You’ll See Florida in a New Light with Old, Historic Photos

Kids in St. Augustine. An amazing picture from more than a century ago.

It’s hard to believe tourists would come to Florida before the advent of air conditioning, but I found a COOL WEBSITE that has a Powerpoint presentation filled with photos of travelers coming here in the 1880s and 1890s. Not only were these folks NOT blessed with air conditioning, they were seeing Florida from paddlewheelers and steamboats that traveled down rivers like the St. Johns and Banana and Ocklawaha and Tomoka. And you’ll see that often the men were wearing dress suits while ladies wore long dresses and elaborate hats. Crazy, man, crazy.

You’ll get a kick out of these images, which also include roads scenes, photos of kids by St. Augustine’s Castillo de San Marcos, and Seminole Indians (circa 1890) by the Jupiter Lighthouse.

If you have any insight on where these photos came from, drop me a line. And if your computer doesn’t handle a Powerpoint presentation, another site (THIS ONE) has the same still photos you can see right away.

It’s Old Florida history and it’s pretty damn cool.

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