Rand McNally & USA Today Name Delray Beach Most Fun Small Town in America!

It's the most fun small town in America — officially!

On July 17, 2012 , Rand McNally and USA Today named Delray Beach the Most Fun Small Town in America in their Second Annual Best of the Road Competition.

How did they pick?

The quest began on June 15, 2012, with five teams of two searching for the best America had to offer in the categories of Best Food, Most Patriotic, Most Beautiful, Friendliest and Most Fun. 

After a period of online voting, Delray Beach surfed into a spot as one of the six finalists for Most Fun Small Town in America. Team 'Fresh Traveler,' Anna Haas and Patricia Serrano, visited the six towns and ultimately decided who most deserved the title.

The results are about as surprising as fins on a fish: spirited, quirky Delray Beach won! The Atlantic village washed out the other contenders, which were Corning, New York; Santa Claus, Indiana; Denton, Texas; Buena Park, California and Geneva-on-the-lake, Ohio.

And this is really a blast!

After hearing the happy news, the Delray Beach Marketing Cooperative began whipping-up the most fun Delray Beach weekend ever.

Check out the video to see what team ‘Fresh Traveler’ enjoyed there! I'll give you some hints: their adventures included snorkeling a shipwreck, making mojitos and painting the town. You have to see it.

Guess what else?

The video’s going to air on the Travel Channel on July 25, 2012 at 8 p.m. Cool beans!

Insider’s Warning: Watching this video may cause beach envy, and could even result in a vacation.

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