The Coke Millionaires of Quincy, Florida

A Coca-Cola bottling plant in Quincy. The real thing made real millionaires in this small Florida town.

I have a million reasons I love to travel around Florida, and the bulk of them are based on the stories I hear.

The first time I visited Quincy, a town of 6,975 roughly 30 miles northwest of Tallahassee on U.S. 90, someone told me it had more millionaires per capita than any other place in America. Who knows if that's so, but even if it's only half right… Why?

Well, according to what I heard it turns out a Quincy banker suggested to his customers that they invest in a refreshing new product that seemed to be growing in popularity, even in the days when folks didn’t have much cash in their pockets.

The product happened to be Coca-Cola and $40 worth of 1919 Coke stock would be worth an estimated $6.4 million today.

History. It’s everywhere, and off the beaten path, in Florida.

Footnote: Be sure to read 'How Quincy Struck It Rich', a VISIT FLORIDA feature by Lenora Dannelke.

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