a sound rotation, Smith may see a few more oppurtunities on offense and STs. Eventually, I would like to see some quick hitters and screens at WR or RB ran with Smith Everytime Smith comes on the field as as offensive weapon, he will have to accounted for. This makes Green, King, Wooten, Charles, etc. eben more dangerous.

Fred Football

November 26th, 2009
11:31 am

You won’t believe who is leading today’s smartest bulldog… will make you stop and say… what?

San Francisco Dawg

November 26th, 2009
1:20 pm

Aj will play…you can count on that!


November 26th, 2009
1:57 pm


Nice to know that someone on the defense will deliver a hit, even if he’s a walk-on. That would make him the only Georgia defensive back that delivers big hits inbounds, except for maybe Baccari Rambo.


November 26th, 2009
5:48 pm

Ready to watch the DAWGS hand Tech a big cup of Shut the Hell Up!

UPSET Alert DAWGS 35 Bees 21

caleb king sux

November 26th, 2009
7:34 pm

hey norton,,, can you deliver one of those hits to caleb king please.

go dawgs

caleb king sux

November 26th, 2009
7:35 pm

hey norton, can you deliver one of those hits to caleb king please

caleb king sux

November 26th, 2009
7:37 pm


November 26th, 2009
9:23 pm

jason. 5′11 175 is undersize to go against receivers.. the average receiver is 6′3/6′4. look at julio jones, aj green, randy moss etc… smith is very talented but it is a size mismatch when he goes up against tall receivers….

Uncle Rico

November 26th, 2009
10:01 pm

shards 1967 may be an idiot, but he’s right about Samuel.
He was an excellent LB in high school, & they’ll need him there next yr w/the loss of Curran & others.

clearly, he has no future at RB.


November 27th, 2009
12:18 am

uncle rico… yes samual was a good LB in high school but that was high school. it would be hard for any quality LB to succeed in the scheme that UGA plays on defense. you talk of Curren. well i ask of you this, do you really believe that Curren has had a steller year?

no he has not.. no one on the defense has


November 27th, 2009
4:28 am

Virginia Tech, who did they beat ? They lost to everyone. Virginia Tech have a win over a barely ranked Miami of Florida team. But, who did Miami of Florida beat to get ranked ? Miami of Florida has zero wins. Miami of Florida did beat Georgia Tech, and lost every other game, just like Virginia Tech. There is the Climpsum Tigers, right ? Who did Climpsum Tigers beat ? No one. Not a single soul have the Climpsum Tigers beat. No one. Climpsum has a win over Miami of Florida, that’s it. Which brings us to :

Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech beat the Climpsum Tigers, who lost every game except beat Miami of Florida. And, Georgia Tech beat Virginia Tech, who lost every game except beat Miami of Florida. 2 teams they say are teams Climpsum and Virginia Tech, but neither team beat anyone at all all season long except for 1 team Miami of Florida. And, who was it Miami of Florida beat ? No one, except Georgia Tech.

For this, the All Cupcake Conference teams are ranked. Not very impressive, which is the ACC does not have a top-ranked team. The ACC is an automatic qualifier. You get to send 1 team to a meaningless Orange Bowl against a team who will have zero wins over any ranked team, and certainly will have zero wins over any top-ranked team, like the ACC Chumpion.

SEC has the top 2 BCS Ranked Teams. Number 1 and Number 2. The winner of The SEC Championship Game is Guaranteed of playing for the National Championship, unless Auburn beats Alabama and Alabama beats Florida.

The Winner of The SEC Championship Game will play Texas. Texas won last night, so all they have to do to be in the National Championship Game is to beat Nebraska. Who has Nebraska beat ? Nebraska has 0 wins over any Top 25 team, and in fact, Nebraska’s best win is over Number 40 Oklahoma, who everyone beat. By the way, the only game against a Top 25 Ranked team all season long for Texas is Number 12 Oklahoma State, whom they beat. A lot better win than any win any ACC team posted all season long. Texas did not otherwise, even play a Top 25 team all season long in the down Big XII.

ACC Chumpionship Game winner ? Where are they in the discussion ? They are not in the discussion, that is where the ACC Chumpion is in this discussion.



Boise State.

TCU, Cincinnati and Boise State are all ranked ahead of the ACC Automatic Qualifier, for all these reasons.

Now, you know.

TCU beat Number 19 Climpsum Farmers at Climpsum. TCU beat Utah in a blow-out, and Utah is Number 21. TCU beat BYU in a blow-out and BYU is Number 19. Why is the Mountain West Champion ranked ahead of the ACC Chumpion ? Duh. They beat better teams, are undefeated, and beat more better ranked teams than any ACC team.

Cincinnati beat Number 16 Oregon State at Oregon State. Why is the Big East Champion ranked ahead of the ACC Chumpion ? Because they have a better win against a better team than any ACC team beat all season long, and because they are undefeated until they play Pittsburgh.

Why is Boise State ranked ahead of the ACC Chumpion ? Because Boise State beat Number 8 Oregon. This is a better win too than any ACC team has all season long. Why is the WAC Champion ranked ahead of the ACC Chumpion ? Because the WAC Champion beat a better team than any ACC team beat, and because they too are undefeated.

Thus, you have it.

1.SEC Champion is ranked way ahead of ACC Chumpion.

2.SEC runner-up is ranked way ahead of ACC Chumpion.

3.Big XII Champion is ranked way ahead of ACC Chumpion.

4.Mountain West Champion is ranked way ahead of ACC Chumpion.

5.Big East Champion is ranked way ahead of ACC Chumpion.

6.WAC Champion is ranked ahead of ACC Chumpion.

Why are 6 teams ranked ahead of the ACC Chumpion to get to play a real opponent in their bowl game ?

Because the ACC and Georgia Tech, suck.

You beat no one. You played no one. You are not considered among the elite, not the conference and not Georgia Tech.

41.Number 41 Strength of Schedule for Georgia Tech. Your Strength of Schedule actually is WORSE for playing the Climpsum Farmers than if you did not play the game at all. If Climpsum Farmers had not beat Miami of Florida (whose only win all season long over is Georgia Tech), Climpsum would have beat no one. Climpsum’s Strength of Schedule is Number 39. For this average Number 40 SoS, these 2 square off in the ACC Chumpionship Game, and you want to know why the game will have no one there, no one watching and fewer yet who care.
There is not a conference who has in their Conference Championship Game 2 teams whose average ranking in the Strength of Schedules, is Number 40.

How can you be the ACC Chumpion and have all these other teams ranked ahead of you ?

Now, you know. Right ?

I know, right ?

Average BCS Ranking of all 12 SEC teams, is Number 37.

Average BCS Ranking of all 12 ACC teams, is Number 47.

The ACC is an after thought. The ACC has no top-ranked team, and never does.

What BCS Automatic Qualifying Conference Lost to one 1-AA team ?

There is only 1 BCS Automatic Qualifying Conference who Lost 1 game to one 1-AA team. The ACC.

As a matter of fact, the ACC Lost to two (2) 1-AA teams.

No other BCS Conference Lost to ANY 1-AA team. But, the ACC Lost to not 1, but two (2) 1-AA teams.

SEC has the best winning percentage against all BCS Conferences this year, too. The ACC does not even have a winning record against the other BCS Conferences, while The SEC is 3 games over .500 against other BCS Conferences, for the best in the nation.

28-6.The SEC is 28-6 against 1-A teams this year, also the best record against other 1-A teams of all Conferences in the nation. The ACC is a miserable 17-13 against 1-A teams, compared to SEC at 28-6.

You come running in here, trying to say that Georgia Tech’s entire season of “opponents” this year, in fact is not 51-53. 51 wins and 53 losses by every team Georgia Tech plays all season long. None of your “opponents” have beat anyone. There is not 1 win by Georgia Tech nor by any of Georgia Tech’s “opponents” all season long this year, which is over a top-ranked team.

All Cupcake Conference.

Losing Bowl Record. ACC has a Losing Bowl Record All-Time at 83-84-2.


ACC is .497 for its Winning Percentage in Bowl Games All-Time.

ACC are a bunch of itty-bitty teeny-weenie schools, who play no one all season long, and beat no top-ranked team.

ACC has zero attendance, as always.

ACC has zero top-ranked teams, as always.

ACC Chumpionship Game got kicked out of the Gator Bowl for lousy ratings and zero attendance.

ACC now is in Tampa and you will not have good attendance and will not have good ratings for that meaningless game between 2 teams, neither of whom beat a soul.

190-49-9. SEC is the best Conference in Bowl Games, All-Time by a large margin.


SEC is .559 Winning Percentage All-Time in Bowl Games. This too, is the best among all BCS Conferences.

ACC is an afterthought.

ACC does nothing.

ACC plays no one.

ACC beats no one.

ACC loses to nobodies.

ACC plays in meaningless weenie games and weenie bowl games.

ACC plays in meaningless weenie Conference Chumpionship with no one watching, no one caring and with no one there.

Tampa ? Is there an ACC team in Tampa I have forgotten somehow ? Your ACC Conference Chumpionship Game is a nomad game, that cannot find a place where anyone will go to watch the damned game.

Georgia Tech is the worst traveling team in all of America. No one has fewer people who follow their team, and go to away games and to meaningless Chumpionship Games, and to meaningless bowl games, than Georgia Tech.

A few years back, you blew up half your stinking stadium.

You still cannot sell your “stadium” out. Do you know your record against Georgia at Grant Field ? 20-26-3. Georgia is half a dozen games ahead of Georgia Tech at your own stinking little dumpy field down there in the slums of Atlanta where all the drugs and crime is.

Which is probably why no one goes to the games.

You sell season tickets. Georgia buys them. We throw away the other cruddy games against nobodies you play, just to buy seats at your stadium and you talk about selling this many or that many season tickets. No. You do not. We buy them, not you.

4 hot dogs, 2 cokes, 2 bags of peanuts, and a parking pass.

Still, no one wants to even watch you play teams who all season long for all of Georgia Tech’s games all season long, are a sorry 51-53.

25-31-4. Georgia Tech’s Record in Atlanta against Georgia

So, to the Georgia Tech fans (both of you), I say nerds you haven’t done a damn thing. Not once has the Final AP Poll ranked Georgia Tech Number 1. Not once.

22-15-5Georgia Tech’s Bowl Record. .595 Winning Percentage.

25-16-3Georgia’s Bowl Record. .605 Winning Percentage.

Georgia Tech’s Bowl Record is NOT as good as Georgia’s.

Georgia Tech has LOST its last 4 Bowl Games in a Row.

4 Bowl Losses in a Row for Georgia Tech.

Georgia has Won 6 of our last 7 Bowl Games. They say Georgia will play on January 2nd this season in our Bowl Game. Our opponent plays a game against the team who beat you Georgia Tech, before they play us.

The ACC will only have 1 BCS Bowl Game team, and that only because the BCS Automatically Qualifies the winner of the ACC Chumpionship Game.

Only 5 Schools have more attendance per game than UGA.

Georgia Tech is Number 40 in attendance.

So, Georgia Tech is Number 41 in Strength of Schedule according to the NCAA and Number 40 in Attendance according to the NCAA. Do you notice the correlation please ?

UGA is playing for our 60th win against Georgia Tech, All-Time. Only 4 other schools ever have lost more football games against any 1 opponent, than Georgia Tech has Lost to UGA.

And, so here we are tomorrow night, after a long and grueling horrid schedule of tough opponents for Georgia, a Top 5 Strength of Schedule, playing against Georgia Tech, whose season has gone completely unnoticed by everyone because you haven’t played anyone. Tech’s season has therefore, breezed by.

Nerds. Nerds in the slums of Atlanta where all the drugs and crime is. Nerd guys, with no women, that is what Tech is. Asian men make up a huge portion of Tech’s student body. Your athletes are nothing like your regular students, who are not there on athletic scholarship. Nothing at all like the regular Tech student.

Georgia Tech’s Men’s Basketball Team is on NCAA Probation for its APR Academic Progress Rate and is therefore LIMITED TO ONLY 11 SCHOLARSHIPS at this time today. Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball APR Academic Progress Rate of only .914 in the 20th Percentile.

There are 25,467 UGA undergraduates and only 12,973 undergraduates at Georgia Tech, half as many at Tech as at UGA.

U.S. News and World Report Rankings for 2010 are Georgia Tech Number 35 and UGA Number 58, released last month as the National Universities’ Rankings for 2010. 55 percent of all those who Apply for Admission at UGA, are accepted. 61 percent of all those who apply to Georgia Tech, are accepted. Tech will take anyone. It is not exclusive any longer at Tech. UGA is more selective than Georgia Tech any more. Georgia Tech is 56 percent smaller school than UGA at 19,143 students at Tech to 34,180 at UGA. Still, you are far more likely to get accepted into Georgia Tech if you apply there than you would be to apply to UGA, 6 percent more likely to be accepted into Georgia Tech than to be accepted into UGA.

2009 APR Academic Progress Rate for your FOOTBALL PLAYERS, shows UGA APR is .976 in the 90th Percentile and shows Georgia Tech APR for your FOOTBALL PLAYERS is .957 in the 70th Percentile. May 1 2009 according to the NCAA.

Georgia Tech football players are A LOT WORSE ACADEMICALLY than the UGA football players.

Yellow Fuzz

November 27th, 2009
7:33 am

……………………….georgia = Tech’s bitch for the last 364 days!!!!
…………………..georgia = Tech’s bitch for the last 364 days!!!!!
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…..georgia = Tech’s bitch for the last 364 days!!!
……georgia = Tech’s bitch for the last 364 days!

Yellow Fuzz

November 27th, 2009
8:14 am

364 days ago today

By the time Roddy Jones finished tightroping his way down Georgia’s sideline, the dog nation had been put in their rightful place from pre-season national champion to real-season state runner up.

There were many big plays in Georgia Tech’s 45-42 victory over georgia (Tech’s new bitch) at Sanford Stadium (Tech’s home away from home) last season. But none was bigger than Jones’ 54-yard, game-winning touchdown run with 7 minutes, 13 seconds remaining.

Cheers ring out every time the run is played on Tech’s scoreboard during games. There are more than a dozen versions of it on that have been watched more than 40,000 times.

It capped a comeback from a 28-12 halftime deficit (that’s 16 points if you are a Georgia fan). It came with a little more than 7 minutes remaining and really put an exclamation mark on a third quarter beat down/fourth quarter bitch slapping that has silenced all but the rabid azzholes of the dog nation for an entire year.

Saint Simons

November 27th, 2009
8:33 am

45-42 !!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Yellow Fuzz

November 27th, 2009
8:44 am

Sending georgia to the Papa John Bowl in Hoover Alabama = PRICELESS

………………………………Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
……………………………Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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…………………….Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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………….Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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….Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
……..Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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………………….Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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…………………………Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…………………………….Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
………………………………….Papa John bowl < # 9 from SEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Look at the sausage falling from the sky”!


November 27th, 2009
9:23 am

Ah yes, bitter BuLLdog. And you can throw out all that meaningless drivel when Georgia Tech kicks the crap out of Georgia tomorrow night. Please come back and take your medicine, you big fat sissy.

Acworth Dawg

November 27th, 2009
9:33 am

Hey Yellow Fuzz,
I hope YOU have enjoyed YOUR fun in the sun for these last “364 days”. The fun in the sun that YOU were never able to obtain as a Gailey recruited player at Tech (”LOL”).
The world will be righted tomorrow night and YOU (“and I hope you can hear me”), will be put in YOUR “rightful place” (door mat “bitch” for the DAWG NATION to wipe their feet (and “AZZ”) on.
YOU deserve the beat down YOU have coming and I hope YOU hold true to YOUR word that YOU “will never post on these AJC blogs again”.
Looking forward to seeing YOU “STFU”!

Uncle Rico

November 27th, 2009
9:41 am

mdawg….I’m going out on a limb here, but I wonder if your post was done while 3 sheets to the wind.
1st of all, learn how to spell…it’s “Samuel” & “Curran”.

And yes – I believe Curran has had an excellent yr – statistically speaking. He’s one of the leading tacklers in the country, & that’s all that matters when you’re a LB.
The defense as a whole has been awful, but that is no fault of his – that’s a group problem.

My point re Samuel is simply that he has the background (and more important – the mentality) to play LB. No, he won’t be a star – he probably won’t even start.
But since he has no future at RB (Ealey, King, Thomas), why not put him in a position to help his team where he’s needed?
I think the coaches, teammates & fans would applaud him for such an unselfish act.

Either that or he should transfer to a school that needs backs.