Cassadaga: A Video Visit

I headed to Cassadaga, the Florida spiritualist camp near DeLand and Daytona and Lake Helen, and chatted with innkeeper Diana Morn who talks about visitors the community and what they hope to discover. Excuse the film quality (it was shot on an iPhone, although I've tried to enhance it with scenes from the village).

The story begins in 1875 when trance medium George Colby arrives, led here (he claims) by an Indian spirit named Seneca. By 1895, Colby had 35 acres and the charter to commence The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association.

You can arrive anytime (Saturdays are pretty busy), but Sunday morning offers the chance to attend the worship service followed by a reception at the Fellowship Hall. It's an interesting place – a kind of "only in Florida" destination that keeps things interesting.

FYI: The small community has a large reputation. Several bands (including Floridian Tom Petty) have incorporated Cassadaga into their songs.

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