South Walton Adventure Run Features Pirates, Beaches & Treasures!

Would you rather try an adventure race here, or in a mud pit? Hmmm.

Most adventure races are challenging. Likewise, most are extremely muddy. Imagine grime smearing your hair, sand under your arms and sweat mixed with dirt, and you’ll have it about right.

South Walton decided to add a new twist to this popular new sport – a clean, refreshing one! The inaugural Treasures of South Walton Adventure Run sprints into Topsail Hill Preserve State Park Oct. 19-21, 2012, providing a fun challenge through coastal forest and along the sugar-sand and clear turquoise water of the Gulf of Mexico.  

Hmm, sugar-sand versus mud. I don’t have much question which race I’d like to dig my toes into…

The Treasures of South Walton Adventure Run encompasses an entire weekend of fun, beginning with a masquerade ball Friday evening, where everyone will don their pirate duds for a night of swashbuckling merriment at the Tops’l Resort, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.  You’ll enjoy dancing to live music, dining on hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar and a silent auction.

Saturday features a special one-mile fun run for your little ones, with a scaled-down version of the course engineered just for them.  Sunday brings the main event, with hearty landlubbers striving to navigate the 5k obstacle course – and at the same time, striving to outmaneuver buccaneers out to plunder their booty.  The weekend culminates in an awards ceremony, with prizes for the runner with the fastest time (with booty intact) as well as the pirate with the most booty.

Snag more information or register; sneak a peek at the Adventure Run album on Facebook.

Smile-worthy note: Sponsored by Visit South Walton, the Treasures of South Walton Adventure Run is produced by SRB Productions, whose goal is to produce exciting events in order to leverage awareness and funding for charitable organizations.  The beneficiary of the 2012 event is Food for Thought, which provides backpacks filled with easy-to-make meals, allowing children in need to focus on their development and education.

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