Is Hang Gliding Fun? Watch the Video!

I love flying my hang glider. I love the way the ground below me turns into a patchwork of pastures, lakes and swamps; I love the way the cars shrink into little toys and finally unrecognizable dots; I love the way you can taste the air and how it smells like orange blossoms sometimes. I love the freedom, and how my wings curve through sky.

About the only thing I love as much as flying my glider is sharing the experience with others. Check out the video I filmed and you'll understand why it gives me so much joy. 

If you want to see what all the excitement is about for yourself, you can try tandem hang gliding– at Quest Air Hang Gliding in Groveland (west of Orlando), where the video was filmed, as well as these other locations:

I have to share this– the in-air footage in the video is of me taking my mom flying for her 77th birthday. Doesn’t she rock?

Insider’s disclosure: My husband manages Quest Air Hang Gliding.

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