Media should learn from Ludlow

Thinking Right’s weekend free for all. Pick a topic:

● Ah, so this is it. Drinkers who can’t make it through Sunday on the stash of booze they bought Saturday and those who were too discombobulated to remember on Saturday that booze is not sold on Sunday are not, it is revealed by the AJC, the driving force behind all the legislative attention directed to Sunday sales. It is the Georgia Association of Convenience Stores and its president, Jim Tudor. This is one of the reasons Republicans should be wary of getting too close to “business.” Business has the money and the incentive to legislate public policy in Georgia — and what’s good for their bottom line may not be good for others. (Really, this is not a hot-button issue with me. It’s simply that it’s symptomatic of a larger problem: Who decides what’s important for Georgia?)

● To all the recent comers to metro Atlanta, it’s a shame you weren’t here to hear radio personality Ludlow Porch, who died last Friday. America’s yearning for civil conversation with a respectful friend on the radio was soothed for years by the calming presence of Ludlow Porch. You knew he wouldn’t come in your house and trash your values or embarrass you in front of the children. All media should learn the Ludlow lesson.

● Every new account of the Atlanta Public Schools’ handling of the investigation into changed answers on state tests of student performance suggests that there is, or was, a culture of corruption in the day-to-day thinking of those who run the system. Latest is the account of a key aide to Superintendent Beverly Hall who allegedly gathered principals and advised them to tell state investigators to “go to hell.”

● State officials really do have to stop taking the bait when Washington politicians dangle enticements, as President Barack Obama and the previous Congress have done with high-speed rail. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has joined Ohio Gov. John Kasich in rejecting the bait money. In Florida, that’s $2.4 billion for a Tampa-Orlando line. But cost increases could put Floridians on the hook for another $3 billion. Too, chances are good that ridership won’t pay operating costs, leaving the state’s taxpayers to pick up the tab. Rule of thumb: If it’s not something you would do with your own money, don’t do it because “free” money is available. Ultimately, it’s never free.

● Watch also for mission-creep in existing programs. The Georgia Regional Transportation Agency is and should forever remain primarily a “coordinating” agency. Neither it nor any other entity should become a regional “operating” agency that combines MARTA and other systems into a single operation. A regional agency is one more step removed from voter control and accountability. And mixing MARTA with any other transportation entity is certain to subject the whole to MARTA’s union and its contract rights.

● Georgia legislators should maintain the same wariness about opening Underground, Jekyll Island or Lake Lanier to any form of gambling. Do that and be certain that Indian tribes will gain the right under federal law to bring casino gambling to Sparta and probably other areas. Once the state shows that it is amenable to additional gambling enterprises, the door is open.

● Dunwoody City Council declines to levy a hotel-motel tax to support its bid for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon. The tax on patrons of the five hotels in Dunwoody would have gone from 5 to 6 percent. Among my most-hated taxes are those levied on the unborn and unformed classes of payers, like future visitors and car-renters. The Legislature should pass a law requiring governments that levy such taxes provide something of value — free tickets to the facility being financed, or car rental discounts — to taxed guests.

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Bama Bill

February 17th, 2011
6:46 pm

Who would believe that those test scores in APS were on the up and up ? Any educator would tell anyone in a heartbeat that something was fishy ! Superintentent Hall is simply a fraud which is what she was in New Jersey !


February 17th, 2011
6:50 pm

Good column, Jim. I was a fan of Ludlow and especially his half-brother Lewis Grizzard. We will miss both.

Rafe Hollister

February 17th, 2011
6:56 pm

I have a real conundrum, I think people should be able to spend their money as they see fit, Sunday Alcohol, Gambling, Lottery, Horse Racing or however. The rub comes that all these great
“entertainments” increase poverty. Poverty increases my taxes as someone else has to feed and educate the children of those who participate in these exciting paycheck shrinkers.

Ragnar Danneskjöld

February 17th, 2011
8:51 pm

Good evening all. I am a teatotaler and I believe anything that stimulate use of alcohol is bad for society. So nothing I say will affect the alcoholics, acknowledged and otherwise, among us.

Never heard Mr. Porch. Everything I have heard about him made him sound like a Southern Paul Harvey. That’s a good thing.

The difference between Beverly Hall and Richard Nixon is that when Nixon said, “we could raise the money for the burglars,” he quickly recognized, “but it would be wrong.” Nixon knew the difference between right and wrong, and Beverly Hall manifestly does not.

To the list of heroes that include Govs. Scott and Kasich, let’s remember that last year Chris Christie’s first significant act in New Jersey was canceling the Federally-subsidized tunnel. I think I am moving toward Mr. Christie in 2012, as I have given up hope that Gen Petraeus will run. An extra point for Gov Scott: he is threatening to withdraw from Medicaid. As recently as one year ago I thought Rick Perry was the only really good governor. The Jan Brewer showed her mettle. Everyone knows Scott Walker now. There’s a bunch of good ones out there.

I would vote to abolish GRTA, if we lived in a democracy.

I would favor making Underground an independent entity, outside the control or influence of the state or city. It mostly is, anyway.

Sounds like a business opportunity – set up a motel just outside Dunwoody city limits.


February 17th, 2011
9:41 pm


#1; You’re right; business shouldn’t have too much influence. I’m happy that our legislators know best and would never be influenced by our non-drinkers; so much for free enterprise! It really doesn’t matter how drunk we get on Sunday, as long as we buy the booze on Saturday.
#2: You’re right again; it’s never free. if we can’t afford it as a State, don’t accept money for high speed rail or port improvements in Savannah. As you say, either it’s a good deal private business or the State will fund it. Whoops; in #1, the legislators know best.
#3: Right again; we don’t need Medicaid. If healthcare is needed, either pay for it or let the slugs out there die.

#4: Georgia needs to take care of itself; let’s secede.

You’re a great American; keep it up!

David Granger

February 17th, 2011
11:23 pm

Funniest thing I ever heard on the radio was Ludlow Porch, and it happened when he wasn’t even trying to be funny.
He asked one of his famous “trivia questions” about director John Ford’s Cavalry Trilogy:
“Not long after WWII had ended, director John Ford made a series of three movies that are now referred to as his ‘Cavalry Trilogy’. They all starred John Wayne as a cavalry officer, and they all had Ward Bond and John Agar and Victor McLaglen, and they were all set in Monument Valley. The first one was ‘Fort Apache’, the second was ‘She Wore a Yellow Ribbon’, and the question I’m asking is…what’s the name of the third one?”
Well…right about that time, on late-night TV, one of those telemarketing firms was pushing a three-movie video set of “All Time Bests of the Duke”…featuring three John Wayne movies. The three were “Fort Apache”, “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”, and “Flying Leathernecks”.
Well, everybody who called in tried to tell Ludlow that “Flying Leathernecks” was that third movie. Ludlow would patiently explain that…no, “Flying Leathernecks” is a movie in which John Wayne plays a fighter pilot in the Marine Corps. And the question is what’s the third movie in the “Cavalry Trilogy” in which John Wayne plays a cavalry officer in the old west. Ludlow would admit there was a three-video set being sold on TV right then, and yes…the third movie in that set WAS “Flying Leathernecks”. But that’s not the answer he’s looking for, even though the first two movies just happen to be the same.
Well, the caller would admit that, yeah, maybe you’re right, Ludlow. Guess I just didn’t listen closely enough to the question.
And then…just as soon as Ludlow would take another caller, he’d jump in with “I believe you’re wrong there, Ludlow. That fellow was right. That commercial was just on TV, and that third movie IS “Flying Leathernecks!”
…and then Ludlow would patiently explain again.
I was in a small diner eating breakfast when I heard this, and Ludlow had seven callers in a row trying to tell him that “Flying Leathernecks” was the name of that third movie…and never once did Ludlow lose his patience or refuse to explain why it was NOT the right answer.

james plank

February 17th, 2011
11:27 pm

You know, with all the budget shortfalls and economic pitfalls in the state, I would think that this is a no-brainer. JUST CHARGE AN EXTRA FEE. I mean, come on. 1: ask the people of the county/town/city to vote on sunday sales. if it passes 2: allow the provider to buy a special ’sunday-sales’ permit. 3: done deal. Now, if done in this manner, the city/state/county will receive tax revenue and they can set up stings with the stores that have not bought the permit fine the piss out of them and make another stack of cash. Boom!

Charles Jackson

February 18th, 2011
6:24 am

“Who decides what’s important for Georgia?” THE VOTERS not the Christian Coalition moralizers.


February 18th, 2011
6:30 am

Who decides what is important in Georgia?

When it comes to the purpose of a legal substance that almost 100% of republican legislators purchase and enjoy, the answer is the radical fundamentalist “christian” sect in Georgia, to which the majority of republican legislators are a wholly owned subsidiary.

The hypocrisy of republican newspaper writers and legislators appears to be boundless. The legislators get elected by shouting, “big government is bad government” and “individual freedom is God’g freedom” but then govern as big brother, refusing to even allow local referendums on demon rum! They decry every move of the Obama Administration, even making fun of his wife and seeing “big government” in every pronouncement, even to the point of decrying “big government’s” decree regarding their precious light bulbs but sit on their hands when big government in Georgia controls when and where someone can purchase alcohol. Cigarettes, the number cause of medical deaths? Sure, buy them when and where you like.

This entire issue has been a stain on the republican leadership in the state senate and is a perfect example of the mistake of taking away the powers of the Lt. Gov and turning to “governing by committee” in the senate. No one has been stained more than Chip Rogers, the sponsor of the the legislation and one of the biggest hypocrites in the General Assembly. For that, it almost makes it worthwhile to have our individual freedom to choose taken away by the republican theocracy in Georgia.

Churchill's MOM Rand Paul for President

February 18th, 2011
6:44 am

Our senior RINO Senator What’s In It For Me Chambliss was on PBS last night talking about increasing taxes & cutting spending. I’d like to see him start by ending the $6,000,000,000.00 ETHANOL subsidy. This taxpayer rip off is not only ruining our cars but has driven up the price of live stock feed by 40%. I know Saxby’s son working as an ETHANOL lobbyist has nothing to do with his support of this costly federal mandate,

The Anti-Wooten

February 18th, 2011
7:03 am

Jim, it’s apparent that you and your sycophant Ragnar Strangerdanger believe that the only reason that someone could possibly want to purchase alcohol on sunday is due to the depravity and alcoholism in their body and mind.

Since my wife and I eat things other than deep fried oppossum (or alligator in Strangerdangers case) we occasionally make menu decisions for our sunday repast that would make it nice to be able to get a bottle of red wine rather than white or to get cooking sauternes for a nice veal dish.

You, Strangerdanger and your christian coalition partners have placed their mythologies and Invisible Sky Fairies above the will of the people. Time to end all imcome and property tax exemptions for religous organizations that have become the lobbying arm or the Republican party.

Dr. Stan (The Black One)

February 18th, 2011
7:31 am

Dr. Stan (The Black One)

February 18th, 2011
7:31 am

“Whatever else you do today, you find somebody to be nice to!”


February 18th, 2011
7:41 am

For those of you who never heard Ludlow, here is a sample of his humor:

Sunday alcohol sales; never underestimate the political power of little gray haired ladies who will shake a Bible in your face and tell you that you’re “Going to burn in Hell”.

Old joke; “What’s the difference between a Baptist and a Catholic? The Catholics will speak to you in the liquor store.”

Nobody I know has ever visited the modern Underground Atlanta. An urban version of an overpriced strip mall just doesn’t sound enticing to me.

I'm curious....

February 18th, 2011
8:01 am

.. about why nobody has filed a First Amendment lawsuit about the Sunday drink. This is actually one of the situations covered by it – government promotion of one religion (Christianity) over other religions. I’m Jewish, and my Sabbath is on Saturday. Why should I be restricted from buying alcohol on Sundays? Furthermore, there are times when it actually interferes with my ability to practice my religion. We are prohibited from making purchases on our Sabbath and holy days. Coming up, we have a situation where a holy day starts Sunday evening. If I happen to run out of wine for Kiddush (a religious requirement for us) on the Sabbath, I will not have the ability to buy more on Sunday for the holy day starting Sunday evening. Should I have purchased more wine before the Sabbath to prevent this situation? If I had thought ahead, I could have. But why should I have to?


February 18th, 2011
8:05 am

I dont’t understand the problem folks. You elected these goobers to represent you. In between them finding jobs for their family, they take time to vote against what most folks want. Especially pandering to those Bible thumpers who seem know what is best for all the citizens of Georgia whether they agree or not.

The Ghost of Lester Maddox

February 18th, 2011
8:33 am

Gotta hand it to the AJC – anytime any lobbyist ties the shoe of a lawmaker, they throw up big headlines…..EXCEPT…

…I have yet to read of ANY lobbying activity by COX ENTERPRISES, or any other entity under which AJC operates….

…I have yet to read ANY MENTION of how many of these EVIL LOBBYISTS furnish FREE AJC PAPERS to these lawmakers…

When you “buy ink by the barrel” like the almighty AJC, you can label other folks as evil while avoiding any mention of your own lobbyists.


February 18th, 2011
8:42 am

Re:point #4 and high speed rail.What Jim doesn’t know or conveniently forgets to mention is that the companies that would be bidding on Florida’s high speed rail project would have offered contract language stating that they would cover all cost overruns, and guarantee a set amount of fare revenue for 30 years if actual ridership failed to meet projections. Governor Scott, besides being a corporate criminal, is acting like a political ideologue, and will turn Florida into a third world state.


February 18th, 2011
8:52 am

I truly don’t understand all the talk about high speed rail anyway. Why is a high speed rail from Macon to Atlanta or from Atlanta to Chattanooga even discussed. There is not enough of a demand for either. Who in the hell goes to Chattanooga? The only reason to ever go there used to be their aquarium and that was made insignificant when we opened our on! Macon? Get real!


February 18th, 2011
9:08 am

Republicans should be wary of getting too close to “business.”

LOLOLOLOL! Absolutely hysterical!

Hey Rip Van Winkle, I got some real bad news for ya. They are already OWNED, lock, stock and barrel by business.

Welcome to the corporatocracy.


February 18th, 2011
9:16 am

Not a word about the double speak going on in the GOP concerning immigration?


February 18th, 2011
9:18 am

First of all Sunday sales has nothing to do with being an alcoholic or not it has to do with freedom. Why is beer legal one day and illegal another? I think we should ban milk sales on Saturday, why not?
Can anybody tell me why Beverly Hall still has a job?

Obozo and his administration are such losers they think everybody else is as dumb as they are. Think about it would you accept a present form somebody like; here is a car; I made the 1st payment on it, now you have a lifetime of payment to keep up.

Gambling, why not we already have the lottery to steal from the weak minded…


February 18th, 2011
9:26 am

” (Really, this is not a hot-button issue with me. It’s simply that it’s symptomatic of a larger problem: Who decides what’s important for Georgia?)”

Jim? Please!

You claim to be conservative. This is not about booze. It is not about “Who decides what’s important for Georgia?”. It is about who decides what is best for me. Me or the government? I vote for ME deciding what is best for ME. You, apparently, vote for letting the government decide what is best for me.

This is the problem we have created in the USA. On to many issues we have said it is better for government to decide. So we have ended up with a government that is way to big, way to expensive and way to intrusive.


February 18th, 2011
9:51 am


General Petraeus is way to liberal for you. Do not let the “stars” get in your eyes. The man is a political liberal.

Christie has a habit of doing what he says. He says he is not ready to be President. He has said it more than once. He will not be your candidate in 2012. In 2016 he is probably “in like Flint”.

Nixon may have known that raising money for the burglars was wrong, but that knowledge did not stop him from doing so. As Nixon told Buchanan over and over, “what is the politics of the thing”. Nixon did not make it to Vice President, Governor and President because he was ignorant of politics.

An we agree on Medicaid. Unless Congress does something to soften the medicaid “cushion” for the States you will see States start to drop out or seriously amend their programs. They have had the option the last dozen or so years.

But changing will be difficult and not for the politically faint of heart. The dreaded “death panels” would be created to decide who gets what care under what circumstances. I can see the local 6:00 pm news coverage already.


February 18th, 2011
10:18 am

Let’s see, Tampa to Orlando:

A. Drive it in just over an hour, or

B. Spend 30-45 minutes parking, checking in, boarding train, another hour or so for the trip, still another 30-45 minutes disembarking, getting rental car, etc.

What could possibly go wrong? Plus, just wait until the soon-to-be-union goons at the TSA get involved.

The only place train travel makes sense to me would be in the Washington to Boston corridor. However, the cost of real estate would be prohibitive, IMHO.

Ragnar Danneskjöld

February 18th, 2011
10:42 am

Dear curious @ 8:01, “why nobody has filed a First Amendment lawsuit about the Sunday drink. ” Easy answer, the language of the 21st amendment – gives full power to the states to do anything they wish on alcohol, for any reason.

Dear jconservative @ 9:51, good arguments, I yield on most – excepting only on Christie. He could foreseeably lose re-election as gov, and may elect to run with the opportunity in 2012, especially if nobody else catches fire. His blunt talk is more “Reaganesque” than any other than Magna Sarah, whom I believe less ready for the job. Re: Petraeus, my admiration is based on my perception of his combination of leadership and competence – seemingly rare today – but I concede I nothing about his ideology.

rant and roll

February 18th, 2011
11:02 am

If local voters choose to allow or not allow Sunday liquor sales – that would be OK. To have the state tell us we can’t even vote is unAmerican.

@ Lee (10:15) I keep seeing the Tampa – Orlando drive is an hour every time the rail is discussed. Unfortunately that is not true. During the work week I-4 is a parking lot around Tampa and Orlando. During the weekend it is also slow.

rant and roll

February 18th, 2011
11:03 am

forgot to add: the biggest supporters of rail in FL – the evil empire = Disney.

Billy Peeler

February 18th, 2011
12:30 pm

re: Your 8:42

You certainly make a good point, but keep in mind…most companies bidding on the contract will be “ad hoc” companies formed specifically just to bid for that ONE potential job. (They’ll be wholly-owned subsidiaries of larger companies, of course.) But it’ll be done that way so that…if there are a lot of cost over-runs, or lack of adequate ridership, the company can just go through a bankruptcy and be off the hook. And then the taxpayers will…once again…be stuck with all costs.
That’s happened in Washington and California a couple of times with bridges.


February 18th, 2011
1:06 pm

Jim speaks with forked tongue while sipping his Jack Daniels on Sunday mornings during his drive to Church.

Jim is a talibaptist – No vote for you (a ‘la Steinfelds the soup Nazi).


February 18th, 2011
1:08 pm

Hey to your Republican lawmakers downtown as they get free Booze, and can drink for free any day of the week !

They seem really entitled, as they take Georgia down.


February 18th, 2011
2:58 pm

‘Every new account of the Atlanta Public Schools’ handling of the investigation into changed answers on state tests of student performance suggests that there is, or was, a culture of corruption in the day-to-day thinking of those who run the system. Latest is the account of a key aide to Superintendent Beverly Hall who allegedly gathered principals and advised them to tell state investigators to “go to hell.”’


——Unaccountable unions and corrupt government officials more concerned with their jobs than those they are serving….

Enough said!


February 18th, 2011
4:24 pm

@David Granger, great story that captured the warm and gentle wit of Ludlow Porch. What struck me most, however, is how all those callers just took what they saw on TV as the gospel truth.

Food for thought.

Jim Tudor

February 18th, 2011
5:02 pm

Dear Jim,

Hi this is Jim Tudor. Thanks for the mention in today’s article. Nice to know that I am masterinding the destruction of Georgia by having the audicity to ask that retailers in the Peach State have the same opportunities as the rest (47 states) of the country.

1. Shame on Me: For asking that people be given the right to vote. You characterize this as a Sunday “booze” issue, but your crack research staff knows that no sales occur with the passage of this. I know that you prefer the positions as stated by opponents who have testified that they are against having such elections because “they might lose” and “such elections would be unfair”. Other than the last presidential election, any other ones you want to cancel or prevent? As a person of faith myself, I find it hard to believe that anyone looking at this organized attempt to restrain free choice (I think He gave us that, didn’t He?)will be seen as an incentive to make your first trip to a house of worship. Rick Warren reminds us that we say we are to be fishers of men, but we want our fish cleaned and fileted, right? Can’t trust the rabble rousle to make good choices…

2: Shame on Me: For advocating on behalf of businesses along Georgia’s borders who see their customers leave each weekend. Making it fair on our side of the border is truly evil. Even though no sales would occur, the thought that border communities might vote to keep business in Georgia is very terrifying.

3. And lastly, shame on me for being late to respond. I like many of your readers, don’t get the printed paper every day. So I had to go to a convenience store, where the majority of the remaining printed copies are sold, to get mine. Its always a nice touch to attack your biggest customer.

Nice to know that all this ruckus is my fault. Don’t worry, after a while we’ll all go back to the plantation and be good folk. And things will return to the good ole blue law days just like you want them.

Shakin that bush boss.


Jim Tudor

February 18th, 2011
5:13 pm

To readers who see all the bad spelling. Oops

Hillbilly Deluxe

February 18th, 2011
5:31 pm

If it’s not something you would do with your own money, don’t do it because “free” money is available.

Every community in America needs to learn that lesson.

“Whatever else you do today, you find somebody to be nice to!”

Ludlow was a shining example, for many years, of what talk radio could be, if it only tried.


February 18th, 2011
7:11 pm

Republicans should be wary of getting to close to “business”
and – Who decides what’s important for Georgia?

Jim, I can’t believe you would print the above with a straight face. You know perfectly well Big Business already owns the Republican Party and, because of this, business decides what’s best for Georgia, which of course is what’s best for them.

Smoot-Haley Smut

February 19th, 2011
8:20 am

“Watch also for mission-creep….”

I read the comments above from the coddled clods who visited here from the bookman blog. So I Don’ts have to look to far for any type of creep, okay?


“…Indian tribes will gain the right under federal law to bring casino gambling…..” I went to an Injun casino once and got beat up and thrown out for counting coup.

I hated that weekend.

Dan Meehan

February 19th, 2011
8:43 am

It’s not a hot button issue for you? Could that be because you like the status quo where you are able to impose your religious practices on me and other “drinkers” as you so derogatorily refer to us? What issue in front of the state legislature is more important than individual freedom? What is a higher priority than to enable citizens of Georgia to free ourselves from the religious mandates of others?
If a politician cannot stand up to a bunch of church ladies, what can we expect of him when he has to deal with real lobbyists with truckloads of money?
The last Democrat I voted for was Eugene McCarthy. But I am going to vote for Democrats for state office until I can buy a bottle of wine on Sunday. I am sick and tired of the Georgia Taliban.


February 19th, 2011
11:15 am

Jim Tudor needs to tune in to Glenn Beck and get his hesd out of his carcuss…………………


February 19th, 2011
11:18 am

Dan H. Meehan is an alcholic and deserves his demo-gog brotheren.




February 19th, 2011
1:05 pm

Mr. Republican Speaker, where are the jobs? Mr. Republican Governors, where are the jobs? Two more Georgia banks failed and our legislators are concerned with Sharia law. Unemployment remains dangerously high and our legislators are concerned with cutting taxes. If cutting taxes is such an effecitve pancea for all our ills, why were they not effective for say, the last 8 plus years since the Bush tax cuts went into effect. Stop drinking the tea and think with both sides of your brain. Speaking of free, who said “The Iraq war will pay for itself” and who believed him when he said it and who still believes it? Hint: They are the same folks who voted for the thugs who are pushing the country to the brink of bankruptcy and refuse to reevaluate their decision.


February 19th, 2011
11:06 pm

If you remember Ludlow Porch you remember knowing each morning Atlanta had a reflection of its unique personality as a town. What WSB replaced him with reminds us each morning that we lost that charm and became a town of snarling sharks.


February 20th, 2011
9:05 am

Does anyone think that Will knows what a theocracy actually is or is he just looking for a handy perjorative?


February 20th, 2011
12:18 pm

stephen, what up??

Lost charm??

You gotta be kidding me,son…………..

WSB(welcome south brother still tells you about who shot who each and EVERY morning, just like then.

You want to solve the crime problems??

Stay tuned and listen to me……………..

Washington Street

February 21st, 2011
12:03 pm

Allow gambling, nix the Pre-K program, and HOPE is fixed for YEARS to come. Let’s continue to educate Georgia’s college kids!! We do darn little else for them.

Dr. Stan (The Black One)

February 22nd, 2011
8:02 am

Dr. Stan (The Black One)

February 22nd, 2011
8:04 am

His Nancy

February 22nd, 2011
10:20 am

I was blessed to be Ludlow’s wife for over 14 years. The kind, funny, Southern gentleman you heard on the radio was that way at home 24/7. I appreciate everyone’s sweet stories and comments so very much. Thank you to all of the AJC writers who have spoken of him so kindly. I couldn’t agree more, Jim….we can all learn the Ludlow lesson. I can hardly imagine Ludlow and Lewis together again…now THAT’S a heaven filled with laughter.

Dr. Stan (The Black One)

February 24th, 2011
6:52 am