Destination: Havana

Havana: A Florida town that reflects the essence of Old Florida.

Only about a dozen miles northwest of Tallahassee on Highway 27, the town of Havana (yes, it was actually named after Havana, Cuba, for the cigar industry that once flourished here as well) is rolling right along.

This is a small, somewhat remote Northwest Florida town, but at some point in the early 1980s antiques dealers caught a glimpse of a town that seemed frozen in time and they transformed it into a popular and successful arts and antiques community.

There’s something very pleasing about exploring a small town like this; one where downtown covers about three blocks. You can see something totally new and still have enough time to just stop for awhile and appreciate the slow pace of Florida.

For a list of downtown stores, shops, cafes, and a history of Havana, visit the terrific site,

Then visit Havana itself.

It’s a Great Florida Place.

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