Get Up Close & Personal with a Dragon (Boat) in St. Petersburg

Can you feel the energy of this Dragon Boat Team?

Dragon boat racing is steeped in culture, rich with tradition and fairly roaring with excitement.

Imagine hundreds of paddlers churning the waterway in boats festooned with vibrant dragon heads; imagine drummers beating out ferocious rhythms, yelling encouragement to their teammates in intense contests where the difference between winning and losing is sometimes only a fraction of a second.

You don’t have to imagine anymore.

Paddles Up St. Pete splashes into St. Petersburg (Poynter Park at Bayboro Harbor) 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Oct. 6, 2012, promising an action-packed day of Dragon Boat Races. At the event you can:

  • Test drive kayaks, canoes and paddleboards
  • Discover the latest marine advances from organizations in St. Petersburg
  • Check out paddle craft    
  • Enter a kayak or canoe race        
  • Explore the marine science expo    
  • Enter to win a kayak    

More news to twirl your beach towel?

Admission is free!

Fun Fact: The dragon head and tail are attached to the Dragon Boat only for races. During the inaugural ceremony of a dragon boat race, a Taoist priest or a community civic leader is usually called upon to dot the dragon eyes with red paint; this is a symbolic gesture to bring the dragon to life.

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