Video: Rainy Day at Rock Springs Run

Since it's summertime in Florida, you can pretty much bet that there will be a rainstorm in the afternoon hours. I'm kind of a fan of being out in the woods during light rains, and a few weeks ago I found myself enjoying one of the coolest (literally) places near Orlando. On most days, Rock Springs Run at Apopka's Kelly Park is loaded with swimmers and tubers, but I had the place all to myself for a little while. 

Check out the video for a little slice of summertime serenity, and here's a tip if you are headed to Kelly Park: arrive early. This park will fill to capacity during the dog days of summer, and no one likes to get the 'ol palm of denial by the person working the gate. Yes, I've had that happen a time or two.

Point your Internet browser at the Orange County Parks and Recreation page for more information, including the address, phone number and a list of awesome things to do at Kelly Park. Have fun!

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