Photo and Video: The Withlacoochee Returns

A few weeks ago, you could have mistaken the Withlacoochee River in Central Florida for a forest road. Until the recent rains from Tropical Storm Debby, the majestic rivers and streams in the area were reduced to small pools of water, broken apart from one another by long stretches of dry riverbed. For anyone who loves and cares about these waterways, it was an awful thing to see.

I visit several spots on the Withlacoochee River on a fairly regular basis, and these spots are a good indicator as to how the whole river is doing. If there are a lot of exposed rocks at Iron Bridge Recreation Area and no water at Hog Island, you can bet there are a lot of places on the river where it would be almost impossible to get through. 

Here's a picture and a short video showing how things look at Hog Island near Nobleton. I even saw a boat going through right before I waded in to get the photo. That's a good thing! If you are thinking about paddling the Withlacoochee River (South) Paddling Trail, now is the time.

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