Voters buy trouble on Election Day

Thinking Right’s weekend free-for-all. Pick a topic:

House Democrats propose to limit increases in the cost of some medical insurance policies to 1.5 times the annual rate of medical inflation, unless government says otherwise. Fair enough. Said government should agree, too, to limit its spending to 1.5 times the annual population increase or the annual rate of inflation of what it buys.

Best headline of the week: “Unclear how much time is left.” Second best: “Get answers now, as time may be short.” Both were over the same story. Guess its subject: a) a Southern Baptist, Holiness or Church of God revival; b) a late-night infomercial; c) cash for clunkers; d) global warming; e) the motorcyclist who sped to 170 mph in an attempt to elude police.

The legacy of former DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones lives on. Taxpayers there may be about to take a big hit to settle reverse-discrimination claims brought by four current and former employees of the county’s Parks and Recreation Department. A panel of judges on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals finds “shocking” evidence of “an overt and unabashed pattern of racial discrimination” in his administration. It’s amazing how many voters buy their troubles on election day.

Would that the federal government be as diligent in tracking the $787 billion “stimulus” money as it is in reviewing how the Georgia DOT manages $28 million in grants to small and rural transit operators.

When they’re all arrested, it’ll be worthwhile to see how many of those accused in the killing of Atlanta boxer Vernon Forrest were born into intact families with a mother and father in the home. Same with the four accused of killing two women in East Point.
It’s noteworthy that the Rev. Al Sharpton plans a national conference here next week and nowhere among the topics is the crisis wrought by bringing children into the world without a mother and father in their home.

Praise be officials in Norcross, Snellville and Suwanee who decide to reject the red-light cameras that locals use to gin up revenue from motorists. Voters, meanwhile, should give the red light to those in Duluth and Lilburn who opt to bring them back. They’re not about safety; they’re about money.

This obsession with “bullies” is evidence of the diminished role of fathers in the family — and the push to dump a family problem on the schools. Two points: Bullies are at some time or other a factor in every boy’s life. Children learn to fight, flee or adapt to adversarial people and situations. It’s a part of growing up and adjusting to the real world. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a bully. Vladimir Putin is a bully. So was Saddam Hussein. Point two: Home is the place to socialize boys, both would-be bullies and those they target.

Nah, Washington’s not going to raise taxes on the middle class. The president promised he wouldn’t and his spokesman affirms it, disputing the two administration officials who actually know how the economy and the tax system works, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers. Somebody’s dishonest or clueless.

Give me the Northern Arc and a traffic tunnel under Atlanta and I’ll take toll roads. Congestion relief needs dramatic, visionary solutions. The DOT staff has those projects on a draft list for the board to consider. I’d even take the Lovejoy commuter rail boondoggle, if properly tolled.

Here are the people we trust to design and run a single-payer national health care system: U.S. Sens. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, and Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) say they thought the sweetheart loan deals they got from Countrywide Financial Corp. were “courtesy stuff” like frequent-flier discounts. When was the last time you got a sweetheart deal on a mortgage? They legislate for our world, but they don’t live in it.

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August 7th, 2009
3:46 pm

Miguel Estrada was opposed by Democratic Senators in his nomination to the U.S. court of Appeals for D.C. because of his lack of any prior judicial experience at the local, state, or federal level. Democratic Senators also objected to the refusal by the Office of the Solicitor General to release samples of Estrada’s writings while employed there. Miguel Estrada withdrew his nomination.

Janice Rogers Brown was nominated by Bush to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. On June 8, Brown was confirmed as a judge on the D.C. Circuit by a vote of 56-43. She received her commission on June 10. Brown was the second judge nominated to the D.C. Circuit by Bush and confirmed by the Senate. She began hearing federal cases on September 8, 2005. What’s your point. IC Atlanta?

Kick your fanny

August 7th, 2009
3:57 pm

Looks like you forgot the BIGGEST bully of em all Jim..

George W. Bush

IC Atlanta

August 7th, 2009
4:02 pm

All I need to do is hear the left opens its collective mouth to know that yes indeed, much to your chagrin, Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder. That is the only way I can come to terms with leftist thought. Funny thing is most lefties I know don’t even live what they preach. I guess Millionaires Nancy, Teddy, Harry, Barry, Billy, Hillary, DiFi, Big Al, et al lead by what they say and not what they do.

IC Atlanta

August 7th, 2009
4:06 pm

Deegee – Miguel Estrada could never get an up or down vote due to the fact that he is a Hispanic Conservative. Liberals tend to judge everything by group – class or race. If you are rich and liberal – fine. If you are a minority and liberal – expected. If you are rich and conservative – you are hated. If you are a minority and conservative – you are despised by the left.

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
4:32 pm

Estrada couldn’t get a vote because he had no damn experience on the federal bench.n His problem had nothing to do with his race or heritage. Sessions got killed by Kennedy during his failed judge audition because lawyers under him testified about several racist comment and moves when he was US Attorney in Alawhitracistbama. LOL Law is hard for ya ain’t it–if a Federal Reporter hit ya in da head you’d pick it up like a rock wouldn’t ya?

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
4:37 pm

Janice Rodgers Brown also had no federal litigation experience nor her ad she been on the federal bench. Further she never lived in the D.C. Circuit’s area. She was one of the dumbest judges in the state of California, and remains one of the dumbest judges tied with Clarence Thomas in the history of the D.C. Circuit. Brown being stupid, almost never asks questions in oral argument before a 3 judge panel. Thomas is the only judge in US history to be on the S. Ct. bench and never ask one question at any oral argument in going on 18 years because he’s too stupid to understand the arguments or the case law and code sections that inform them.

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
4:40 pm

During the Republican domination of Congress prior to 2006, which you’ll die before seeing again there was an astranomically lopsided denial of votes for Democratic Senators’ judicial nominations. It was many factors greater by ratio than anything that has happened since.

Facts and numbers are hard for pubtards. Law is way hard. Medicine is impossible.

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
4:42 pm

It’s a real privilege to be in the presence of psychiatric expert “IC Atlanta” who could get into no medschool, and whose medical diagnostic prowess is confined to finding his zipper and the hole where he defecates.


August 7th, 2009
4:44 pm

IC, I was trying to bring some objectivity to your statement about liberalism. But, as is usually the case, the die hard liberal (as defined in the dictionary) and die hard conservative (also defined in the dictionary) are too caught up in the emotionalism of the moment to step back and analyze and evaluate what is being posited, which prevents them from ever hearing each other. Also it is tough to be objective when one goes into a conflict with a pre-set conviction of what the outcome should be. So, who is the villain here, the other who I disagree with or my own narrow focus?

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
5:02 pm

1. The opposition party is completely irresponsible and has no intention of helping solve the country’s problems. That means working with them is not just pointless; it’s wasting time.

2. Leaders of the opposition party, their industry allies and hired provocateurs are persistently lying to incite the Jerry Springer mob actions and public hatred against anyone who tries to explain, let alone defend reform efforts. That means Democrats should refuse to work with the opposition. Why are they even allowed at the table?

3. Even if there are still one or two sane Republicans willing to consider meaningful discussions about the contents of reform, they are under unrelenting pressure and intimidation from their party and their organized crazies not to agree to anything that could reasonably be described as real reform. That means the absence of bipartisanship is a consequence of Republican obstruction, not a function of Democratic unwillingness to talk. We need to stop pretending this is our problem and make it theirs.

4. There are just enough numbskulls like Ben Nelson in the Democratic Party, plus unprincipled opportunists like Joe Lieberman, to coddle the opposition and stall Democratic-only reform efforts as long as they are shielded by their own colleagues. It’s time to stop shielding them.

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
5:11 pm

One of the few interesting things in the pubtard landscape amidst all the stupidity is the large dilemma for one Republican who has been willing to have a discussion rather than a Jerry Springer series of shows, Charlie Crist. From (with da number spelled out so you’d have to get a dictionary if you’re a tard):
There is absolutely no upside here for Charlie Crist. When you’re running for Senate, and you’re protecting a huge lead, the last thing you need is a wild card like this that can cause people to grow upset with you. Odds are that Crist will take a look at what happened to David Paterson and at least make a decision quickly.

And/but — Crist just doesn’t have a lot of good choices. Since he wants the seat himself beginning in 2011, he can’t appoint someone like Jeb Bush who has equally strong credentials, and he can’t appoint any sitting Representatives and then come back 18 months later and hope to kill their careers. He also presumably won’t want to appoint himself — a moderate Republican senator is going to have two or three really tough votes over the next year and he would have to navigate carefully so as not to re-energize either the Marco Rubio campaign to his right or the Democrats to his left. If Crist does appoint himself, that would suggest to me that he’s really looking more toward 2012 (or 2016) and is sort of going “all-in” on maximizing public exposure and may even try and be a “hero” on health care reform, etc. It would take someone pretty egomaniacal to think that way. Then again, it takes someone pretty egomaniacal to run for President.

In any event, the lack of alternatives is why former governor Bob Martinez (no relation), who has been out of public office for eighteen years, is getting so much buzz right now. He seems like the obvious choice — then again, he’s 74 years old, and was distinctly unpopular by the time he left office, losing his re-election bit to Lawton Chiles by 13 points.

The nearer-term question is whether the Democrats might wind up with someone who could be a potential yes vote on health care — which Martinez almost certainly wouldn’t have been, even though he’d been voting somewhat more moderately since announcing his retirement, including voting to confirm Sonia Sotomayor yesterday. Democrats shouldn’t get their hopes up — Crist is arguably still more threatened by Rubio than by any of the Democratic general election candidates — but they nevertheless have something of a freeroll here.

If Democrats really wanted to play hardball and squeeze Crist on this decision, then someone like Robert Wexler could take one for the team and announce he had decided to run for Senate. That’s probably too much risk for too little reward. But don’t be surprised if you see a few bluffs/trial balloons along these lines if Crist takes too long to make his pick.


August 7th, 2009
5:16 pm

Guess what “Community Organizer and Chief” Obuma and “Sphincter of the House” Polosey, conservatives and independents can be community organizers too! Kiss your majority goodbye in 2010!

Michael H. Smith

August 7th, 2009
5:50 pm

In response to Dunwoody Mike: I am against expanding Medicare for several reasons. It is socialism, a government owned and operated socialized single payer healthcare system that presently has huge funding liabilities going forward which not only threaten its’ existence, but as well it threatens the financial prosperity of the nation, while Congress though being warned of these future challenges, refuses to act prudently in correcting the entitlement problems. Apart from being a socialists system, it is a far too political system and far too subject to changes made by the politicians for political reasons and for all the wrong political reasons more often than not.

Yes it is true Teddy Roosevelt, not by a long shot was it Harry Truman who was the first to call for national healthcare, which also precludes his fifth cousin Franklin Roosevelt’s call for healthcare. To set the record, there are actually two different branches of Roosevelt’s. Teddy’s family is the Oyster Bay Republican Roosevelts. Franklin’s family is the Hyde Park Democrat Roosevelts. The greatest social reforms that are often credited to Franklin (FDR) actually belonged to his fifth cousin Theodore (TR).

This article though dated does a good job of covering the Republican and Progressive party Populists Conservative Theodore Roosevelt’s political philosophy and “protection of home life” policy. In fact it was part of the 1912 Progressive Party plank.

He’s no Teddy Roosevelt

Written by Marvin Olasky
March 28, 10:15 AM

Barack Obama last month enlisted Theodore Roosevelt in his campaign for increased governmental control of health care, arguing that TR “first called for reform nearly a century ago.” Google “Theodore Roosevelt, universal health care,” and you’ll find The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, DailyKos, and many other stalwarts of the left suggesting or claiming that Obama is carrying the Republican Roosevelt’s banner.

That’s nonsense. The propagandists take as their one piece of evidence a plank in the Progressive Party platform of 1912: “The protection of home life against the hazards of sickness, irregular employment and old age through the adoption of a system of social insurance adapted to American use.”

The tip-off as to intention lies in those last four words, “adapted to American use.” Germany’s “Iron Chancellor,” Otto von Bismark, had created in the 1880s insurance provisions for health, accidents, disability, and old age. The health service offered was local, not centralized, with employers contributing one-third of the cost and workers contributing two-thirds. The vague Progressive Party proposal was for something along those lines, and it’s hard to know more about Teddy Roosevelt’s thinking because this was not one of the issues he emphasized.

If Obama wanted to report accurately Roosevelt’s beliefs, he would start with a speech about one of TR’s favorite topics, “Deadening socialism.”

The 26th president saw governmental control of the economy as the political manifestation of covetousness. He argued that “the only permanently beneficial way in which to help any one is to help him help himself; if either private charity, or governmental action, or any form of social expression destroys the individual’s power of self-help, the gravest possible wrong is really done to the individual.”

TR also contended that socialism could be fought most successfully by applying biblical ideas about helping the poor. The greatest hope lay through “voluntary action by individuals in the form of associations,” particularly when the goal was “that most important of all forms of betterment, moral betterment—the moral betterment which usually brings material betterment in its train.” Those who truly wanted to help had to stand “against mere sentimentality, against the philanthropy and charity which are not merely insufficient but harmful.”

In response to those who thought that would-be helpers, even when naïve, should be cheered, Roosevelt argued, “I really do not know which quality is most productive of evil to mankind in the long run, hardness of heart or softness of head.” He stated that the Bible tells each of us “to stretch out his hand to a brother who stumbles. But while every man needs at times to be lifted up when he stumbles, no man can afford to let himself be carried, and it is worth no man’s while to try thus to carry someone else.”

Governmental aid to those in need, TR emphasized, should be limited and “extended very cautiously, and so far as possible only where it will not crush out healthy individual initiative.” He saw entrepreneurship as the most effective means of dealing with problems and argued that “socialists and others really do not correct the evils at all, or else only do so at the expense of producing others in aggravated form.”

Roosevelt saw governmental redistribution of wealth as a surrender to covetousness. He argued that anyone elected on such a platform “is not, and never can be, aught but an enemy of the very people he professes to befriend. . . . To break the Tenth Commandment is no more moral now than it has been for the past thirty centuries.”

In short, TR opposed both private and governmental corruption. He straightforwardly noted that “the Eighth Commandment reads: ‘Thou shalt not steal.’ It does not read: ‘Thou shalt not steal from the rich man.’ It does not read: ‘Thou shalt not steal from the poor man.’ It reads simply and plainly: ‘Thou shalt not steal.’” President Obama should take that advice to heart instead of trying to twist history for his political advantage.

Theodore Roosevelt if he were alive today in my honest straightforward opinion would strongly favor a Private Public consumer owned and consumer operated Cooperative healthcare system to reform our nation’s healthcare with as little government intervention, involvement and dependence as possible without yielding any ground to what he would now see as the corruption that exist in the private sector insurance industry nor would Theodore Roosevelt spare any effort to remove the corruption without destroying that private industry. He also would not claim any of these so-called progressives – spelled with the lower case “p” – of today who are in fact mostly socialists Democrats too embarrassed to admit that they are liberals in masquerade substituting their socialism for his original Progressive – spelled with the capital “P” – Populism.

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
6:31 pm

Guesw what dumo. What maters are polls in 2010 and 2012. and Obama’s poll numbers today are rising and at 58% already up from last week. LOL

And what you crazies don’t realize is that Obama has narrowed his health care aspirations dramatically of late. None of what you claim are in any of the proposed bills are there because you’re too dumb and lazy to read. The Springer alumni recipients of medicaid/medicare who are yelling “I want my country back” mean mah white canary brain don’t want no negra to be presoodunt.”

An increasing police presence now at those meetings is going to really keep the public defenders busy for the indigent ignorants who can’t even complete sentences your party is bussing around.

Repubs Gowin' Down--They Be Crazy

August 7th, 2009
6:34 pm

The dummies here who invoke socialism and populism but have no specific ideas and paste away all day and all night don’t begin to understand the meaning of the words.

There is nothing socialist in any of the markups and only one committee out of five has a proposed bill. Those little details escape the Springer stars here.


August 7th, 2009
7:11 pm

(Oh, and Mr. Bean, a “fascist Marxist” is an oxymoron. They are at completely ends of the political spectrum.)—–Dunwoody Mike

Yeah Mike, in theory anyway. But leave it to the democrats to sure know how to cover both ends of the extremist ideology spectrum under one political party: one end has the fascist government control over private owned companies down pat, and the other end has progressive income taxing down pat and the complaining that a small majority owns the majority of the wealth, dislikes capitalism because it caused inequalities, and wants that to change. So methinks Mr. Bean pretty much nailed it!

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 7th, 2009
7:16 pm

Of course, there is not a single word by the Springerwootens about the fact it took Obama 6 months to take out Mehsud, the second most valued target besides Bin Ladin. Boooshe of course couldn’t do it in 8 years. It wasn’t done with an absurdly inefficient F22–it was done with a Predator Drone–a Reaper that costs 4 million.

We done wants ouah countruh back. We done wants ouah F22. We done wants 3 Gulfstreams fo Kingston yeah yeah.

We be da Springerwootens.

Michael H. Smith

August 7th, 2009
7:25 pm


August 7th, 2009
7:35 pm

I just hope like hell that the jobs report for the next 3 quarters keeps improving. Hopefully the banks will have recapitalized by the end of this year and will start lending again. Wouldn’t a nice economic bounce just thrill the socks off of the Teabaggers in November, 2010?


August 7th, 2009
9:03 pm

I am disgusted wither the AJC continuing with its assult againt former Dekalb CEO Vernon Jones. i feel like you guys have tried to tear him down but he bounces back stronger everytime. as a current dekalb county resident i can tell u he was the most vocal and visable politician i have ever seen.

Bob Peppel

August 7th, 2009
9:04 pm

The sad part about the Parks Director is that we have a double standard. If that had been a white person saying that the department was too white, they would have been fired, pilloried, and banished to Lower Slobovia. Instead we have to wait until she proves her complete and total incompetence in a dramatic way. I think that only those people stupid enough to have voted for Vernon Jones should have to pay and the rest of us be left alone.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 7th, 2009
9:20 pm

“Mah brain done been broke by the election of a person with black blood.”

The Wootenspringers and the Springerwootens are on display. Some were arrested and several were taken to the hospital last night. They are so dumb they think their medicaid and medicare comes from sky.

One was the Vice Chairman of the Republican party in her area. She lied when confronted and claimed she had no affiliation. It just happened to be on her Linked In site and Facebook page.

One imbecile had his Blue Cross T-shirt on.

One was Presiden of da Glen Beck fanclub.

Wootenspringers and Springer Wootens–the hate mob and racist fanatics Wooten has spent his life cultivating with facts he pulls from his butt, ignorance and board certified stupidity.

And making sure but also that she did not disappoint, the idiot Palin out of the news for 48 hours issued a moronic statement proving that she isn’t going to spend time fixing her life long larning deficit–she’s determine to stay stupid for life.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 7th, 2009
10:25 pm

Johnny Issackson of JawJaw introduces Cretin Palin who says “Da Obama Death Panels is comin’ fer us and our chilluns.”

Da Obama Death Panels is comin’ like Shiva the Angel of Death fer ya and Johnnah Dimwit Issacson is a feered of it. And Sayrall is afeered.

“And who will suffer the most when they ration care?” Palin asks. “The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.”

And Johnuh sits there cluckin’.

Someone should wake Kingston up from hi its coma and Issa and educate the dummies that the publitards stopped medicare from bidding on pharmaceuticals like all the private clinics and hospitals. That’s why it needs supplemental insurance.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 7th, 2009
10:32 pm

Kingston Jawjaw just invented a new circuit which he called the “DC 4th Circuit.”

Algonquin J. Calhoun

August 7th, 2009
10:53 pm

Steve, I’m all for giving Bush and Cheney justice!


August 7th, 2009
11:56 pm

Mr. Wooten, would you kindy ask Senator Isakson if he still supports S. 446 “Medicare End-of-Life Care Planning Act of 2007″ which he co-sponsored with Senators Rokefeller, Collins, Kennedy, Lugar, and Nelson?


Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 8th, 2009
12:43 am

There sure is a frenzie of the stupids about the aspect in one of the bills for a living will. Lawyers regardless of party have been making living wills for people for years, so that it’s clear what someone’s wishes might be when the end of life isn’t sudden.

They have nothing to do with “death squads” or people coming to anyone’s door. They are about planning and sparing confusion and heartache on the part of family as well as possibly prolonging care when suffering is taking place.

To the extent Palin made her stupid statement aligning her with the Springer Wootens on buses including LOL the Vice Chairwoman of a Republican organization who began asking questions as an “ordinary housewife” to the Congressman who kicked her butt from one end of the state to the other in an election, tells everyone Palin isn’t qualified to pick up garbage let alone hold office. She did Alaska a big favor after damagint it. She continues to spew insipid hatred and lies because she’s too dumb too read and too lazy.

It looks like 99/100 Wooten Springers here are as dumb as she is and refuse to read any bill completed or any of the markups not completed so far.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 8th, 2009
12:45 am

The living will aspect is also a mechanism so that physicians can participate in a calm organized fashion with the family rather than a frenzied emotion torn argument among family memilbers when someone is dying. Try rushing to a code when half the family is begging you to CPR and half the family isn’t, and the nurses are holding a phone at your ear while you’re pumping someone’s chest with the physician on the phone about the “no code” he didn’t bother to write in the chart or discuss with the family.

Death Squads are for morons and there seem to be no shortage of them on the radio or in this comment section or in Palin’s house.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 8th, 2009
2:06 am

Jim morrison

August 8th, 2009
6:58 am

Hey Aquagirl, you are a moron.

Name one Republican that has hired these so called thugs? The bottom line is that Barry and his dumb ass party can’t find their way out of a paperbag. The Socialist, uh Racist was elected due to his skin color by the many who voted which have never paid taxes in their lives and will never vote again.

Wake up and stop these Socialist agenda’s!

How do ya like that change now?
I’ll take Bush any day over this idoit.

Enough Said!

Michael H. Smith

August 8th, 2009
8:54 am

HR 3200

Page 424

6 (a) MEDICARE.—
7 (1) IN GENERAL.—Section 1861 of the Social
8 Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395x) is amended—
9 (A) in subsection (s)(2)—
10 (i) by striking ‘‘and’’ at the end of
11 subparagraph (DD);
12 (ii) by adding ‘‘and’’ at the end of
13 subparagraph (EE); and
14 (iii) by adding at the end the fol15
lowing new subparagraph:
16 ‘‘(FF) advance care planning consultation (as
17 defined in subsection (hhh)(1));’’; and
18 (B) by adding at the end the following new
19 subsection:

20 ‘‘Advance Care Planning Consultation

21 ‘‘(hhh)(1) Subject to paragraphs (3) and (4), the
22 term ‘advance care planning consultation’ means a con23
sultation between the individual and a practitioner de24
scribed in paragraph (2) regarding advance care planning,
25 if, subject to paragraph (3), the individual involved has
Page 425
1 not had such a consultation within the last 5 years. Such
2 consultation “shall” include the following:

Continue through page 430

Our government (the Democrats in the House – Dingell and Waxman etc.) is so good to us they “shall” even tell us how we shall plan on ending our final days upon this earth.

Nah, nah, nah, that’s not what it says! It only tells you what end of life planning services will be paid for under this bill should it – hopefully never – become law.

Some things our government has no business sticking its’ all too “SHALL” powerful authoritarian hands into; end of life decisions is just one of those such things!


Michael H. Smith

August 8th, 2009
9:30 am

Governors from Both Parties: We Can’t Afford Dems’ Government-Run Health Care Plan
Boehner-Pawlenty Report Warns: Democrats Government Takeover of Health Care Will Crush State Budgets

Washington, Aug 7 – In recent days, Americans’ concerns about a government-run health care plan have become increasingly evident. First, a series of polls from the Wall Street Journal/NBC News, National Public Radio, New York Times/CBS News, Time Magazine, Gallup, and Quinnipiac University showed increasing opposition to a proposal that will raise health care costs, destroy jobs through a small business tax and onerous employer mandates, drive up the deficit, and put bureaucrats in charge of decisions that only patients and doctors should make – as House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) warns in a new web video.

Then came a CNN poll that found that a majority of American seniors oppose the Democrats’ plan, which will cut Medicare and take choices away from millions of seniors – particularly those living in rural parts of the country. Now, add another group of Americans concerned by the Democrats’ $1.6 trillion health care experiment: our nation’s governors – of both parties. Today’s New York Times reports:

“Washington’s Democratic governor, Christine Gregoire, is among governors from both parties who fear the implications of the health care overhaul now being devised in Washington, D.C.”

“The governors worry Congress will give the states expensive new Medicaid obligations without providing enough new money to pay for them…”

“The Congressional Budget Office had projected that federal Medicaid spending under the House bill could increase by over $430 billion over 10 years. The open question now is how much of that might become the states’ new burden.”

Gov. Gregoire isn’t the only Democratic governor expressing some reservations about the Democrats’ government takeover of health care. Other high-profile governors across the country, including President Obama’s first nominee for Commerce Secretary – New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, are warning of the legislation’s consequences for states:

- Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM): “‘I’m personally very concerned about the cost issue, particularly the $1 trillion figures being batted around,’ said Governor Bill Richardson, the New Mexico Democrat who served in the Clinton Cabinet and ran for president against Obama.” (New York Times, July 20, 2009)

- Gov. Phil Bredesen (D-TN): “Governor Phil Bredesen, a Tennessee Democrat, said he feared Congress was about to bestow ‘the mother of all unfunded mandates.’’’ (New York Times, July 20, 2009)

- Gov. Bill Ritter (D-CO): “‘There’s a concern about whether they have fully figured out a revenue stream that would cover the costs, and that if they don’t have all the dollars accounted for, it will fall on the states,’ said Governor Bill Ritter Jr., a Colorado Democrat.” (New York Times, July 20, 2009)

The impact of the Democrats’ health care bill on state budgets was the topic of a report released jointly last month by Boehner and Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) shows. The Boehner-Pawlenty report, entitled Capital Malpractice: How a Washington Takeover of Health Care Will Hurt States, is a product of the GOP State Solutions project, launched earlier this year to highlight policy coordination among reform-minded GOP governors, state legislators, and Members of Congress.

Americans are rightfully concerned about how much further the Democrats’ government-run health care plan will drive up the deficit. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has warned that the legislation would increase the deficit by $239 billion over 10 years and even higher after that. Now, our nation’s governors are sounding the alarm on the plan’s impact on state budgets. In other words, Americans may very well be hit twice by the costs of the Democrats’ legislation: once on the federal level, and then again at the state level. Isn’t it time for Democrats to scrap this costly plan and work with Republicans on a proposal that will make health care more affordable and accessible for the American people?


August 8th, 2009
11:31 am

It’s pretty funny reading the comments from obvious libbies on this blog. They are crying about people shouting out at health care forums. These are the same people who have no problem shouting down conservatives at college forums, and in the event of other public meeting events, getting into fist fights.


August 8th, 2009
11:35 am

{{{{{{{{Name one Republican that has hired these so called thugs?}}}}}}

Jim, they can’t do it and they know they can’t do it. Think about this when dealing with the mentality of a libbie: how long did it take them to investigate that plumber guy who had the audacity to question Barack Obama on the campaign trail? These people are horrible examples of American freedom. They lie, they viciously attack personally, and they will take whatever means necessary to ensure that conservatives are shut up. What did Barack say the other day? Oh yeah: we just need to shut up and get out of the way. Nice. That will win more votes.


August 8th, 2009
11:56 am

According to press sec. Gibbs, Obama is concerned that people are spreading misinformation about the health care proposal. The admin. is setting up a web site where anyone who hears something “FISHY” from blogs or any source can report this to the admin.


August 8th, 2009
12:22 pm

August 8th, 2009
11:35 am
” They lie, they viciously attack personally”

It sounds like you are describing right wing radio and talking heads. You guys got so upset over a comment by a US citizen who happen to be a Dixe Chick. Every day I hear comments about President Obama from the right that are not only rude, but just way over the line, in fact hinting of a serious mental condition.


August 8th, 2009
12:29 pm

If anyone is not aware of the “thugs” being hired by the Repubs, check FREEDOMWORKS, run by Dick Armey.

News reports show where the Executive Assistant of one of the counties in Wisconsin was interviewed and filmed indicating she was not a member of the Republican party and was a constituent of a Dem Congressman’s district. Turns out she was not in his district and had posted on her YouTube page her Repub credentials and her opposition to the health care proposals.

Secondly, many of the so-called protestors speak of not having government interference in their health care when a vast majority of those protesting are Medicare recipients themselves. Do they not understand that Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration and the like are government run health care programs?

If one can not understand that, then they are not really paying attention!

yeah right

August 8th, 2009
12:49 pm

I sure hope that midtown fag bar opened back up so all of these liberals have something to do. We all know none of you work.

master plan

August 8th, 2009
1:36 pm

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. If the moronic libs get this health takeover bill crammed through, it will help decimate their ranks. A huge proportion of them are gay. And I do not mean in the closet, I mean sing show tunes while they are taking it gay. Once the kenyan completes the slide from socialism into communism, the gays will be destroyed. There will be no money to treat their unique diseases, like AIDS. The kenyan just saw this group as an ends to a means. He just needed their vote, that’s all. Just like the AFL/CIO employees at Lockheed in Marietta. Just an ends to a means. He killed the F22 contracts. The kenyan does not care about the unions, or gays, or the elderly, or the guilty-thinking whites (proven in Gates affair). Capitalism>Socialism>Communism

So as a population, we will soon be completely repressed as a populace. We will lose all freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution. But look on the bright side! Our fearless leader will destroy the fags, retards, sickly, old and infirm. After reading the comments from the libs in this forum that will be a good thing. All of the kenyans’ supporters he will eventually throw under the bus.



August 8th, 2009
1:53 pm


yeah right

August 8th, 2009
1:54 pm

Prime example ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

IC Atlanta

August 8th, 2009
1:56 pm

Repubs Gowin’ Down–They Be Crazy
You couldn’t resist it you had to throw in Clarence Thomas too. Black conservatives = dumb in liberals eyes. Black Conservatives are the most despised people by the left quickly followed up by Hispanic Conservatives. Miguel Estrada did not get an up or down vote because he is a Hispanic Conservative.

People like you should move to Finland, Canada or Sweden – somewhere where it mostly socialists and very few minorities or conservatives. Clearly you detest them both.


August 8th, 2009
2:06 pm



August 8th, 2009
2:31 pm

@master plan

The silver lining that you purport to see really exposes many of your views.
Your homophobic and racist slants are unquestionable. Given this vitriol, one can understand how you and the rest of those that espouse your hatred are continuing to sink lower one the humanity scale.

PC Smith

August 8th, 2009
2:33 pm

EVIL REPUB TIME IS UP must be serving time, as there are no lower-case letters, only caps locks keys in prison, and he/she is posting from the visitors’ cellblock today. Sucks to be you, dear.

PC Smith

August 8th, 2009
2:37 pm

Repubs Gowin’ Down–They Be Crazy is another lying pos dim racist, pay him/her no mind.

Liberalism is a mental disease.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 8th, 2009
3:57 pm

If you’re gonna shout at a Congressperson about healthcare reform why the fock would you give them a pass yet angrily demand that they cease trying to provide coverage to the masses? LOL Can ya get more stoopid!!!!!

That’s kind of like taking a starving mob to a food bank and shouting at volunteers that they need to cease feeding people…or getting a mob of homeless people to get their mob on at a shelter.

Maybe they have a strategy to protests all government services and once they’re finished defending the healthcare insurance lobby from the evil sin of people focused reform they’ll move on to mobbing public schools, police and fire departments and sanitation departments.

Lawd, I can see them linking hands around water treatment facilities while screaming that they want their country back and then demanding that everyone recite the pledge of allegiance!

But Lawd knows conservatives are loath to put logic ahead of stopping anything associated with a liberal administration.

The story is not that there are mobs set to shout down members of Congress when they attempt to hold town hall meetings during recess.

The real story is that these mobs are passionately demanding that Congress not do it’s job and threatening to replace any representative who does try to do her or his job with someone who will promise to do nothing if elected.

They be tryin’ to get you to what they got but you don’t wanna have it right ’cause you’re stoopid.

An you say:

Cause ah done bes stoopid? Cause ah and mahs don’t want no death squad bangin’ on mah door and takin’ mah guns an feedin’ mah ass to rada aligators? Mah Sayrall Palin she done say death squads is a comin. An ain’t nobody a medical sophisticate mo than mah Sayrall Palin.

When it come to medicine ole Sayrall she know her sheet. She wanna kill fruit fly research. She have trisomy 21 baby with Levi or First Dude ah don’t know which, and the major vehicle of research for trisomy disease be duh fruitfly. Well that’s muh Sayrall Palin. She may have her brain scrambled, and she and facts never cross paths, but she got de enthusiasm and she don’t look like no Susan Boyle neither.

Cause duh govmunt gonna havetuh tak mah medicare and medicaid from mah cold dead hand if dem dare to substitute a govmunt mofokin program fo mah medicare and medicaid. It’s mah medicare and mah medicaid. Don’t want no govmunt Demcrat interference with it or ah come to meetin’ with mah mob an shout ya down.

Ah be a Wootenspringer Springerwooten.

Ah don’t know nothin’ bout nothin. Ah don’t unnerstand no medicun. Ah don’t unnerstan no fedrul law.

An anyone else be mennnnttttttttly ill. So theah mofockuh.

How come Obama done kilt that terrrrrisssst that Bush couldn’t touch for 8 years and he done it with a drone for 4 million instead of a fossil for a hunnertthousandkabillion? Beats me.

Springer Wootens Metastasize on Buses

August 8th, 2009
4:17 pm

There ain’t no computer access in prison dimwit. They havetuh get theah girlfriends to go on the web fo them. Ah learn’t this from Jack Abramoff and the 275 other major Republitards who is in prison.

Michael H. Smith

August 8th, 2009
4:48 pm

After reading the sad sob stories from some of the Obumer-ites I am totally convinced Teddy Roosevelt was on the right track:

“I really do not know which quality is most productive of evil to mankind in the long run, hardness of heart or softness of head.”

Has anyone among the conservative flock asked the liberals, make that the “SOCIALIST” liberals, why only another government run healthcare program a.k.a. Public Option is the answer, the only thing that will work and it is the only thing acceptable?

There is not one thing I’ve seen or read to date that can answer that question satisfactorily.


Springer Wootens Metastasize

August 8th, 2009
5:34 pm

Wooten can’t counter with ideas so he’s moved to censoship, but Wooten don’t have no votes in Congress.