Do You Know Your Manatee Manners?

Manatee in Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River.

It's almost November, and that means it's manatee season here in the Sunshine State. Some of our favorite winter residents have returned from spending time in the open waters around Florida and are heading back into springs, where the water is nice and warm.

This is a wonderful time to visit with the manateees, so I want to share with you a great guide for human-manatee interaction: The manatee manners video available in several languages on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website,

Swimming and kayaking with these endangered animals is an experience unlike any other. Think about it: How many wild creatures can you safely get this close to? Many first-timers come out of the water amazed and say they have a new appreciation for these gentle giants.

If you plan to take a guided tour, you can have a better experience (and impress your guide!) by learning these manatee manners ahead of time. 

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