Winter Solstice Celebration Dec. 16 at Tallahassee’s Mission San Luis

Mission San Luis, one of Florida's most historic sites -- and the site of December 16th's Winter Solstice Celebration.

From 1656 to 1704, Tallahassee’s Mission San Luis was the western capital of Spanish Florida. Today it’s an archaeological research site where you can walk through a community of costumed living history guides, reconstructed buildings, and exhibits.

But when you plan your visit for December 16, add to all of this a full day of activities. It’s a celebration of Winter Solstice and will feature stories, skills, and traditional glimpses of Native Americans as well as a Market Fair in the plaza, 17th-century Spanish dramas, childrens' crafts, storytelling, living history, food vendors, a chance to learn how to stomp dance, and participate in a drum circle (I’ve done this and you can’t beat it).

That’s not even the half of it. Even after the sun goes down, the day’s just getting started with evening events that including storytelling in the Council House, drumming, and a stunning vision of the heavens brought to you courtesy of nature as well as telescopes provided by the Tallahassee Astronomical Society.

Mission San Luis is a great place, and this is a great event… naturally.

If You Go

Mission San Luis
2100 West Tennessee Street
Open Tuesday-Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
$5 adults, $3 seniors,$2 children 6-17

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