Organic Americana Concert Celebrates Real Florida Music – Sept. 22.

A celebration of real Floriida music takes place in Crystal River on Saturday, Sept. 22.

I’d imagine roots music is still called roots music, but I also like it that someone came up with the phrase ‘Organic Americana’. Just maybe that person was Floridian Fran Litton, because she’s the person behind String Lily Presents, the group that will present Organic Americana on Saturday, September 22, at the Crystal River Preserve State Park, Eco-Walk Trailhead at 5990 N. Tallahassee Road.

When you live in a place, sometimes the things that surround you seem commonplace. Organic Americana addresses that by giving a name to music that reflects a sense of the region and grew naturally from the musicians’ love of their home. The three Americana music acts that’ll be performing in Crystal River recognize the magical qualities of the state and the beauty of off the beaten path Florida that inspired them to sing and play.

Kelly and Danny Goddard and Brian Durham, of Tallahassee’s The New 76ers appeared at the Florida Folk Festival, have their own CD (Superhighway), and a sound that seems like it would have been right at home on the Oh, Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

The four members of Sabal chose the name (and I like this) because “it takes its name from and represents the people and places of Florida.” Not just their name, mind you. Their songs, too, celebrate their north Central Florida heritage. You can follow them on facebook.

Also on the lineup is guitarist Hardee Myer. The gates open at 1 p.m., performance take place between 2 and 6 p.m., and tickets are only $11 ($12 at the gate) which you can buy online or pick up at the Inverness Farmers’ Market on Saturday, September 1. Kids six and under are free. A portion of the proceeds will go Friends of the Crystal River State Parks, Inc.

It’s easy to assume what we have here is ordinary – but it’s not. Florida is extraordinary and thanks to shows like this we’re reminded of the talent and the beauty that surrounds us.

For more information, contact Fran Litton of String Lily Presents at or (407) 927-8032.

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