Emptying the notebook . . .

Stray notes and quotes to start the week:

– If you lost count, Georgia had eight players run the ball and 10 catch it in Saturday’s win at Vanderbilt.

Prince Miller’s punt-return stats for this season before Saturday: nine returns for 63 yards. Miller’s stats on Saturday: two returns for 95 yards. “We did the same thing we’ve been trying to do all year,”  he  said. “But we got some opportunities, and guys made great blocks.”

– UGA’s 34 points were the second most scored against  Vandy since the start of last season, topped only by Florida’s 42 last year.

– On the occasion of Georgia’s bye week, Mark Richt was asked on his teleconference Sunday what he likes most and what concerns him most about this season so far. What he likes most:   “I would say I like the players themselves as far as they are staying together, they are battling away, they are keeping the faith and they keep grinding.” And what concerns him most: “The thing I haven’t liked so much is just the inconsistent play, the inconsistency of all of our units –- some games  very good, some games not-so-good. Vanderbilt was the closest we have come to putting it all together as a team and really looking like a pretty solid football team. Hopefully we can begin to predict those types of performances, but right now you’re still not sure what you’re going to get.”

– Georgia’s rushing yards in the first three quarters vs. Vandy: 53. Georgia’s rushing yards in the fourth quarter vs. Vandy: 120.

– Georgia’s last touchdown drive:  10 plays for 68 yards, all on the ground. “Very nice to see,” Richt said.

– Georgia wound up with about the same rushing yardage (173) as Vandy’s other opponents (average of 171 entering Saturday’s game).

– Georgia sacked Vanderbilt QB Larry Smith three times –- one apiece by Justin Houston, Demarcus Dobbs and Kade Weston, all in the first half. “He was running for his life, even when he didn’t get sacked,” Vandy coach Bobby Johnson said of his quarterback.

– Georgia’s offense scored touchdowns in three of the four quarters Saturday after doing so in only one of  its previous 11 quarters.

– Georgia’s bye week follows a season-opening stretch of seven consecutive games against opponents from BCS conferences. “It was definitely the toughest seven-game stretch we’ve been through without an open date,” Richt said.  “If you just look at who we played, there was no place to catch your breath. But we fought and are sitting where we are now [4-3, 3-2 SEC] and had good performances last week, which is very positive. I’d say in the future I could go for a little bit different look on the front end of the schedule.” It will look quite different the next two years, with Georgia opening against  Louisiana Lafayette in 2010 and playing Coastal Carolina in the third game of 2011.

– With the exception of players who are out for the season –- Trinton Sturdivant, Rod Battle, Tanner Strickland, Kris Durham -– the Bulldogs figure  to be healthy for the Florida game. Richt said he expects fullback Shaun Chapas (shoulder/neck) to play,  and he’s optimistic about the availability of linebackers Marcus Dowtin (finger) and Akeem Dent (hamstring), too.

– Richt, on Sunday’s teleconference, mentioned an added benefit of a bye week:  “Sometimes you get a little perspective on life, too, or on the season. You’re able to see something that maybe you wouldn’t if you were right in the middle of the battle.”

– Comparative scores are sort of fun to ponder, but of no prognosticative value. Florida won by 10 over Tennessee, which won by 26 over Georgia –- a 36-point swing in the Gators’ favor. On the other hand, Arkansas lost by 11 to Georgia and by 3 to Florida -– an 8-point swing in the Dogs’ favor.

Rennie Curran, peeking ahead to the Florida game before leaving Vanderbilt Stadium  Saturday afternoon: “People are going to doubt us, no matter what. People don’t have as much respect for us as Florida — and deservedly so. They’ve got that record, and they make plays.”

– Richt on what his team took from Florida’s narrow victory over Arkansas: “I think our guys know we’re in the SEC and every week everybody has got to play.”

– No final word yet, but both Richt and Mike Bobo say their current expectation is that Bobo will continue to call plays from the sideline rather than the press box. Bobo moved to the field for Saturday’s game –- first time he had called plays from there – and he liked it. QB Joe Cox said Bobo’s presence “brought some more energy” to the sideline.

Washaun Ealey admitted he was “nervous,” making his first collegiate start Saturday. More on UGA’s continuing  tailback derby here.

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October 18th, 2009
11:32 pm

First!!!!?? Go Dawgs!!

Trying to Be Realistic

October 18th, 2009
11:47 pm

If I could see Georgia take any action during the off week, I would like to see them fire Weak Willie Martinez. We have to remember we played a very weak Vanderbilt team this past weekend. We’ll see if Willie keeps his job after the Florida game. CMR made a move …made a change … he moved Bobo to the sideline. I’m realistic … it will still be a 6-6 season and a minor bowl. I love this team but can’t stand the coaching. Maybe next year….

Johnny DangerDawg

October 18th, 2009
11:50 pm

Great info as usual, Tim. Interesting stat that UGA had about the same rushing yards against Vandy as all of their previous opponents. That shows a step in the right direction.

Jesup Dawg

October 19th, 2009
12:07 am

Maybe the off week will help get us firing on all cylinders.


October 19th, 2009
1:21 am

Stop bashing UGA people. I was thinking we might go 6-6 before as well. I get tired of hearing about it being just Vandy. It may be just Vandy, but we beat them at least as bad as some of these so called superior teams (like FL.), & we may have beat them worse actually. UGA hasn’t had nearly as many easy games as most teams. As bad as we’ve looked at times…we showed improvement. I mean, AU just lost to KY…so I feel that that suddenly looks like a winable game…FL & Tech could be tough, but you never know. FL hasn’t impressed me that much…I mean FL should have lost yesterday. Who knows…we may go 6-6, but I’m not going to lose hope yet, & I’m just glad for the win.


October 19th, 2009
1:32 am

If next week stays like this week we’ll have unranked GA facing no. 1 FL just like 1985 ( my first trip to J’ville. ) Worley and Henderson took care of things that day. History may repeat.


October 19th, 2009
4:02 am

GO DAWGS! TOTAL TRUST IN COACH RICHT! Dr. Thomas Johnson Class of ‘78


October 19th, 2009
4:30 am

ACC has only 3 teams ranked, and the best is Miami of Florida who plays no one the rest of the year. Georgia Tech LOST to Miami of Florida 17-33.

Miami of Florida is in the BCS Bowl, and Georgia Tech relegated to the Gator Bowl. Give me a break Tech Nerds are in here saying that Miami of Florida is going to lose a game coming up. Who ? BCS Number 51 Climpsum Farmers ? BCS Number 60 Weak Forest ? BCS Number 65 Hapless Virginia ? BCS Number 51 North Carolina ? BCS Number 76 worthless little Duke Dukies ? To end the season, Miami of Florida plays 3-loss Southern Florida, whatever that is, who will have Losses to Cincinnati, Pittsburg, and West Virginia, possibly also losses to Rutgers and UCONN. What a soft schedule and long shot to hope 1 of these teams beats Miami of Florida when they LAMBASTED the Number 13 AP Poll Georgia Tech 33-17. Get real these CUPCAKES will do what you Georgia Tech could not.

Not that it matters, because no one from Georgia Tech will go. Georgia Tech is the very worst school in the Southeast in traveling well.

Jeff Schultz can write all he wants, and the facts will REMAIN the SAME. Georgia Tech is NOT going to a BCS Bowl. Miami of Florida plays NO ONE. There is NOT a team in the Top 25 remaining for Miami of Florida to play, not 1. There is not a team in the Top 50 remaining for Miami of Florida to play, not 1.

Never mind that Georgia Tech has an even softer easier schedule than Miami of Florida. Georgia Tech has games against NO ONE, except for UGA to end the season. By then, Miami will face off against hapless Boston College who has an even softer schedule than Miami of Florida and Georgia Tech.


Bunch of junk.

Has been.


Will be.

Weak Forest, Maryland and Duke all 3 have the 3 softest schedules of any BCS school in America : SoS # 83, #84 and # 85 in the country. This is because there is NO top ACC team. Never has been. Never will be. And, certainly is NOT.

As the announcers said on the TV game of Georgia Tech Saturday night, it is BAD for the ACC that Virginia Tech lost.

10 AP Poll Number 10 Miami of Florida BEAT Georgia Tech 33-17.

13 AP Poll Number 13 Georgia Tech LOST to Miami of Florida no one there.

15 AP Poll Number 15 Virginia Tech blown out by Alabama, lost to Ga Tech, also not even a sell-out.

In the Atlantic Division, there is NO RANKED TEAM.


Whichever Coastal team goes to the ACC Chumpionship Game, plays yet ANOTHER CUPCAKE.

Georgia Tech plays Georgia.

Georgia Tech knows NOTHING about the PASS, not on Offense, and NOT on Defense either.

114 Ga Tech # 114 Passing Offense.

108 Ga Tech # 108 Passing Efficiency Defense.

78 Ga Tech # 78 Total Defense misses Jon Tenuta against soft schedule.

68 Ga Tech # 68 Rushing Defense.

79 Ga Tech # 79 Kick-off Returning team.

72 Ga Tech # 72 Scoring Defense.

60 Ga Tech # 60 Net Punting.

86 Ga Tech # 86 Pass Defense.

70 Ga Tech # 70 Sacking opposing quarterbacks.

91 Ga Tech # 91 Tackling for a Loss.

ACC does NOT compete nationally. And, Jeff Schultz writes an article of how Georgia Tech is going to win a National Championship. That would be a 1st since Georgia Tech has NEVER EVER been Ranked Number 1 in the Final AP Poll.

I know you guys are down there in the slums of Atlanta where the crime and drugs are, but seriously put your pipe down, get outside and get some exercise and try to meet a girl or something normal because Georgia Tech is NOT winning any national championship since you cannot even play in the ACC Chumpionship Game. You play a weak schedule, have no good game left, just a LOSS to UGA. You beat 1 team who is RANKED in the BCS Rankings Top 25 and that team beat NO ONE in the BCS Rankings Top 25. You never see a pass, so you can’t defend the pass nor throw one yourself. You have a horrid defense, and note all this is against a really sorry soft schedule. National Championship when Tech has NEVER been # 1 in the Final AP Poll EVER, ha ha ha ha ha. Put the pipe down nerds, you jerks.


October 19th, 2009
5:11 am

Georgia got votes in the AP Poll (vols did NOT.)

Georgia got votes in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll (vols did NOT.)

SEC has the MOST TEAMS with votes in both of the Polls, 8.

Among the 8 SEC teams in BOTH POLLS are :

1. Alabama.

2. Florida.

3. LSU.

4. South Carolina who is Number 23 in the Coaches’ Poll.

5. Ole Miss who is Number 25 in the Coaches’ Poll.

6. Arkansas.

7. Auburn.

8. Georgia.

vols are NOT ranked nor received ANY votes in either the AP Poll nor the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. Alabama is NEXT for the vols, and then the vols play NO ONE THE ENTIRE REST OF THE YEAR, as their schedule ALWAYS IS to end every season.

Kentucky also appears headed to a bowl game.

9 SEC Bowl teams, and we have 9 tie-ins. Either Alabama or Florida will play in the National Championship Game against Texas.


The Big XII is 2nd with 7 teams getting votes in BOTH the AP & Coaches’ Polls.

I’d like to do something positive about this 15-16 Coach Richt record against Tennessee, Auburn, Florida and LSU.

I’d like to do something positive about this 15-17 Coach Richt record against Final AP Poll teams.

Can I say it ?

Alabama is the Best SEC team.

Florida can be beat.

This is a good team we face. I know we always go down there and flop on our faces while the crocodiles do their CHOMP and get away with it and we cannot do anything but be weak fodder. This is year 20, 2 decades and we have won against Florida ONLY 3 TIMES.

We Won Knowshon Moreno’s 1st year.

We Won David Greene’s senior year only.

We Won Mike Bobo’s Great Senior Year.

That’s it.

Now, year 20 – two decades.

I’d like to do something about that. We beat a sorry football team Saturday whose only win over any 1-A school is over zero wins seven losses Rice. We did beat South Carolina and they hang in every Top 25 Poll. Arkansas is another good win. Arizona State looks reasonable as a win too. We came close but no cigar against Top 10 every poll LSU. Ok, so we lost the week before last to a sorry vols’ team; we are way ahead of them in the polls and likely will end the season for the 8th consecutive season this season ranked ahead of the vols in the Final AP Poll. Oklahoma State we lost to another very highly rated team, albeit not close. I said we would be 10-3 this season, and 11-3 after the Bowls, currently Outback for UGA.

Can we just beat Florida and spend the next 2 weeks getting into a frenzy over beating Florida please because after Florida, correct, those are all WINNABLE GAMES.

Beat Florida.

There is no sense in saying now that the loss to the vols ruined this football season. No excuse for that display. But, we have done that 7 times in Coach Richt’s tenure losing to a team that is NOT a Final AP Poll team.

Vanderbilt was NOT a must-win.

Florida is.


October 19th, 2009
5:50 am

hey bobo
you need to stop grabing your crotch on the sideline figure out where you are dude!


October 19th, 2009
7:04 am

I say let Miller return punts, not just have Logan Gray back just to fair catch it, and sit Miller on defense. He is just not able to cover and tackle well. Neither can Bryan Evans for that matter. Bench him and play Rambo. My two cents.

Alabama Jack

October 19th, 2009
7:06 am

BuLLdog, that is a lot of research just to cover the fact that UGAy ain’t in sniffing distance of the top 25, is not yet bowl eligible, won’t be after the UF game, and may not be at season’s end. Don’t even need a UT Hound to sniff through all your bs and get to a nugget of truth – UGay sucks and you have serious big boy football envy.

Dawg with No Bite

October 19th, 2009
7:25 am

Tim, can you give us a break out of the rushing yardage scored on Vandy by each team rather than the average? I would like to see how we compared to each individual team that Vandy has played.

Buckhead Bulldog

October 19th, 2009
7:45 am

Just a thought…..I wonder if our tough schedule right out of the gate has had anything to do with the coaches/players not having enough time to adjust/tweek the kinks out. In our past, we always had some powder puff teams in the first few games to get our act together. It seems as if every team we played in the first five games had ample time to prepare for us, and the other teams were zeroed in/prepared/pumped to play us from their summer work outs.


October 19th, 2009
7:57 am

Good Grief, man,you need to get a life. Seriously.


October 19th, 2009
8:08 am

Digger: Why are you looking @ Coach Bobo’s crotch?


October 19th, 2009
8:30 am

Folks; you ripped the coaches for 6 wks., now give them credit when it is due! When Larry said “you quit, I did too” I think he had alot of you people in mind. Last wk. yawl quit, you wanted to start gettin’ ready for next yr. The coaches did a marvelous job last wk.; 18 – 22 yr. old young men are not machines where you just push buttons, they don’t have on/off switches. Those kids were hurting, did you quitters help our team? You know the answer. These “young” men were handled expertly last wk. It takes coaching experience, intuity, and patience to stay with these kids. Kudos to CMR and staff. [ 8 Wins, this season ]…UGA V. Fla. last team in pos. of ball wins.

"Red" Black

October 19th, 2009
8:43 am

It is becoming more and more evident with each game that the lack of a running game is the single most troublesome area of this years team. After watching the 5 RB’s give it their best shot Saturday, it is obvious that none is up to the challenge. It could very well be that Jr. walk-on Kalvin Daniels should be playing. Why, you ask, would a walk-on play ahead of 5 highly touted, high recruited running backs. Simple. Although he has on only played sparingly in the past, he without a doubt has been a more instinctive and a more productive runner. The problem with playing a walk-on is that it tends to expose recruiting failures. I say that this is being exposed every Saturday anyway. If this is truly an open competition, I’m for letting the best man play.

Saint Simons

October 19th, 2009
9:06 am

UGA # 39 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Arthur Digby Sellers

October 19th, 2009
9:15 am

I strongly believe Mike Slive will not let the Gators lose this year. Anyone who their last td against ark would have to agree with me. I’ve never seen officials actually give a team a td before. But it happened Saturday. Even Gary Danielson ( the biggest Meyer and Tebow homer of them all) said the officiating was one sided. We have no chance if this continues – and it will. I’m usually on the side of the officials. They can’t get them all right. But I’m beginning to think there is more going on here. Slive wants two undefeateds in the championship game and there is no question he has let the refs know his feelings on the matter.

Tim Tucker

October 19th, 2009
9:34 am

“Dawg with No Bite,”
You asked for breakdown of rushing yardage against Vandy by opponent:
Western Carolina 41
LSU 178
Mississippi State 260
Rice 160
Ole Miss 160
Army 222
Georgia 173


October 19th, 2009
9:47 am

Two things:
1- I will be so glad when we stomp GT this year and St Simon goes away…
2- Richt should have the team watch every night until the GA/FLA game the last 3 minutes of last years game. Constantly reminding them of how Urban/Tebow took unnecessary timeouts to rub our faces in it….


October 19th, 2009
9:54 am

Did Mark Curles get the game ball Sat? He had more yards than Tebow on the last td drive.

Questions for Tony & SEC

October 19th, 2009
10:31 am

From 1 perspective we are 3 ref flags on 3 bad calls from 5-1.

The Big 8 refs called a flag on Jones for a tackle that even the commentators said was not a penalty and that was on 4th down that would have stopped an OSU drive that resulted in a TD.

The Big 8 refs called a flag on the UGA punt returner who returned the punt to the OSU 5 yard line and could have easily resulted in a UGA TD.

That’s a 14 point swing on a game UGA lost by 14 points.

The SEC ref called a flag on our NUmber 8 which gave a short field to LSU in the end. If they the length of the field to go, I think we could have stopped them.

All three were judgement calls and judgement calls always seem to go against UGA.

On another front, I saw a UF player score a TD Saturday and wave his hands up at the crowd and not get flagged. Arkansas on the other hand got some questionable judgement calls.

Does anybody else out there think that the SEC officials tell their refs not to flag certain teams like UF so they can get them into the BCS CG for the money and recognition? I am beginning to think so.

Also does anyone know if the GT grad is still in charge of SEC officials? If so it is time for him to go. I wonder if the official who called the Jasper Sanks non fumble and the UGA non celebration against LSU are GT grads. Can someone check?


October 19th, 2009
10:32 am

Author Dig… These bads calls do look to be pretty timely (not to mention frequent). The refs seem to be the “difference makers” at critical times in too many games this year. I hope football doesn’t turn into wrestling.

Let SS enjoy it. Seven years is a long time to wait. There’s another seven just around the corner. Have some sympathy.


October 19th, 2009
10:47 am

I didn’t like the Orson Charles call either though it was at least arguable. That turned into a missed feild goal instead of 1st & 10 inside the 20.

With all of this going on, it’s difficult to look back at Spikes bouncing up and down on Knowshon last year. Penn Wagers just stood there smiling ten feet away. That DOES set the tone doesn’t it?

Tim, Sorry I Called You Tony

October 19th, 2009
10:47 am

Yes timing of the penalties has a lot to do with it. Only on big UGA game changing plays. Makes me wonder if SEC ref money is changing hands or if the SEC has certain team they want to win for a BCS CG payoff.

Would like to see a playback of celebration flags called and not called by team in the SEC. I bet the favorites for a BCS CG Florida and Alabama don’t get them when the teams they do play do get them.

Also would someone please explain a sideline celebration penalty like the one UGA got Saturday to me. Please show it on video. I cannot understand it. Would like to see it with an explanation from SEC officials.


October 19th, 2009
10:48 am


October 19th, 2009
10:52 am

Tebow = Lebron; doesn’t travel, never fouls.

Old Dawg

October 19th, 2009
10:52 am

Noticed the AJC took down the link to this blog when these questions appeared. They must not have liked them

Mad Mike

October 19th, 2009
11:20 am

if there’s been any talk about moving richard samuel from tailback to linebacker, i haven’t heard it. but given samuel’s seeming inability to hang onto the ball (another fumble against vandy), does anybody agree with me that maybe he would better serve the team (and himself) if he moved into a position that would still allow him to utilize his size and speed but not require him to carry the ball? the guy’s obviously got talent, but i think securing the football is escaping his skill-set.

[...] complete game to date.”4.  Georgia’s tailback competition is still open.5.  Richt has been bothered by his team’s inconsistency in just about all phases of the [...]


October 19th, 2009
1:13 pm

Seven games into the season and Bobo has not figured out that the Georgia offense cannot line up in the I-formation and run the ball? Spread the offense and put Carlton Thomas and Ealey in there. With their speed and cut back abilities they are certain to find some holes to run through. Throw the ball deep to AJ Green even if he is covered. Stretch the Defense.

All others factors put to the side, the team that has a week off before this game usually wins. Dawgs have a good shot of pulling off the upset.

Go Dawgs!


October 19th, 2009
1:51 pm

Here is an idea for Samuel. We need a speed rush end. He is larger then Marcus Howard and more speed. We all know the effect Howard had on the team 2 years ago.

Dorsey Hill

October 19th, 2009
2:20 pm

I’d like our backs to watch film of Denis Johnson, Mark Ingram and Anthony Dixon. Those guys know how to run the ball. We have to get the ground game going to stand a chance next week. I am so sick of watching our backs go down on first contact. If our guys would start running like they were angry, we might have a chance next week. If not, it may be a long day in Jax. I hear the cries for spreading it out, but realistically, you spread a team out to take advantage of an edge in speed which we don’t have. We did against Vandy, but we won’t next weekend. The Gators are too fast and too well-coached to believe that the answer is finesse. The places that the Gators are suspect is against a power running game and the deep ball.

Mobile Dawg

October 19th, 2009
2:42 pm

I hear ya Dorsey, but I’d also extend that invitation to CMR, Searles, Bobo, and company. They are the ones that set the game plan, expectations, and lay the foundation. As I’ve said before we don’t or can’t, not sure which it is, line up and match up physically with our competition. We are a finesse team and that’s not gonna get it done in the SEC. I only have to look at how Ben Jones has lowered his bar abd regressed since coming to UGA to play at the level of his peers.

I’m officially on the bandwagon to get the fire as hot under CMR’s tail as it can get. He thought he had conquered the mountain and could coast along collecting his $2.8 million salary. I’ve got news for him, he better start making some tough decisions immediately or he won’t have that salary here very long. Look at the competition, and yes there are plenty of great head coaches out there looking for an opportunity. I’ve seen enough of status quo and heard enough excuses. I want improvement and results.


October 19th, 2009
2:50 pm

The problem I see AT Florida is the officials will not allow the Gators to lose a close game. The second worst call I have seen this year (you can guess the first) was the personal foul called on an Arkansas defensive lineman who was trying to fight off a Florida player’s block away from the ball. Even if the stars align and all Bulldawg prayers are answered, I can’t see us blowing the Gators out.

Portland Dawg

October 19th, 2009
3:00 pm

Funny that someone who names himself “Trying to be realistic” calls for Willie to be fired in the off week. You’re not trying hard enough!

Portland Dawg

October 19th, 2009
3:01 pm

Here’s another idea for Samuel…..play linebacker.

Portland Dawg

October 19th, 2009
3:03 pm

Oh I see many others are already suggesting that. He just looks like a linebacker to me.


October 19th, 2009
3:26 pm

The Florida, non-called, penalties that have become so obvious to everybody but the refs, are the ones where their receivers, and DBs too, grab a handful of the opponents jersey to get their advantage. They did it against us last year at a key time – on both offense and defense – and they did it in their game last week. Both of which were pointed out by Danielson (or whoever was doing the game) but they never get called for them. We’ve paid enough for the end-zone celeb from two years ago – get off our ‘effin’ backs refs – and call games objectively.

Mobile Dawg

October 19th, 2009
3:38 pm

The penalty issues are real, I’m not an excuse maker, but consistency is necessary. I saw one particular non call watching USC/Alabama Saturday. The play I reference was obvious pass interference against UA in the end zone just before halftime. Something seriously needs to be done about the inconsistent officiating in the SEC, period, doesn’t matter who you’re for.


October 19th, 2009
3:40 pm

Good game for the Dogs even if it was Vandy. We watched the second half while tailgating before the VT game…seamed like you finally got a little momentum to build off. At least the team can have a somewhat positive bye week to get ready for UF.

See you in Week 13. GO JACKETS!!


October 19th, 2009
3:41 pm

seamed?? We were not sewing at the tailgate….promise.


October 19th, 2009
3:47 pm

Mobiledawg, just who are these great head coaches out there looking for an opportunity, are we talking about Meyer, Saban, Carroll, Brown, who would you have us replace CMR with, i believe he is in the top seven or eight Coaches with the most wins in the last eight years, i mean we are all disappointed that we haven’t won a BCS championship yet, but we were close in 2007 and in 2005, we could have easily played in the BCS game during these years with a little luck…While i agree there may have to be some staff changes, CMR is not going to address the issue during the season, i truly expect that there will be some areas addressed at the end of season, but lets see how it plays out….


October 19th, 2009
4:13 pm

BuLL Dawg – It is amazing that you are excited about receiving votes; However you’re wrong. You did not receive any votes in the AP poll.You will not win more than 5 games, so you will not get a bowl bid, nor should you be concerned about the polls. You will not be ranked this year. You may have 90,000 fans in the first quarter of your home games, but you’ll only have 15,000 by the third quarter. I could care less how many fans you have or we have, we get to watch a winning team and you watch a loser. You are right about one thing, we don’t play anybody the rest of the year and we have 2 SEC teams on our schedule. Wish we could play Georgia State twice so we could have some competition in those 2 games.


October 19th, 2009
4:14 pm

The most suprising and maybe most signifiant item from the Vandy game has gone largely unnoticed so far. With about three and a half minutes left in the game and the game easily in hand, CMR went for it on fouth and three or four. Also, at the end of the game, the dawgs ran a pitch to D. Jackson as time was ticking off the clock rather than take a knee. THe game ended with Jackson lowering his shoulder and taking on a Vandy defender rather than running out of bounds. I believe this is a huge sign on the part of the coaching staff and the players themselves of their rededication to becoming a tough football team. In the past, certainly this year, the dawgs would have either a) kicked a field goal instead of attempting and completeing a PASS play for the first down or b) would have handed it to the fullback on a dive and not gotten the first down. As for the running play a the end of the game, I havent seen that from Coach Richt in a long time, if ever. If this type of mentality starts to take hold with this team, they could surprise everyone in the second half of the season, GO dawgs.

Mobile Dawg

October 19th, 2009
4:17 pm

Dawgster, first, all the great coaches you mentioned started somewhere else. I believe Meyer made his mark at Bowling Green, then Utah, then UF. The college football world is full of bright, young, candidates waiting for an opportunity. Give me some money and a committee and I will find and give you a list of candidates.

Second, you haven’t ever seen me post to get rid of CMR, and you won’t. It’s my job as a fan/booster to make sure to the best of my ability the program stays on track. It’s Evans and Adams job to make sure we’ve got the best people available to do that. I’ve listened to the excuses for two years now and have seen the trend/digression continue in the same direction with no (obvious) steps taken to correct it. I tire easily of hearing CMR’s excuses, I would like to see results. That’s why concerned fans and boosters need to let UGA/CMR know we’re concerned, and unhappy. We can do this in a positive manner which is what I think I’m doing. Your recent examples of 2005 and 2007, those losses in those seasons alone, who we lost to and how we lost make my point exactly.

My desire is for CMR to know, that he can’t take this job and fan base for granted based on his previous accomplishments, and I’m not saying he is. The bar has been raised significantly by other schools in the conference, and if he is indeed the Head Coach you and others say he is, the cream will come to the top and we will see a different product put on the field, a different attitude by the players, and more accountability on the assistants. That’s my wish first and foremost, that CMR meet the challenge and spend many years here.

What I see when I look at his competition are tireless recruiters, tough coaches whose number one priority is winning, and they are doing that. I admire and respect CMR for his beliefs and convictions. Right now my concerns and perceptions are that he’s to soft, on his players and his assistants, the program lacks a true direction, our team lacks a true identity. I didn’t let this happen, CMR did, read his comments, even he doesn’t know which team will show up. Like it or not our program, competitively, doesn’t stack up against the top programs, we’re somewhere in the middle. At $2.8 million a year we’re not getting our money’s worth right now. As unpleasant as this is for all of us, we must be forthright, patient, but brutally honest. Our coaches haven’t done their job, let’s make sure they do, that’s all I’m saying.


October 19th, 2009
5:24 pm

Mobiledawg, I went back and reread your post and although you don’t actually call for his firing, you seem to be throwing out alot of threats, Hey we are all frustrated with this season and last, but nobody can argue with Coach Richt’s record, yes you can be honest, but in doing so be realistic, we are not goimg to win every game we play and yes there will be times when we just don’t play well, look at Bama last year against Utah, Tech got handed to them by LSU but Coach Johnson is being touted as the greatest coach around according to the AJC.. And as far as your perception that Coach Richt is soft, then you obvisously don’t know any players that have played under Coach Richt, the person you see on game day representing our fine university and the person the media sees, believe me he has alot of fire, you just don’t see outright on national tv as do other coaches..Coach Richt has set the bar here high and as it should be, but had we had Stafford, Moreno, MoMass, Allen, not to mention some key injuries, i believe our record would be much improved…Again, although you don’t come right and say it hinting about other Head Coaches who would love the opportunity, and i’m sure they would, give me three right now that you would jump at that would do better than Coach Richt, this shoudn’t cost you any money..Let me close with this by saying i believe we are on the same team here, we have a difference of opinion, and i will agree that if we don’t see signs of improvement, especially on the defensive side, then changes in the staff will probably need to be addressed….

Top Dawg

October 19th, 2009
5:37 pm

I am getting a very bad feeling that this modicum of success (beating Vandy) is beginning to justify CMR retaining his staff after the season is over. :-(