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Vote out Left, repeal health law

Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic:

● With health care, the Left has taken this country where the center-right majority ain’t. There will be a price to pay on Election Day in November and in 2012. Then repeal.

● With or without Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker, a candidate for governor, the state should join states in challenging the just-passed mandate that people be forced to buy health insurance. The feds’ constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce does not extend to forcing individuals to buy specific products, state AGs contend.

● Yes, ethics reform in Georgia is vital. But it does feel kind of silly to be freaking out over who buys a politician lunch when the dishonesties inherent in the just-passed health care bill — the phony numbers, the tricks to hide taxes, the double-counting of higher Medicare taxes — are so profoundly dishonest that they’d be prosecutable in the private sector. There’s such a despicable …

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Health vote puts some Dems at risk

Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic:

● The former chief operating officer for the DeKalb schools, the woman responsible for the system’s nuts-and-bolts financial details, neglects one teensy-weensy detail about her own life. Patricia Pope said she was “unknowingly” still married when she nuptialized the architect to whom she is suspected of steering school construction contracts. One doesn’t remember buying an extra wrench — not ordinarily taking an extra husband.

● Remember the 1989 spectacle of former House Ways and Means chairman Dan Rostenkowski being chased down the street by angry seniors objecting to the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988? We’ll see that all over the country if tone-deaf Democrats ignore the nation’s opposition and proceed to pass ObamaCare — especially if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempts a procedural end-run around the Constitution.

● The AJC’s Washington correspondent, Bob Keefe, notes that two of …

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Taxing the unborn is unjust

Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic:

● This President and his acolytes: “We inherited a mess.” Next President: “We inherited a mess made worse.”

● Back when Republicans were nobodies in the Georgia House of Representatives, I listened to Rep. John Linder extemporaneously argue free trade. It was a coherent philosophical framework for the alternative party in a competitive two-party system — one of many he made. I discovered much to my surprise when Republicans claimed the majority in Georgia, that few had listened. Linder, who is leaving Congress this year, is a steady, principled conservative who helped define that movement in this state.

● The “humble little” homes averaging 1,500 square feet in the Northwoods subdivision in Doraville may get historic designation as Georgia’s first large-scale planned suburban community. Some of my favorite neighborhoods in all of metro Atlanta are those composed of little brick houses built by the …

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Fear tax power of government

Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic.

● If those in power in Washington use “budget reconciliation” to cram down ObamaCare, bitter hyper-partisanship will be the norm at least through the rest of the Obama presidency. Unfortunately without genuine, sustained outrage at the grassroots, Washington’s gone deaf.

● The top U.S. Marine, Gen. James Conway, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that his best advice to the president and to Defense Secretary Robert Gates on “don’t ask, don’t tell” would be to “keep the law such as it is.” Any effort to lift the ban should, he said, answer the question: “Do we somehow enhance the war-fighting capability of the U.S. Marine Corps by allowing homosexuals to serve openly?” In polls, just less than 60 percent of the public disagrees with Conway. No surprise. Just less than 10 percent of this country has ever served in the military. Top Army and Air Force officers urge caution.

● Polling for CNN …

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