Caleb’s turn to start at tailback?

Look for Caleb King to start at tailback for Georgia against Tennessee Tech on Saturday.

Coach Mark Richt expressed concern on his weekly radio show Monday night about Washaun Ealey’s pass-protection performance and said King “will probably start for us” this week

If so, it would be the first collegiate start for the former Gwinnett County prep star, a redshirt sophomore. And he would become Georgia’s third starter of the season at tailback.

Richard Samuel, who won the job while King was sidelined with a pulled hamstring in preseason, started the first six games. Ealey, a true freshman, has started the past two games against Vanderbilt and Florida, although Richt said after the Vandy game that the choice between King and Ealey to start came down to which play Georgia decided to call first.

Ealey had 17 of Georgia’s 33 rushing carries and 70 of its 121 rushing yards against Florida last week.

“Washaun certainly ran the ball well,” Richt said Monday night. “He still needs to continue to get better in his pass protection, and I think Caleb has earned the right to be the starter because of his ability to run and pass-protect. But Washaun — we will continue to work hard on him and his ability to pass-protect.”

Richt said a problem with pass protection is “very typical” for a true freshman back. “We don’t want to get him in too many situations where he could put everybody at risk if he’s not able to do a good job there.”

But starting King would not signal a retreat on playing Ealey, Richt said.

“We’re not going to back off of playing him at all, although . . . Caleb will probably start for us,” Richt said. “But we’ll still see a good bit of Washaun Ealey for sure.”

Georgia used three running backs against Florida. Samuel had six carries for 40 yards – 33 on one fourth-quarter carry – and King five for 19.

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ctown dawg

November 3rd, 2009
12:39 am

First!!!! Let Ealey start and bench joe!! Come on Dawgs we still have a lot to play for.


November 3rd, 2009
12:52 am

Run each tailback 15 times, let Cox throw it 5 times, give Logan Gray some playing time along with all of the other backups and get ready for Auburn.


November 3rd, 2009
2:43 am

Man, Caleb King is terrible. He has no burst whatsoever. Time for the coaches to forget about how many recruiting stars he had and consider how he has looked on the field.

Washaun on the flip side has been about the lone bright of the last month. He instantly provided a spark vs. LSU, is clearly the best RB on the team already as a true frosh, and I loved the way he stood up to Spikes/reacted to the situation both during the game and with his comments afterward.

But hey, at least Caleb “blocks well”. That’s great because he doesn’t do anything else well..

Far Away From Home Dawg

November 3rd, 2009
5:24 am

How about Dontavious? Didn’t he show promise against Vandy? Pass protection issues there too? Could we see a rotation situation similar to Brown, Lumpkin, and Ware? Hopefully the Dawgs can eventually settle on a 25 carry per game stud back who will set a rhythm … Washaun’s character seems to be a plus since he had plenty of time to “retaliate” like a sorry Urbanite Gator.

As for the QB situation … Just sad … They should be playing the best QB that gives the best chance at winning short and long term … Seems to be Murray … Starting back at square one next year seems to be a set up for mediocrity … despite an easier schedule.

If Richt’s loyalty to Coach Martinez gets in the way too much … Nice knowing you CMR … and what a waste that would be. Maybe Coach Martinez will take himself out rather than endangering his buddy’s job.


November 3rd, 2009
5:58 am

CMR’s loyalty is getting very old. CWM, Cox and King? I am very appreciative of the things he has done during his tenure, but a free pass he is not entitled too. Yet, he seems unable to shake things up (besides changing uniform colors). Sorry to be so blunt, but it is time to grow a pair!


big dog

November 3rd, 2009
6:37 am

Dawg fans, the season is over for you. Suck it up and get ready for some basketball. Your five star running backs are pathetic. As bad as the gators handled you, Tennessee by far more violently handed your asses to you. It was the worst Dawg ass whipping that I have ever seen. UT is about ready to put a run on you much like the Chompers. As you relive the Hershel days the rest of the league is moving on and up. So long.

76 Dawg

November 3rd, 2009
6:53 am

Damon, please help! It appears nothing is going to change unless you get involved.


November 3rd, 2009
7:02 am

Since a team’s record seems to be everything, look for a major “resurgence” next year. If you check the schedule, we drop off LSU (replaced by Miss. St.) and the non=conference games are against Louisiana-Lafayette,Colorado, Idaho State, and of course Georgia Tech. Here is next year’s schedule:

Sat, Sep 04 University of Louisiana-Lafayette Athens, Ga.

Sat, Sep 11 South Carolina * at Columbia, S.C.

Sat, Sep 18 Arkansas * Athens, Ga.

Sat, Sep 25 Mississippi State * at Starkville, Miss.

Sat, Oct 02 Colorado at Boulder, Colo.

Sat, Oct 09 Tennessee * Athens, Ga.

Sat, Oct 16 Vanderbilt * Athens, Ga.

Sat, Oct 23 Kentucky * at Lexington, Ky.

Sat, Oct 30 Florida * at Jacksonville, Fla.

Sat, Nov 06 Idaho State Athens, Ga.

Sat, Nov 13 Auburn * at Auburn, Ala.

Sat, Nov 27 Georgia Tech Athens, Ga.


November 3rd, 2009
7:11 am

Yea, with a freshman quarterback, the record should improve to 7 and 5 or 8 and 4, but UGA fans will not be able to talk about how strong there out of conference schedule is.

Gator Fan

November 3rd, 2009
7:11 am

ctown dog. No, sadly you guy’s don’t have a lot to play for. Unless you call a bowl in shreveport your season’s goal. Dogs could easily lose to everyone left on their schedule e/x Tech…the TN one.

Don’t worry though, if UGA loses to UF,UT,GT and AU, in the same season, you can basically kiss WIllie goodbye, Richt won’t have a choice after losing to all of UGA’s rivals.


November 3rd, 2009
7:37 am

This is exactly the kind of attitude that keeps UGA coaches in hot water. C. King deserves nothing.He has had 2 years to show what he can do and has failed. He is a wasted scholarshhip. Who cares whether Ealy can pass block. Without AJ Green, the passing game will be ineffective.


November 3rd, 2009
7:52 am

Next years schedule looks like Florida’s schedule this year. We could be undefeated going into Jax. I hope Richt does not look ahead and keep coaches thinking things will be easier next year


November 3rd, 2009
8:00 am

Undefeated next year, so UGA with a freshman quarterback, should have no problem with SC, UT, UK, Arkansas and a quickly improving Mississippi State.


November 3rd, 2009
8:01 am

Before I am corrected, Undefeated going into Jax, ………


November 3rd, 2009
8:03 am

My goodness, I have heard it all now. A struggling running team finally finds a real RB and what does our brilliant coach do, bench him. I guess if you you are a QB at UGA throwing INT’s in every game is acceptable and doesn’t deserve to be benched. A RB missing a pass block gets you benched. If you are a corner at UGA(Miller) mr pass interference, thug #1, and blown coverages you get to keep your job. A RB missing a pass block gets you benched. Bryan Evans and Reshad Jones are good for at least 5+ blown coverages, late hits and school yard play every week but they continue to start. A RB missing a pass block gets you benched.

That’s what I want a UGA, tailback U, a running back that can block but has shown practically zero ability to be a successful runner.

He has totally lost it folks.


November 3rd, 2009
8:11 am

Wow, just think of the high draft pick were gonna get with this losing record. Oh wait, this is mid-rate college football.


November 3rd, 2009
8:13 am

I figured it out. Basically what Richt is doing saying this is blaming Ealy for INT’s in the game on Saturday. Taking up for this piss poor SR QB. I am done with CMR


November 3rd, 2009
8:18 am

They voted for who was going to start at QB. I think they drew straws for who is going to start at RB. Next, there will be a poll conducted for who will start at wide receiver in Green’s place.


November 3rd, 2009
8:30 am

How about start Ealey and King both in the backfield? Maybe put Gray in at QB and run the spread option some? Florida played some power I why can’t we play the spread with Gray? Nah, lets just run up the middle twice from the I and try to hit AJ Green in triple coverage on third down – that’s been pretty effective so far. At least it worked against Vandy! Watch out for young coach Derek Dooley and Tommy Spangler. Don’t want to lose CMR but there has to be changes other than RB!

Gator Bob

November 3rd, 2009
8:34 am

Man – What has happened to this program???

On behalf of the Gator Nation that thinks like me – Spikes should be suspended for two games minimal. No excuses. Cheap shot and we don’t need that at all. This is was crap. Glad Ealey was not hurt.

UGA has a HUGE issue – recruiting has been good – talent level is good – but here is why UGA has fallen:
1. Skill Position:
– QB – Cox – had his moments – a great kid – but a below average QB – has made some mental errors that have hurt UGA.
– RB – These backs are average at best – your best back is Ealey – who might be a star if he learns how to pass protect.
– OL – no improvement over last year – in fact – maybe taken a step back – all with the same players.
– Defense – this is a generous bunch and needs a totally new approach because IT AIN’T WORKING.

This all leads to……..COACHING
Richt – has fallen into the CEO mentality. Funny how coaches come in driven, are hands on – become successful – then take a CEO approach and let novices take on more responsibility while the head coach sells Carpet and Ford Trucks. Richt needs to look at what got UGA under his tenure successful – recruiting – and hands on coaching. The staff is obviously stale – and needs some shaking up – a tweak or two can make a huge difference.

Defensive Coordinator – Well – the Martinez experiment has failed. This is a bad defense – yet is athletic and has speed. This team is not prepared to play. Soft zone? 3rd and 3 – your corners are 8 yards off? Easy pickings!!!

Discipline: Thanks for the extra yards and keeping our drives alive. Richt looks like a fool when he states, “FSU was the most penalized team in the ACC and we won Championships!” FSU was the only decent team in the ACC and could get away with it then. The competition was very weak – that is way Bobby Bowden turned down the opportunity to join the SEC – the path of least resistence. IF FSU was in the SEC – they would have been exposed and would not have had the success they enjoyed.

What will UGA need to do to catch up?
1. Richt needs to get hands on again – although I will say this – Bobo called a good game against Florida – the team did not execute and shot itself in the foot. Penalties first half – turn onvers second.

2. New defensive coordinator – Brian Van Gorder – or go after Kirby Smart.

3. No need to go Nuclear on the staff – a few tweaks will have a huge impact. This is clear – a new DC is a must – the game planning is weak. Offense – Bobo shows promise and is appatently is a good coach – OL and not having good RB’s and a adequate QB are killing the offense.

By the way – for all of those that say UGA is no longer part of the the SEC ELITE – noting that FLORIDA, BAMA, LSU – have passed them by. You need to add TENNESSEE. This program has blown our UGA 3 of last 4 years and was in the the SEC title game in 2007 – more recent than UGA. Also – SC is playing much better than UGA.


3. Better stockpile QB’s that fit what ever system you want to run.


November 3rd, 2009
8:41 am

Eventhough next year’s schedule is not as tough we still play 6 legit games (more than any other conference can say by far) plus Vandy and Kentucky are in conference, can’t help that, and Colorado is D-1 program. The only patsy games on that schedule is Idaho St. and LL. With most likely a freshman QB next year the Colorado, Vandy, and Kentucky games are far from gimmes.


November 3rd, 2009
8:42 am

Good point BigDawg, I have been saying that all year. That would show to much imagination on the part of Bobo and Richt. Kinda like getting Brandon Smith the ball. You know he gains big yardage sometimes and scores touchdowns. Would hate to see our team do things like that. These guys are way in over there heads right now.


November 3rd, 2009
8:46 am

No chance to make a play if the QB is running for his life because a running back missed a block! Think about it people!


November 3rd, 2009
8:48 am

Senoiadawg- I agree about Jones and Evans. I thought we were supposed to see alot more of Rambo?? Playing to well lately so he was MIA?? Did you notice that when the Florida receiver (i think it was Demps) bobbled that WIDE OPEN (surprise surprise) pass that noone was even in sight??? He bobbled that thing at least 4 times before Evans was even in the screen!!! Where the hell was he playing????????


November 3rd, 2009
8:52 am


You don’t really want to run a high school offense, do you?

[...] that make you go hmmmm… Jump to Comments From Tim Tucker’s blog: Coach Mark Richt expressed concern on his weekly radio show Monday night about Washaun Ealey’s [...]

Georgia Headlines – 11/3/09 |

November 3rd, 2009
8:53 am

[...] NOT play against Tennessee Tech after sustaining a bruised lung against Florida last weekend.5.  Caleb King “will probably start” at tailback due to concerns about Waushaun Ealey’s ability to pass protect.  Join the forum discussion [...]

Loyal to a fault

November 3rd, 2009
8:56 am

The only reason Stafford played as a freshman was Joe T. got hurt and we’re talking about a future #1 pick!!!

Blindog- Cox is not good. AJ Green makes him look much better. Without him he is no better than Joe T III. Any D-1 QB SHOULD be able to complete passes when he has all day to throw. Can he make big plays when you need him to? Can he find the open receiver instead of throwing into triple coverage? Can he look off defenders? Can he check down and dump the ball off? Ours can’t do any of these things, except complete passes when he has all day to throw.

Gator Bob

November 3rd, 2009
9:00 am

BobBDawg – Thanks for posting the schedule.

You make good points – but you have to realize that UGA is not where it used to be….the pack not only has caught up to UGA – but several teams are passing UGA.

The reality is that UGA has been sliding for several years – Stafford and Moreno covered up the cracks – this year is merely providing clarity to the actual state of the program.

2010 is another transition year where the QB will need to get a year of experience to step up. 2011 is when UGA will be poised to be ahead of the pack – but not elite – a tweener – by that I mean they will still be looking up at TN and FL – but will be ahead of SC and KY. Similar to Donnan teams.

So looking at the schedule:
UofL Lafayette

Losses (6)
SC (improved team – Spurrier has his QB – UGA breaking in a QB)
ARK (Petrino’s team will be improved – Mallet set for a big 2010 season)
TN (Kiffin will run up the score and go spurrier on UGA The distance between these programs is huge)
FL – see Tennessee – UGA is our Vandy
Auburn – will beat UGA in 2009 and 2010.
GT – 3 in a row over UGA -this program is on a roll

MISS STATE – team is improved – seeking a big win – although beating UGA will not be a big win in name only as UGA will struggle again in 2010.



November 3rd, 2009
9:09 am

Guys, I’m anxious to see what Murray can do, and putting him out there now may pay dividends but, he’s much more unproven than Joe Cox right now. He’s not played a down. It’s possible with Murray in the game instead that things could actually get worse. Then what are ya’ll going to complain about? Bench Murray and get Mettenberger in there? Where does it end? Their problems are so much deeper than the QB position, although, yes, that’s a part of the problem as well. I do agree Ealey should be the 25 carry a game man, regardless of his pass protection, quite honestly, the offensive line, whose jobs it is to block, ain’t getting the job done and haven’t all season. No Sturdivant or with him, they’ve stunk this year. Period.

Saint Simons

November 3rd, 2009
9:19 am

next year UGA will lose 6 games, maybe 7!!!!!


November 3rd, 2009
9:24 am

You are right,Cox is bad,but poor blocking can make a bad QB,real bad which is what we are seeing now.


November 3rd, 2009
9:28 am

Running game blocking has stunk it up except for last week and the OKST game. Pass protection has not been an issue for Cox. For 98% or better of his throws he has an extremely nice pocket to throw from with very little pressure. Pass protection has not been an issue so please let’s not go down that road and be like our coach making excuses for this guy.


November 3rd, 2009
9:32 am

Wouldn’t you think starting Ealey against a lesser opponent would be good experience for him with his pass blocking skills?

So now, with Caleb starting, we will continue to pass marginally and run with inferiority. It seems that at least we would try to do one thing well. Ealey should start and run and run often.


November 3rd, 2009
9:36 am

Blindog, you obviously don’t watch football outside the SEC, ever hear of Jeremiah Masoli, how bout Colt Mcoy? Nothing to think about, CEE OHHH EX ES YOU EX. and when did Richt all of a sudden become such a good judge of talent.

Veroyn Haynes was recruited a FULLBACK, wee nice job of seeing the talent coach.
Knowshon never even sniffed the ball as a true freshman, that worked out great didn’t it?
Oh and AJ, you think he’s gonna stick around for more of this crap his senior season? The best Receiver in UGA history will be wasted, by playing behind 2 QB with no experience (cox and grey or murry or metz)

The really funny thing is UGA has gone from a team that wore black to “have fun” to a team that needs a gimmick (wearing black helmets) to get the team motivated or fired up?

And how much more ill prepared can the defense look, hmmm Fla, doesn’t really throw that much for lack of receivers, but their running game is solid, and it looks like our biggest flaw is outside containment., let’s work on that this week and come up with a good scheme and some adjustments to help our chances if they start consistently running outside. NAW! It’ll be fine doing what we’re doing now.

Albert Einstein said; Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Is this not Mark Richt and Willie Martinez?


November 3rd, 2009
9:37 am

Nick- Murray, Gray or Mettenberger can’t possibly be worse than Joe T IV and his noodle arm. UGA has 21 turnovers for the season, Joe T IV is responsible for 13 OF THEM!!! He has a pick in every single game, and for me the final straw was hanging AJ out to dry and causing him to get cracked. He has one of the weakest arms and longest “wind-ups” I’ve seen. Go back and look at the play where he made the long throw in the UF game that was almost picked off by 3 defenders. Everyone assumes he was throwing to AJ. Go back and look at the film, there’s a WIDE OPEN T.King in the endzone. I think he was trying to hit him and just didn’t have the arm strength to make the throw.
Everyone knows Murray is a freshman and will make mistakes but I’d rather him go through his growing pains now and be ready for next season, than to have to grow next year. Even if you don’t want to burn his shirt, put Logan back there, and install a few bootleg plays. His athleticism will make up for the poor pass blocking and teams will have to respect his running ability. At least give the kid a series or two and see what he can do. He’s played all of 5-6 plays and most of the time he’s put in horrible situations when he does get in. It’s almost like the coaches put him in terrible situations with a poor play so they can sit back and say, “see we told you Joe T IV is our best shot”. Do you know how foolish the coaches would look if they ran either Murray or Gray out there and the offensive turnovers went down and the offense actually began to move the ball?!
No it’s better for them to suffer through with Cox, go into the offseason and make a few personnel changes, and be able to sit back and say “well we addressed the issues and here’s the new look dawgs.”
Again there will only be more heat on the entire staff if they make the change now, because everyone will ask “Why didn’t we make these changes sooner?!” and the coaches will look more inept than they do now if that’s even possible.


November 3rd, 2009
9:37 am

Gator Bob – I agree with your assessment if CMR makes no coaching changes. If he addresses his coordinator issues as he should (esp defense), results will improve.

As stated on the radio many times on the radio the last couple of days, we do not have a bunch of players that no one else wanted. All major southeastern schools were after the same players. We need coaches to coach them up.

Johnny Test

November 3rd, 2009
9:41 am

Gator Bob, you did a pretty good job of summing up the UGA issues. You can be a little more hands off if you have great asst. coaches but you can’t if you don’t. Richt needs to clean house.

If 2010 unfolds as you predict(which I pray it doesn’t) then I’d like to see Richt gone too.

D&D fan

November 3rd, 2009
9:42 am

Hey coach wanna know why your players don’t get up for games; there not buying in to your philosophy, coaching, game plan and scheme. How psyched would YOU be playing for this team and its coaching staff?


November 3rd, 2009
9:49 am

BobDawg…Thanks boss, that is comforting. So our record will be 2-3 next year going into our annual beat down with Tennessee. Maybe Coach will let the kids wear all Purple to try and get them up enough to get back to .500…all the while telling the fans that we don’t know anything about football, that Logan Gray gives us the best chance to win even though he is helping us lead the nation in turnovers for a second year in a row, and that setting new NCAA records for penalties in 3 of 5 games is not a problem because FSU did so dad gum well when they led the conference in penalties.

Our QB play sucks because we are not developing them and we never ever blow anyone out so they don’t get any game experience. We’ll be in the exact same boat next year. Gray on Special Teams? He should have transferred when that possiblilty arrose–we screwed that kid. Our QB’s are also at a huge disadvantage because every Defensive Coordinator in the league knows exactly what play we are going to run on almost every play. This leads to some of our ints…the rest are because Joe Cox only ever has one receiver in mind per play (hint: if 1 receiver is covered by 4 people, someone else is probably open).

Here is something that may help our Running backs…Scrap the QB checking into other plays at the line. That worked when the defenses didn’t know what play we were checking into. We haven’t changed our offense at all since Richt has been there; so the defenses now can actually get us to check into a play that they know based on their formation! If it seems like they know what play we are going to run 80% of the game, THEY DO!

Another thing that might help the Running Backs? An Offensive line that is taught to Run Block as well as Pass Block. It makes me so angry that our best running back can’t run the ball because he can’t pass block. They would all be good if they ever had any holes to run through or that idiot Bobo wasn’t calling a run play on 3rd and 15 six times every game.

While our young defensive players have promise, another year under WM should ruin them. Rennie Curran–great player…but his tackling has gotten worse and worse each year under Martinez. At least Martinez is coming back to continue his demolition of our once proud defense!

Go Dawgs…5-7 in 2009 and 4-8 in 2010! We are in huge trouble people.


November 3rd, 2009
9:49 am

When one has the G on their helmet that should be enough excitment.


November 3rd, 2009
9:51 am

Thanks, Mr. Joe Cox. Your BS accurracy has now gotten our only offesive weapon hurt. You never fail to throw the ball high and behind the WR. Again thank you Mr. Cox.

Really does not matter who starts at RB. With our OL full pansies, it’s not like there will be lanes opening up to run through. UGA is the softest team in the SEC, hell the country. They try to prove they are tough with all the PF penalties. Doen’t prove they are tough though. Just proves they are stupid.

It is way past time for CMR and company to go. Gator Bob, I agree with your assessment. You are spot on. I disagree though with the backing of CMR though. He promoted to coaches to OC and DC who had no experience to show they could handle those duties. We also have coaching problems from the ST coach all the way down to the strength and conditioning coach. Not to mention a WR coaching the RBs and a RB coaching the WRs, and yet we wonder why Ealy cannot pass protect. UGA is a dysfunctional family. But hold on there is hope. After all Joe Cox gives us the best chance to win.

Denver Dog

November 3rd, 2009
9:58 am

Gator Bob, yeah right, and Tebow will be back for a 5th year! Tenn is a senior laiden team, as is UF. As is Ark. UF will be breaking in a QB, as will UT, as will UK, as will Colorado. SC will be breaking in a new defense as will UF. So you have to take it all into consideration. UF next year 4-3 in conference.


November 3rd, 2009
10:00 am

This is exactly the kind of dysfunctional lack of leadership that has been driving me crazy all year. We have a starting runningback, Ealey. He has run the ball much better than the others. If he can’t pass block to your satisfaction – YOU COACH HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t sit him down hoping that he’ll suddenly “get it,” meanwhile Georgia is not using its best back.


November 3rd, 2009
10:04 am

Atlantalawyer, I agree. How do you coach him up when your RB coach is a WR? What expeience does the RB coach have that shows he can coach Ealy up on pass protection. That is whats wrong with UGA.


November 3rd, 2009
10:05 am

Denver Dawg…Florida will be 4-3 in conference only if they $hit can Meyer and hire Mark Richt.

You want mediocrity? Mark is your man. You want your team to be a black hole of emotion? Mark is your man. You want cheap uniform gimmicks? Mark is your man.

Want to be the best? Look someplace else.

Gator Bob

November 3rd, 2009
10:17 am

No sense in Joe Cox bashing – the guy is doing his best. The real issue why UGA coaches did not have the next “Stafford” or “DJ” or “David Green” ready to go?

Certainly the coaches new Stafford was going to leave early. Also, they no that Cox has limited arm strength. I watched the UGA Spring game on TV – when Cox threw that “long” 45 yard bomb to start the game – he had to put his entire body into the throw – me and my buddies knew right away that UGA was in trouble.

Now compare that throw to the one Aaron Murray made at the end of the game – a 25 yard strike – 12 feet off the ground. UGA would have been better served to use this year like 2006 – Staffords freshman year.

ONE LAST THING – then you guys can lay waste to my opinion:
In my opinion, Richt is done at UGA. He had success – but the cards for a National Title did not fall in his favor…..and now the program has gone to the middle of the pack.

Look at the successfull National Title winning coaches in the SEC – and look what they have in common:
4. HUMILITY?….not

Now look at URBAN, SABAN, MILES, SPURRIER – see the common traits. These are driven men with huge ego’s.

Now look at the carpet salesman – RICHT. How does he compare?
Now look at the idiot in TENNESSEE – KIFFIN – how does he compare?

My bet is that KIFFIN has a better chance to a NATIONAL TITLE than RICHT. The idiot is driven, brash, competitive, huge ego, has put together a big time staff, and is recruiting his butt off. TENNESSEE is FLORIDA’S immediate threat in the SEC EAST. UGA = SC, KY, Vandy – and SC may have passed UGA as well.

RICHT has proven he can elevate a program – but he got lazy and became a CEO. The program is now in worse shape than when DONNAN left…..or maybe the coaching is that incompetent. Either way – the program will suffer again in 2010 – but should be beating back SC for SEC 3rd position in 2011. TENNESSEE is way ahead of you.



November 3rd, 2009
10:22 am

Gator Bob, truth hurts. I agree with both of your posts. I have been on the fire CMR for a while now. Ever since the Tenn game this year. It is one thing to have a down year with some recruits not panning. Whole different story when your team continously shows up unprepared game after game. Even in games we win. We win those on talent, definitely not coaching and game planning. Am I the only one who noices that evey time the offense or defense is on the sidelines, there is no coaching going on. They just sit there sipping gatorade.

Sanford Drive

November 3rd, 2009
10:25 am


Why is Caleb King even allowed to play? That kid sucks.


November 3rd, 2009
10:29 am

Benching Washaun Ealey? Are we serious? The guy has 70 yards on 17 carries in the Florida game, and what does our brilliant coaching staff do? Put Richard Samuel in and totally destroy our momentum.And I’m not bashing Samuel, if he had the hot hand in that game I’d want him to have more carries as well. I think this is the biggest problem with Bobo/Richt: they think plays instead of PLAYERS. If AJ is having a good game, you throw the ball to him. If Washuan is playing well, you keep him in the game and CONTINUE to feed him the ball. I understand Richt wanting Ealey to be a team guy and do his share of the blocking in the the passing game. But benching him in favor of Caleb sends an idiotic message. And what happened to Carlton Thomas? Through 8 games, this is how I would rank the RB’s in order 1. Washuan Ealey 2. Carlton Thomas 3. Richard Samuel 4. Caleb King. So essentially this coaching staff is choosing to go with their 3rd and 4th string RB’s! And then we wonder why the running game sucks and why the offense continues to struggle.