The Hatching Festival at Gatorama is Aug. 18-27

Don't miss the Hatching Festival at Gatorama!

Everyone, I'm putting out a cool event alert! Check it out – it's time for the Hatching Festival at Gatorama, so make sure to get this somewhere on your schedule during the next two weeks. The event runs from Aug.18-27.

What happens at an alligator hatching festival, you say? Well, over the course of the event, thousands of little gators will emerge from their eggs, which is pretty amazing to watch. The hatching program is included with your regular admission to Gatorama, and for an extra ten bucks you can participate in the Hatch and Hold program. That means a little baby gator will emerge from its shell right in the palm of your hand. Neat!

Gatorama is located on Highway 27 in Palmdale, which is about 40 miles south of Sebring. For more information on the Hatching Festival, visit Have fun!

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