Weird Florida: A Bizarre Journey to Florida’s Zaniest Places

Charlie Carlson and Miss Scarlet are scouring the state to look for quirky people and places in the WLRN program 'Weird Florida'.

If you follow my Facebook page, you may have seen that I had a completely chance encounter with writer, author, and historian Charlie Carlson and his Weird Florida: Roads Less Traveled television crew. We both happened to be in Lake Placid (The town of murals, caladiums and the Lake Placid Tower) on the same day in the same place. The fact it was late on Sunday on a holiday weekend and in a parking lot taking pictures of the same thing when no one else was there made the experience even more weird.

When folks love Florida, they really love it. I’ve got a passion for its people, its history and its places, which is why I love my gig as your Off the Beaten Path Insider. And obviously Charlie (a 10th generation Floridian) digs our state. And so does his videographer Felipe Marrou, Jr., and producer, Mia Laurenzo. So much so they’ve created this multiple-award winning program.

And if you’re reading this, I suspect you’re probably pretty fond of Florida as well. If that’s the case, you can follow Charlie and his team (including Miss Scarlet, his canine companion) who are covering the kind of destinations and history you dig. They’re always finding some cool angle that piques peoples’ interest and, even better, they’re doing it on a PBS station (WLRN), and you can’t say enough good things about PBS.

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