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Obama’s Town Hall sham

Presidents are free to stage their conversations with the American people however they choose. But some members of the White House press corps, including CBS’ Chip Reid and press room fixture Helen Thomas, are among those upset that this President is using stage-managed “Town Hall” events as pretend press conferences.

President Obama’s hug for the cancer victim, an Obama volunteer, gets the media attention, but of the seven questions he addressed, four were selected by his staff from groups supportive of his health care agenda, including  the Service Employees International Union and Health Care for America Now. One of the questioners came from a group that is a part of the Democratic National Committee.

At the Town Hall, Obama waved hugged Debby Smith, who said she had kidney cancer and had been unable to get insurance,  saying, “I don’t want you to feel like you’re all alone.” He promised help and offered her as the “perfect example” of the sufferer his efforts …

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Serving California and the other America

Once upon a time, back oh, say, a year or so ago, back when ordinary public stockholders owned the car companies, it mattered a great deal.  Now, maybe not.

At issue is whether a single state can implement pollution restrictions for cars that require national manufacturers to build one car for 49 states and another for the 50th.  When, however, the 50th is California, population 38.6 million, the size of the market pretty much precludes manufacturers from any realistic option of walking away.  That’s why they fought for years efforts by California politicians to impose fuel efficiency and emissions standards tougher than those that apply to the rest of the country.

It’s amazing the difference that a few months makes.  On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency gave California permission to impose its own regulations. “This decision puts the law and science first,” said EPA administrator Lisa Jackson.  Those are the buzzwords — law and science — that the Obama …

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