Oh, rats, it’s the weekend update

Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic:

● Bob Knoller of CBS News kept a tab on how much time Barack Obama and George W. Bush spent on the golf course. Obama’s played more than Bush did in more than two years. No criticism’s heard. But then Obama doesn’t fit the stereotype liberals assign to Republicans.

● One day it’s a national emergency. The next it’s “the swine flu monster seems to be retreating from Georgia.” This emergency appears to be one part flu, one part an effort to pass ObamaCare, and one part a desire to show what this government could have done had it managed the Katrina problem.

● Headline: “Health care bill includes public option.” Notice that whenever the Democratic Party leaders in Congress find their center, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada attempted in reducing several versions into a single bill, it’s always to the left. When you scare off Olympia Snowe, as Reid did with the public option, you’re far out there. Snowe, a Maine Republican, was the only member of her party to support Democratic efforts to remake America’s health care system.

● One despicable aspect of the health care cram-down is the class warfare. To pass legislation or raise taxes, Democrats have to find villains — the health insurance industry, for example — to make the rabble believe somebody’s getting something they’re not. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trashed the insurance industry for “obscene profits” and “immoral profits.” The Associated Press examined the claim. The truth, as reported by the AP: “Health insurers posted a 2.2 percent profit margin last year, placing them 35th on the Fortune 500 list of top industries.”

● U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman will join Republicans in filibustering the public option. Thanks, Joe. America needs you. President Obama, meanwhile, filibusters a winning strategy in Afghanistan. He’s not deliberate; he’s indecisive. Well, not entirely. All bad things were George Bush’s fault; of that, he’s quickly certain.

● The two pilots who overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles have overshot their careers by about a week. Hang it up, boys.

● The school-based interest groups that do their best to defeat any change to the public education status quo had for decades controlled the Georgia General Assembly. No bill passed without the education establishment’s OK. About four years ago, that began to change. This year legislators allowed state-chartered public schools to receive the local taxes levied on a child’s behalf. Atlanta joins Gwinnett, Bulloch, Candler and DeKalb in filing suit. Pure and simple: the money should follow the child. Period.

● Kudos to Doraville city officials for a rousing display of good sense. City council unanimously rejected a proposal to turn the prime GM site into a football stadium for the Atlanta Falcons. It could do for Doraville what professional baseball venues have done for the area south of I-20.

● The city of Atlanta is “scrambling” to spend $30 million in federal deficit money. As the AJC’s D.L. Bennett reported: “Atlanta officials have pushed through more than 50 last-minute deals with service agencies who hope to spend like crazy before the program expires Dec. 31.” Somewhere at a Waffle House, there’s a struggling-mom waitress desperate for dollar tips whose paycheck is being levied by politicians in Washington to pay for Atlanta’s shameful exercise in waste.

● We’re not still debating whether surveillance cameras in public spaces are big brotherism, are we? Nobody should have an expectation of privacy in public places. Atlanta’s applying for $13.7 million in federal funds to put about 500 cameras on city streets. Go for it. Catch the rats.

● Headline: “The rats are coming to Atlanta, study says.” Oh, the cheap-shot temptations that are placed before the disciplined commentator. I’ll merely observe that lots of undesirables are already here.

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October 29th, 2009
8:53 pm

Well the healthcare bill’s treatment has put to rest any idea that Congress is representative of the people. Congress is representative of the individual Congressman’s financial agenda–that is all. If the City of Atlanta needs to spend $30 million, why doesn’t it hire more policemen, and build one big shelter for those bums on the street–somewhere near the welfare office. You haven’t mentioned The White House war on conservatives and the First Amendment–evidenced by sending a campaign manager down to salvage the dem governship in New Jersey, and attempts to shut down dissenting media.


October 29th, 2009
8:55 pm

11 points, Jim, and I agree with every single one of them.

Either you’re wearing me down, or I’m getting older and wiser. Perhaps it’s a little bit of both.

Thanks for the breath of fresh, sane air.


October 29th, 2009
9:47 pm

Good evening Jim,

I’m surprised I’m still up.

Bob Knoller really needs to find meaningful work.

I’ll wait and see what happens with the swine flu.

Senator Snowe is 58% Republican.Even she can only be pushed so far.I sincerely hope she’s had an actual awakening on this bill.She’s mostly my kind of politician.

Someone is making a bag of money off the insurance companies.I’ve paid all my life and I’ve never filed a claim.Health,auto,home,I used to insure my bird dogs.Don’t have any now.

As I said before;it’s hard to be hawkish about Afghanistan with a Nobel Peace Prize hanging out of your pocket.

What was his name?Corrigan?Wrong Way Corrigan,I believe.His record is still safe although a serious attempt was made to best it.They were laptopping.

In the private corporation the need to spend large amounts of money on frivilous things before the end of the fiscal period was always a yearly exercise.The City of Atlanta need only go to private enterprise to hire spending experts.I have a list of names I’d recommend.

I believe England now has two cameras watching every person.We’re way behind them.

Rats.I can understand why restraint is the best policy.The list is long.

I can’t believe another Friday is here already.I think that time actually went by more slowly when you wrote a column everyday.

Yankee in Gooberville

October 30th, 2009
4:54 am

Grampa is off his meds again.

Gerald West

October 30th, 2009
6:11 am

Another little of this, some of that … just a lot of trash.


October 30th, 2009
6:24 am

Jim…my god, man…get off the crack rock or you may become an “undesirable”…need an intervention?

Charles Jackson

October 30th, 2009
6:35 am

And what, pray tell, is a “winning strategy in Afghanistan,” Mr. Wooten? More troops, for how long, to what end? There is no “winning strategy” – can’t be done in that barren, godforsaken place. Bring the troops home NOW.

Ty Webb

October 30th, 2009
6:58 am

Bush promised to give up golf to show solidarity with the troops; then played anyway.



October 30th, 2009
7:24 am

Cant we just OUTLAW the DNC and the RNC and FORBID ANY Candidate from being a ‘party’ affiliate?



October 30th, 2009
8:03 am

I’m getting pretty teed off at Obama. He seems to be lost in the woods when it comes to Afghanistan, and his popularity is starting to fade. He is using issues such as health care reform to drive a wedge between different groups of people, and his presidency is becoming a hazard to us and to the entire world. There is just no other fair way to put it – he should stop pointing the finger at bogeymen such as insurance companies and Fox News and just lead. And where are all of the green jobs?


October 30th, 2009
8:05 am

Way to pick cherries, Mr. Wooten! Bush’s infamouse “…blah blah, fight terr’ists, NOW WATCH THIS DRIVE!” clip was so embarrassing, he claimed to give up golf for the soldiers and took up bicycling instead. Let’s compare the time Obama spends smacking a golf ball — IN AND AROUND WASHINGTON DC — to the time Dubya spent flaunting his athletic, spandex-clad behind and matching helmet anywhere BUT Washington. Then there were the month-long brush-clearing trips to Crawford while disasters ravaged parts of this country. Oh, but those aren’t the cherries you wanted, were they?

Bo Chambliss LOBBYIST

October 30th, 2009
8:29 am

Sen. Joe Lieberman is owned by the insurance industry.. Love it when a LOBBYIST does his work


October 30th, 2009
8:30 am

When will Oblama wake up and stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes? I mean, does he ever think anything through or is just just running down a list of things he wants to check off? He sure does like to start stuff without having any idea of the middle or end of the project or even how the darn thing is going to go. What a joke he is making of things. I think the only thing he did in office that he gave full attention to was getting the family dog and even that took 6 months. How much time do we have left? Oh wait, it’s almost as if he hasn’t stopped campaining, so I guess the next three plus years are going to be full of pain. Too bad I’m too broke to drown my problems-he created!!!!

Money paid in taxes for children should follow the children as it does in Europe. Their school system is way ahead of ours and it really allows children to learn something for a change. What’s so wrong with that?

The rats have always been here and they always will be here. Guess I need to get a few more traps.

Jim, with all these treats you gave us today, I just can’t wait for the Democraps tricks.

Watta Load

October 30th, 2009
8:36 am

“I’ll merely observe that lots of undesirables are already here.”

Including one that won’t just retire already! Sorry..that was too easy :) .

"Charles", The Original

October 30th, 2009
8:40 am

If I were influenced by the New World Order Crowd i.e. the evil cabal that parallel the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr., I would watch Americans closely too; especially real Americans. Don’t you think cameras are needed if worldwide governmental deception is the order of the day? Somewhere we’ve read that rats would deceive the very elect of God Almighty if it were possible. Thank God Almighty for the impossible.

The so-called educated integrationist Americans who take advantage of average Americans by distorting their way of life are always troubled by the notion of common Americans waking up. What happens if Americans awaken to discover the New World Order Crowd, red, yellow, black, and white, are willfully and callously using institutions to indoctrinate, enslave, imprison, bankrupt, and mongrelize every person sporting a modicum of morality in these United States of America? What happens if Americans discover that the elitist have conspired with other rats in our country and around the globe for the purpose of acquiring tyrannical power and world domination? And what happens if Americans discover the ‘Fall of the Republic’ is undergirded by paralleling the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr?

This is what will happen. At the end of the day, America will be confronted with a similar operation to that initiated by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. History sternly reminds us how the Khmer Rouge forced the so-called educated integrationist Cambodians, bureaucrats, intellectuals, and rats etc. to relocate from the cities to the countryside. The government had become too corrupt and had begun to influence the people accordingly.

Let me get down to the nitty-gritty. From the very beginning, relocating rats of every sort to the countryside was hardly authentic. It was a scheme hatched by the Khmer Rouge to punish enemies of common Cambodian, via slave labor, malnutrition, poor medical care, and outright executions. And when all had been said and done, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge placed the skulls of the so-called educated integrationist rats and their minions on public display to remind the world of the fate of those whose so-called educated integrationist hearts and minds are stayed on evil. Some numbered the skull count as high as 21% of the population. If Americans happen to be as unfortunate, the number of skulls exhibited would climb to sixty three million.

Let’s hope and pray that God Almighty touches the hearts and minds of the so-called educated integrationist rats in our beloved country while we still have time.


October 30th, 2009
8:46 am

It’s not so much that your analysis of the Obama Administration is wrong, it’s that you, along with almost all republican newspaper writers and almost republican radio/tv entertainers, seem oblivous to the same tactics/mistakes used by republicans.

You and Vice-President Cheney are concerned about “dithering” over military strategy in Afghanistan but appear to forget that “dithering” for four years in Irag while Senator McCain and most military begged for more troops resulted in thousands upon thousands of catastrophe injuries/deaths to our precious patriots to say nothing of the failure to make adequate progress in this ill-fated war.

You correctly point out that the Administration attempts to demonize the insurance industry for political gain in the healthcare debate but ignore the demonization by republicans (”death panels”, “you lie!”, “socialism/marxism”, etc.)for political gain.

So, because the republicans do the same thing as democrats, does this make it okay for the democrats to do it? If that is your understanding of my concern, you don’t understand my concern. Why on earth would you put your faith in either of these purely partisan-driven parties who both believe in “party first, country somewhere down the list”?

The partisan political divide in our Republic knows no bounds. Republican radio entertainers, in particular, have turn vaccination of our children into a partisan political matter. They even have disgustingly lowered themselves to bring President Obama’s children into this sorid affair. For some, democrats believe in vaccanating their children, therefore you should not join in these government sponsored vaccination. For some democrats, vaccinating their children is a must because republican radio entertainers see some dark, dangerous, government-controlled problem with doing so.

Stop and think. Do you really want to make a political statement with your precious children’s health?

And the band played on…………..


October 30th, 2009
9:00 am

But, but, but…Jim! What if that struggling mom waitress is a single mom? Doesn’t that mean that she made her own choices and now she’s faced with the consequences and should not expect any quarter (pun intended)?

Sam C

October 30th, 2009
9:01 am

It’s time to hang it up Jim.

One day you decry “class warfare” and the next day you describe those who object to the high cost and unethical practices of private health insurance as “rabble”. I’m surprised you didn’t call us “the unwashed rabble”.

The great United States of America is powering ahead to a more just society, Jim, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It’s time you step aside and retire with your memories of “the good old days”.

Sunshine and Thunder

October 30th, 2009
9:07 am

What rats are already here? You mean democRATs?

Brad Steel

October 30th, 2009
9:15 am

Obama’s played more than Bush did in more than two years. No criticism’s heard.

Oohhh the irony.


October 30th, 2009
9:24 am

Sam, go back and read what he wrote. He used the word “rabble” from Pelosi’s perspective.

And if you think getting government involved in something is going to lower the cost, you are an idiot. You can’t name one instance of where that has happened. Does robbing our children of their future by saddling them with unmanageble debt (both R’s and D’s) sound like a just society to you? Spare us the righteous indignation.


October 30th, 2009
9:29 am

Right Wooten, and you will accuse the administration of ‘dithering’ for not more quickly dispensing H1N1 vaccinations. Not that the Bush administration didn’t dither in Afghanistan for the last 8 years. I’m sure you heard a previous General say about the Bush/Cheney priorities: “In Iraq we do what we must, in Afghanistan we do what we can.”

Surely a general isn’t politicizing things eh?

Someone else needs to hang it up too!


October 30th, 2009
10:13 am

Well thank God the vast majority of the American public sees things different than Jim.

From Gallup.com……”A majority of Americans, 55%, have at least a fair amount of trust in President Barack Obama on healthcare reform, compared with 48% expressing trust in the Democrats in Congress and 37% trusting the Republicans in Congress.”

Its hysterical watching conservatives these days. Republicans think that the American public has forgotten all about the disaster of the Bush years and his Republican Congress. We now have a Republican strategy that expects to regain power with a scorched earth plan. Being lectured by out of touch Republicans is a joke.

Republicans want to be heard but have nothing to say. “I hate you!” just doesn’t cut it these days.


October 30th, 2009
10:44 am

I’m sure Joe Lieberman now holds a prominent spot on Obama’s enemy list, but thank God he had the guts to call a dog a dog. He actually gave the best reason heard to date as to why a public option would be harmful.

The public option supposed to negotiate rates with health providers thus bringing rates down. However Sen. Liberman has been involved in these so called negotiations with Medicare and basically it’s just the government setting the rate they want to pay. Need more money for medicare, we’ll just cut Doctor payments.

What happens next is that the health industry raises rates to everyone else to make up for medicare losses.

My father is in a nursing home, and is one of the 20% in this nursing home who pay their own way. The remainder are on medicaid. I found out that medicaid was paying $3750 per month while my father was paying $4150. I asked the administrator why and he said to make up for the cuts medicaid had made in their payment schedule. He could cut staff, or raise rates on private payers.

This is exactly what Lieberman say happens when you cut medicare payments. Rates for everyone else goes up. So when the dems say they save money by cutting medicare, they are in fact transfering these cost to the private sector. Same will go for a public health plan.


October 30th, 2009
10:52 am

Oh, for heaven’s sake, Jim. Next thing, you’ll be comparing cancer research statistics concerning the rise in certain cancer rates or the rising rates in children born with autism to the nefarious plots of the President to get the health care reform bill passed. My son had swine flu for six days and was very ill. More than just a handful of people between the ages of 2 and 55, a good number with no underlying health or medical issues, have died from the virus in Georgia, let alone in the rest of the country. I’m sure these people weren’t remotely interested in the political machinations of the Obama administration or those of the Republican party when they were fighting for their lives in hospital intensive care units against the swine flu and lost the battle. I ordinarily wouldn’t wish anything bad on anyone, but perhaps if you manage to get a case of the swine flu and live through it, your opinion will change (remember, it could happen to you – it doesn’t only just happen to people in newspaper stories). Your continued attacks on health care reform spouting things similar to those in today’s column makes you look almost as bad as Rush Limbaugh (if that’s possible), who still is removing the egg from his face concerning the alleged Obama college essay on the removal of certain constitutional rights to push his “socialist” agenda, which, as everyone now knows, turned out to be a hoax. It’s amazing how far just a LITTLE research can go, and apparently neither you nor Mr. Limbaugh seem to have any staff (or any motivation yourselves) to do any. Have some compassion for those who have been ill or have died from this pandemic. Don’t use the sick, dying and deceased to push your political agenda. It’s unseemly to say the least.


October 30th, 2009
10:54 am

So Lieberman was for Health care reform before he was against it?


October 30th, 2009
11:07 am

Lieberman, of course, represents Connecticut, a state whose capitol city is home to more insurance companies than any other in this country. He chooses to fillibuster an option that more than 55% of Americans support. One guy, money stuffed down his pants, blocking the national will.

You’re in favor of this?

Public Option's Doing Swell

October 30th, 2009
3:45 pm

Wooten knows nothing about medicine except that he defecates and urinates. He is the last person to listen to on any medical matter and could never have been admitted to a medical school.

Get vaccinated.

Public Option's Doing Swell

October 30th, 2009
3:48 pm

Wooten must think that Summer Rockerfeller and the 22 year old who died at St. Joe’s and the 51 year old who received an experimental neuramidase inhibitor because resistance of H1N1 to Tamiflu and Relenza is growing rapidly have a vivid imagination and none of them was really sick. It was all liberal scare tactics.

On October 26, Fulton County had used 700/5300 vaccines. That calculates out to 13% of their supply. Further since they have now been vaccinating for 23 days today, and have 8 clinics, Fulton had given out by Monday 3.8 vaccines per clinic per day.

That is evidence of pandemic ignorance on the part of parents egged on by medical morons like Jim Wooten.

Public Option's Doing Swell

October 30th, 2009
4:15 pm

I imagine Dr. Wooten thinks that the 22 kids who died in the US this week are faking their deaths, and under his clinical care they could be urged to get up and walk away.

Public Option's Doing Swell

October 30th, 2009
5:08 pm

According to AJC’s default wire service

At Least 114 U.S. Kids Dead From Swine Flu

More panicked liberals according to Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Jim Wooten.

Mutts R Dirty, Filthy Scum -ToHellWithGeorgia

October 30th, 2009
6:30 pm

Nasty New Flu in Ukraine: In the Ternopil Region 25 percents of infectiologists who worked with patients with acute respiratory viral infections are ill, the chairman of the Association of infectiologists of Ukraine Mykhaylo Andreychin reported yesterday, on October 29 at a press conference. Yesterday, on October 29 in Morshyn, Lviv Region a doctor from a local hospital, who contacted with patients with viral infection and visited them, died, is reported by the Deputy Chief of the Health protection department in the Lviv.

big dog

October 31st, 2009
8:51 am

For the first time in my life I agree with the libs on bringing home the troops. A country with enough idiots to elect Barrack Obama or Barry Soweto or whatever his name is President, is not worth another one of these heroes dying or losing legs and arms. Every time I watch this impostor who did no-ABSOLUTELY ZERO lifting for our country salute a hero, it makes me sick to my stomach.


October 31st, 2009
10:13 am

Government intervention in “Health Care” or “Health Insurance” Reform is not Constitutional. In fact, most Congressional action is not Constitutional.

The Left and Right seem to ignore this very basic principle when the action of Congress suits them.

Return to the limits on the Federal government imposed by the Constitution and see also a return to the greatness the United States once displayed.

The Left would not like such a return because their Obammasiah would be removed from office and the Right would abhor the removal of the Federal government from our private lives. The Democrats and Republicans in Congress would be essentially powerless over our day-today lives and their Fat-Cat pensions, health care, limousines and other perks would evaporate. Well, this sounds better with every word!

Not to mention the return to an equitable tax structure ignoring the Left’s demonization of those “evil rich”. You know, the evil people who provide jobs to all the great unwashed. Exactly how many jobs are created by the welfare state? That would be ZERO!

If government is the answer then the question must have been among the most stupid ever asked.

Michael H. Smith

October 31st, 2009
10:25 am

We’re not still debating whether surveillance cameras in public spaces are big brotherism, are we?

If we are not, we should be still debating surveillance cameras in public spaces as unconstitutional government intrusion upon individual rights to privacy. Keyword: Surveillance. As long as an easily seen public notice – like a sign – is posted in plain view of all passers by that these surveillance cameras are video taping them, there is no harm or foul of the law committed. Otherwise, even the rats we all don’t like that still have civil rights we all wish they never had, will have their same civil rights of individual privacy that we all possess and desire to keep even in public places violated.

Injustice anywhere, Mr. Wooten, remains injustice everywhere. Even when the so-called well deserved reasoned justifiable injustice is done to the deserving rodents of our society in public places.

Keep in mind readers, if public notification serves to deter criminals from committing a crime in a public place because the criminal is aware that video evidence is being publically collected against them that will be used in a court of law, society only gains from a criminal event that never takes place.


October 31st, 2009
11:26 am

Well if you have to rely on outright lies to state your position, you can’t have much of a position.

Moms who are waitresses at Waffle House aren’t getting their paychecks levied by Washington – very few people in that wage category are paying any income tax at all.

And while I certainly don’t approve of government waste, I don’t presume that all money spent by the government is waste. We pay taxes for services and infrastructure, and Atlanta’s infrastructure certainly needs shoring up. If we can get some federal help for that and put local people to work doing it, I’m all for it. But many of our local politicians are too busy making blanket statements about “waste” to put the money to any good use. Funny how people who run for office saying that “government is the problem” generally end up in a self fulfilling prophecy if they win.

And don’t even get me started on health care. Nearly everyone would save money if we had a single payer insurance program, including those “evil rich” business owners, but everybody’s too busy calling it “socialism” and “class warfare” to realize that apparently.

I Report, Liberals Bedwet

October 31st, 2009
11:42 am

Just a couple points to pick out of Jim’s post:

“The two pilots who overshot Minneapolis by 150 miles have overshot their careers by about a week. Hang it up, boys.”

You know, it was interesting watching the DNC liberal mainstream media report this story. Exhibit A, CNN: “White House monitored wayward plane situation.” Uh huh, they’ve got to make their Dear Leadership look good, don’t they? Now, for a more reasonable and fair and balanced report from Fox News: “The Federal Aviation Administration violated its own rules by taking more than 40 minutes to alert the military after losing communication with a Northwest Airlines flight last week, according to officials familiar with internal reviews under way at several federal agencies.” Another one: “Fighters were not scrambled but were on alert.” On “alert” for over an hour while an airliner heads for a major city with no communication for over an hour? Just curious, where are all those liberal Demwits who said the FAA and Bush Administration was asleep at the switch when 9/11 happened and fighters were slow to respond?Uh huh.

““The rats are coming to Atlanta, study says.”

Whaddya mean “coming” to ATL? Hell they’ve BEEN here. Most come from liberal Northeastern states and liberal Midwestern states where their Democrats have all but taxed to hell businesses and private enterprise and people so much that they have to come down here and look for jobs. Oh, but OH, with the exception of our Deal Leader VEEP, Biden. He sees fit to see a GM plant come alive in his own home state of Delaware. Yeah, while Detroit starves this bozo puts his own special interest ahead of those of Michigan, where there are more idle and empty plants than Eastern Czech. Oh, by the way, the car to be build is part of the brilliance of the Pelosicrats in 2008 for part of the “stimulus” bill that included $25 billion (yeah, that’s with a B) to promote “green” cars. Nah, you won’t see this reported in the Atlanta Urinal Constipation, DNCNN, or the New York Slimes.

I Report, Liberals Bedwet

October 31st, 2009
11:56 am

Yeah I’m just getting warmed up, kids. Let’s see what else is going on out there in Land Of The Libtards…………

A PMSNBC headline: “High jobless rates could be the new normal.” Uh huh. Make excuses for your Dear Leadership of Dimwitocrats running Washington, eh you mindless DNC liberal media myrmidons? Aren’t you people glad like hell that “stimulus” bill of nearly a TRILLION was rammed through in such a freaking HURRY to save and create jobs? And you idiots want these idiots to do the same with our HEALTH CARE? My GOD how can people be so mindless? Liberal Idiocrats.

“Obama: Excessive pay ‘does offend our values.” Spoken like a good student of Marxism. I’ll bet he didn’t need a teleprompter to speak THOSE words. Newsflash: it is nobody’s damned BUSINESS how much someone makes. I do find it interesting though how no mindless Dimwitocrat bedwets about Hollywood pay or Dimocrat lawyer pay like that of John Edwards. Uh huh.

“CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks.” Well, all I can say is, ain’t that just a damn shame. The liberal DNC media is starting to crumble. Can’t wait for “news” papers like the New York Slimes to fail – unless the Dear Leader and Pelosicrats see fit to bail those extremist left wing biased punks out with my money.

More to come, to be sure…………………..


November 1st, 2009
12:15 am

Public education in Geirgia has been a disgrace for my entire life, and I am in my sixties. Neither Reublicans nor Democrats seem to have the fortitude to make the right (sometimes hard) decisions about education. Money is not the answer, but a certain amount must be spent. Good teachers should be well paid, performing principals should be supported, programs that work should be funded. Instead, we get the same old “stuff” year in and year out; lousy teachers can’t be fired, and, the charter schools (which typically out perform other public schools) get sued by idiotic BOE’s. God help our kids. My advice? Put you kid in a private school. ANY private school. Use the GOAL scholarship money and get them OUT!


November 1st, 2009
3:14 pm

Well, Jim Wooten, good to see you are in a fire & brimstone mood!! Great move for this Halloween weekend.

Golf? Who cares who played what? Bush could make decisions on the golf course or Crawford, TX or wherever needed. Obama seems stymied at big decisions.. He hasn’t decided about moving troops to Afghanistan in 60 days and still holding. HIS dithering is assuring defeat. RAHM, would you please tell Obama what’s next and what to do? He’s not listening to the Generals.

Joe Lieberman, I like him. He seems to think independently, a rare ability in Washington. Not the way to popularity with Democrats. They are still fussin’ & fumin’ over Bush and Cheney.,.better known as the good ol’ days when we were not trillions in debt with more coming.

My doctor has received no H1N1 vaccine yet. The “emergency ” will be over before the vaccine comes. In the meantime, leave my doctor alone. He’s no socialist and neither am I.

Good move, Doraville, No football fiasco! How about a nice auto production plant? There are already plenty of malls, subdivisions, condos and apartments. Dime a dozen, in fact. Bring something that produces more than millions$ for football players.

Ahhhh,,stimulus money and Atlanta..How about more pothole posses? Or an extra ER for Grady? Or a GA Tech Police Station? That last would take care of a few of the rats.


November 2nd, 2009
10:52 am

Well Jim it looks like the ” LIAR ” Dick Cheney…can’t remember why he gave up the CIA agent……

I guess all that money he got from cost plus contracts, and “INSIDE DEALS”….with Halliburton, has clouded his memory ?

How pathetic……worst Vice President EVER !