Say Hello to my fellow VISIT FLORIDA Insiders (Part Two)

Rachelle Lucas, your cruise director and Food & Dining Insider.

In my first blog about my fellow Insiders I wrote about Kevin Mims (Outdoors and Nature), Jill Martin (Family), and Lauren Tjaden (Beaches & Adventure) and you can click their names to reach their pages.

But there are several other VISIT FLORIDA Insiders and I wanted to remind you that not only are their blogs, videos, articles, Q&A page, facebook and twitter pages filled with fantastic information, so are they. If you’re an explorer, you'll want to know…

Rachelle Lucas, Food & Dining: I first met Rachelle in Mount Dora when she was creating social media content for innkeepers who had no clue how powerful it was. But Rachelle proved it to them and now she’s proving it to the world as (dig this) she circumnavigates the globe to report on luxurious destinations and dining topics while teaching people about effective ways to use social media. The Internet’s not large enough to contain her list of credits, so I'll just say she has a fondness for food, whether it’s a simple comfort meal or an elegant multi-course experience.

Jeanette Scott, Shopping: I know virtually nothing about shopping or, for that matter, fashion (I still wear Garanimals), but Jeanette has an understanding of both. She knows what to buy and where to buy it, and she knows what to wear and why. In addition to being an Insider, based on her passion for fashion, she's laying the foundation of an online empire. Not only that, her fondness for Florida is almost palpable, which automatically makes me like her. You will, too.

Dalia Colon, Smart Travel:
If you like bargains, Dalia is your galia. Several times a week she’s pointing folks in the direction of discounts including money-saving tips that can economize a short road trip or pay off on an extended vacation. She’ll fill you in on price rollbacks, ways you can avoid hidden fees and where you can find great buy-one-get one free deals. It’s worth your time to have Dalia save you money.

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