Ramble the Wekiva and St. Johns Rivers with Paddle Florida Nov. 30 – Dec. 3

Take part in the Paddle Florida River Ramble, Nov. 30 - Dec. 3.

I say this a lot – if you haven't taken part in a Paddle Florida trip, you don't know what you're missing. I've attended a few Paddle Florida trips in the past, and they've always been a blast. This might be one of the only multi-day adventures where you actually gain weight. More on that in a minute.

See what all the fuss is about on the upcoming Wekiva/St. Johns River Ramble. The event starts on Nov. 30 at Wekiwa Springs State Park, and the following morning paddlers will be shuttled upriver to Kings Landing, returning to Wekiwa Springs State Park after a 8.5-mile downriver trip. The following day, the trip continues downriver to Wilson's Landing. On Monday, the group will paddle 13 miles to Blue Springs State Park. 

There's a huge grand finale barbecue at Blue Spring State Park, and all throughout the trip the Paddle Florida provides meals that are out of this world. The meals require an additional fee, but after a long day on the river you'll want to toss those ramen noodles aside and take part in the catered Paddle Florida meals. Trust me on this one.

For more information, visit www.paddleflorida.org

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