A young recruit . . . a slumping team

  Not much happening on the UGA sports front for a few days, in deference to spring-semester final exams. But a couple of things caught my attention Monday:

  A YOUNG RECRUIT: Wow, Andy Landers must really be impressed with Erika Ford, the Chattahoochee High sophomore — sophomore! – whom Georgia’s women’s basketball program has offered a scholarship and who has verbally committed to accept it when she finishes high school. Apparently she’ll be a Lady Bulldog starting in the 2011-12 season — after two more years at Chattahoochee.

   Best I can tell, she is the first high school sophomore commit in the history of Georgia’s women’s hoops program.

   “She’s always wanted to be a Bulldog, so for her it was an easy choice,” Chattahoochee coach Eric Herrick said Monday.

   Ford, a 16-year-old 5-foot-9 shooting guard, echoed her coach’s words and said “there was no reason to wait” on committing to the Lady Bulldogs. She said she knew the first time she stepped on the UGA campus that was the place for her. She said Georgia offered her a scholarship around Christmas. And by pledging now to accept it, she said, she  can focus on having fun and playing basketball the next two years without worrying about recruiting.

   “I didn’t want to go through the process for two years,” she said.

   Landers, Georgia’s coach, can’t comment on Ford, per NCAA rules. But according to her high school coach, Herrick:

    “She’s a phenomenal scorer [an average of 24 points per game as a sophomore, a total of 1,168 points the past two seasons] and a great defender. Her key attribute is her athleticism. She’s a very explosive athlete, very quick.  And also a gym rat who likes to get better, likes competition.

  “It’s good for her and for us as a team to have [her recruitment] already taken care of. Now she can just go out and play basketball.”

   For two more years of high school.

   A SLUMPING TEAM: Two weeks ago, Georgia’s baseball team was ranked as high as No. 1 in the nation. Now, it is ranked as low as No. 22.

   The Bulldogs dropped to No. 13 in this week’s ESPN/USA Today coaches’ poll –- down from No. 1 two weeks ago and No. 6 last week. The Dogs dropped to No. 14 in the Collegiate Baseball poll, down from last week’s No. 6, and to No. 22 in the Baseball America poll, down from last week’s No. 11.

   Hey, that’s what a six-game losing streak will do for you.

   Baseball is a streaky game, as you know, and Georgia will try to reverse its recent direction in what’s left of the regular season: a three-game series vs. Vanderbilt in Athens this weekend, a single game vs. Georgia Tech at Turner Field on May 12 and a three-game series at South Carolina May 14-16.  Then the SEC tournament.


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Right On Time

May 5th, 2009
9:17 am


Thanks for keeping us up to date on other UGA sports. However, as you
know, it is always football season. With that being said, I have an off topic question…


I know it is between two tough rivalry games, but good grief. Not only do we not get a real opponent, the AD is paying NEW MEXICO STATE almost a mil. Just really dissapointing.

Oh yeah, Diamond Dawgs will right the ship and be ready for a nice appearance in Omaha. They will not win it all, but they will do OK.


May 5th, 2009
9:27 am

Diamond dawgs are showing their true colors now..See what happens when you play a bunch of cupcakes the first 15 games, you aren’t tested before the brutal SEC teams come calling. My prediction uga doesn’t even make it out of the regional.



May 5th, 2009
9:33 am

Who cares about baseball? Football is all that matters baby!! The dawgs will surprise the SEC this year, upset Florida in Jax and blow out Tech in Atlanta—mark it down. Tech’s fairy tale is over this year.


May 5th, 2009
10:15 am

This coming from a team (LSU) that is ONLY 2 games ahead in the SEC…YOU are not a GREAT team yourself…better worry about YOU
getting out of a Regional!!!!!


May 5th, 2009
10:17 am

DawgsRule…who cares about baseball? That’s what is funny about “Georgia fans”…many of them unfortunately…please don’t
refer to yourself as a “Georgia fan” when in esssence, you are a
Georgia FOOTBALL fan….sickening really!!!!!!


May 5th, 2009
10:19 am

I have no problem with UGA scheduling New Mexico State. I’m tired of these schedules where we play Oklahoma State in Stillwater or Arizona State in Tempe, and THEN play a brutal SEC schedule. If a team goes 10-2 through that then they’re really good. Compare this to Florida’s schedule this year where they play a bunch of cupcakes, have a bye week before the LSU game, and don’t play Alabama or Ole Miss( who beat them last year), and are virtually un-challenged in the SEC east. They had a weak schedule last year and ESPN never even brought it up. If the SEC is given credibility as the best conference in college football( which there should be no doubt at this point), then why would schedule all of these tough non-conference teams?


May 5th, 2009
10:37 am

I see that there is virtually no mention of the Florida sweep of your team over this past weekend. Not surprising! All I can say is…JUST LIKE FOOTBALL! JUST LIKE FOOTBALL!


May 5th, 2009
1:36 pm

And then, depression set in.

YaDaddy Dawg

May 5th, 2009
2:01 pm


Fools Gold

May 5th, 2009
2:06 pm

Well I told you so dawgie nation but you wouldnt listen. The baseball team is fools gold. Now listen again…dawgie nations football team is on a definite slide because of that bald headed galoot in Willie M. But again I will be criticized that I dont have facts to support my claim. Well guess dawgie nation will just have to wait and see but then again disillusionment just wont go away. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that UGA just cant get it done with the softie Markie boy….


May 5th, 2009
2:18 pm

New Mexico State and Coastal Carolina. Looks like another 10-win season. I’m pumped!

Slow Freddie

May 5th, 2009
2:50 pm

DawgsRule, do you always smoke a joint before you post on this site? If not, you should because it will make you less delusional than whatever you are inhaling or ingesting right now.

Yellow maggots

May 5th, 2009
3:05 pm

The Diamond Dawgs will bounce back. Just need some rest this week to refresh themselves and start making the big plays. We will probably win the rest by sweeping Vandy, mopping the ted with tech, and blowing out the chickens. Goooooooooo Dawgs!


May 5th, 2009
3:36 pm

DawgsRule – I am going to make a prediction. You probably never went to UGA and were terrible at sports growing up? If football is your favorite sport then awesome but there are other sports at UGA that you need to at least support if you are really a UGA fan. Redneck fans like you give classy UGA fans a bad name.

South FL Chapter of the Bulldawg Nation - President

May 5th, 2009
4:33 pm

First let me say that I bleed Red & Black! Go Dawgs! The Diamond Dawgs are on a slide…as of late the bullpin has been letting leads slip away. Let the 2nd game in Oxford get away and the bats just got shut down on Sun. Last week against Jack St they gave up 8 or more in the 9th to blow the game…blew a 8 run lead on Fri against the Gay-tors(still could of taken that one), and gave up 6 in the 9th on Sun.(I was there) They will get it together for the home stretch and they definitely are a team to be reconed with! How will they do in the SEC Tourn??? That remains to be seen, but they are getting some much needed rest before a big SEC home stand. They have definitely droped some close ones this year, but they’ll get it together!

To you haters that like to drop in and stink up the joint….Take a bath! You stink!


May 5th, 2009
4:59 pm

Obviously the loss of Fields, Beckham, Piesel, and others can not be subsidized by an infusion of freshmen – no matter how talented. The Diamond Dawgs are not as talented as they were last year, and they’re not as talented as some other teams in the SEC this year, but there’s reason for despair from Dawgs, and even less reason for gloating from the others around the league. Last year when you were gettin’ your butts whooped, you were pretty quiet, so shut your pie hole and let’s see what happens as the season play out. Don’t sqawk too loudly, for next year your team may be in a rebuilding phase….you fat lizards!

Pitching is still the most important facet of baseball….the team with the best pitching will always have a chance to win and teams without a lot of good pitching will always be an error or hit away from a loss in a game they held a lead.

Things must be pretty good when people are disappointed in winning 2/3 of your baseball games and winning 10 football games each year. The economy should be doing so well !!


May 5th, 2009
5:46 pm

Simple, last year when they were getting their collective rears handed to them, they were more vocal than they are now. The better we do, the more idiotic comments from the “we hate UGA” contingent.


May 5th, 2009
5:48 pm

Simple most commentors on this blog were not alive, much less at school, when we went 6-5 in 1979. Thank God there was no internet. Erk and Vince would have been replaced after the 31-0 homecoming loss to Virginia. No Vince, no Herschel. No Herschel, no MNC in 1980.

Gators Rule

May 5th, 2009
6:08 pm

3 game swept the Mutts..Bulldawgs fans rant rave about how great their baseball program was…. now all I hear is crickets…as for your football program? HAHA nobody scared of the mutts.


May 5th, 2009
9:32 pm

You guys can try and try and try, but the more you hang out in our blog to convince us how little you care about UGA, the more your actions betray your words.


May 5th, 2009
10:23 pm

How many CWS appearances has UF had over the past 5 years? Oh yeah, one. Georgia has set the bar in the SEC East. There’s still a chance that Georgia can win the East but Georgia’s main goal is to finish strong and land a regional. Don’t ever count a David Perno coached team out. The guys getting a chance to rest arms this week should be a big boost to finish strong.


May 6th, 2009
2:20 am

You all seem to forget the similar slide the the Diamond Dawgs hit about this time last season. When the regionals came around though, the team showed up and TCOB! This seasons slide may be a little worse and may have more of a hangover effect with the younger players but we still have a good core of veterans that were on last years team and know what it takes to break through. Get rested, Good luck, GO DAWGS!


May 6th, 2009
8:13 am

Hey Dawgs Rule…where do you get the stuff you smoke. The Jackets will have your dawgies finished off by halftime this year.


May 6th, 2009
1:38 pm

CUZ I was there! Everyone still loved the coaches. If we lost five games now the idiots would come out of the wood work.

Like someone said previously, I am all for as easy a non conference schedule as possible. FL does it, OH State doesn’t even have a tough conference schedule. Every one has practice games except us.


May 7th, 2009
10:15 am

Let me get this straight. USC and Ohio St play one TOUGH (I use that term loosely) game a year and fans and the media line up to give them hand jobs every year, UGA schedules 1 patsy game a year and you would think the world was coming to an end.


May 10th, 2009
6:46 am

Just saw the new Star Trek movie. AWESOME. The only thing I’ve seen better is the CD of the a$$ whoppin Georgia Tech gave Georgia last year between the hedges. 45-42! Let me know if any of you want to purchase a copy.


May 10th, 2009
9:33 am

Winning cures everything, just ask us. 45-42! Defending state champions!

hey dawg nation, until you dethrone us, STFU!


May 12th, 2009
6:22 pm

And I’ll bet Sugar Hill Dawg a case of PBR and Red man that we win again tonight. I love it. I mean I really love it. I love everything about shutting Georgia down and Georgia fans UP!