Boogie Woogie Festival at Art’s Garage in Delray Beach: Nov. 15-16

Two nights of the best in boogie-woogie during a festival at Art's Garage: Nov. 15-16.

There’s something vastly entertaining about the boogie-woogie style of piano playing, which means the entertainment level will increase tenfold when some of the best of the best take the stage at Art’s Garage during the Boogie Woogie Piano Festival in Delray Beach on Thursday and Friday, November 15 & 16.

The style has a long and amazing history, going way back beyond the legendary Fats Waller, but to know that a style of music is still popular more than a century after it entered the mainstream is incredible. Why has it been around so long? Come to the festival and find out. Tickets are only $25 ($40 for a two-day pass) and you’ll discover the various regional styles of playing by performers including “English Bob” Andrews, Lee Pons, and Tom Worrell (New Orleans); “Barry Cuda” (Key West); Victor Wainwright (Tennessee); Jim McKaba – (Chicago); Kelley Hunt (Deep South)… all wrapped up with midnight jams.

Even better, it's in Delray Beach which is already a cool place. Add some great boogie woogie and it’s even better. By the way: Art’s is a "multi-disciplinary cultural hub for visual artists, musicians, performers, film presenters and arts educators." It's also a BYOW (Bring Your Own Whatever) club where you can bring in a bottle of wine or a picnic basket and enjoy “an evening of art and conviviality with friends” — Arts Garage style.

You'll find Art's (561/450-6357) at 180 NE First Street. You'll find even more information about this wonderful town at VISIT FLORIDA.

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